Jacobs-Mosley Jr. Presser Quotes

Two-time world champion Daniel “The Miracle Man” Jacobs and Shane Mosley Jr. meet in the 10-round super middleweight co-main event on Saturday night’s Diaz-Masvidal PPV on Saturday in a $49.99 Fanmio PPV from Honda Center in Anaheim, California.

Daniel Jacobs: “This is about legacy. I’ve never ducked anyone, and this is a prime example of that. He’s a great fighter, but I’m looking forward to showing just how great I am. I can’t wait to put it all together. ”

Shane Mosley Jr: “Jacobs is up against a veteran. I don’t have his accolades yet, but I have my own accomplishments and the experience that comes with them. I appreciated this challenge. You can only get better by going up against adversity. When they said the name Daniel Jacobs, I said yes right away.”

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  • This could be good one. Jacobs on the way out with one last gasp of air to get a championship. Mosely has been around a minute, but this has to be his biggest fight yet. Both would serve themselves better if they could make 160. I think Mosely edges this one out.

  • PPV for this rather ordinary main event and a complete garbage undercard?
    Some people are just natural born suckers.

    • Fifty bucks better spent elsewhere.
      No offense to the combatants.

  • Jacobs has been very bad since the Canelo fight..didn’t throw any punches against Rosado and was gifted..he did same against British club fighter.

    • This PPV could do ok with some better boxing support. Pardon my ignorance but I know nothing about Masvidal. I am a boxing guy and very very casual with MMA/UFC. So if they added a fight like Chris Arreola VS Breazeale or something else meaningless but fun I could get on board. The other problem though is we have a DAZN card and probably a Top Rank card (provided it is shown in Canada) that night. Why would I pay? So yes Moseley Jacobs is interesting and yes these obscure PPVs can be fun…but it needs more meat and they picked the wrong night. Just my opinion.

      • Pete, masvidal is known for striking, not so much wrestling. He started off fighting in back yards, there was a YouTube video where he fought and outlasted a bigger guy in a backyard fight. Diaz, as much as he may have sparred with Andre ward during his career, isn’t that good of a striker. So in a boxing match, I see Diaz standing there throwing the occasional swing and masvidal just having his way. Just the way their ufc fight went.

  • That they could even think to charge fans for this fight is laughable.

  • This fight seems intriguing, has been lurking under the radar, Jacobs vs Mosley Jr, that is. I can watch a fight with the same animalistic technique as Diaz and Masvidal this weekend in Bodymore after the club.

    • You must be a real prize. Over 50 years old and still hanging out at the club? Probably still doing the electric shuffle and the cabbage patch. Ha. Whatta a clown.

  • I hope they all get a decent paycheck. Matchups are just about even and should provide for some decent entertainment. As always, I hope no one is seriously hurt. However, I’m not paying 50 bucks for this or any fight.

    • Concerning this fight ….maybe $10-$25….now that would be innovative….not PPV worth though…is interesting….Jacobs a decent fighter in his prime….add this whip like very fast punch…unique cause it almost look like a slap…but very effective…Mosley….just a C+ fighter …no disrespect…just my opinion….maybe Jacobs is a B- fighter at this stage in his career…maybe an interesting match up….

  • Jacobs vs Mosley Jr. Should be an interesting fight against two mid-level fighters. Neither is impressive. Certainly not a fight I would pay to see. They each have something to prove to themselves I suppose, and they get to make some money. Good luck to both.

  • ridiculous/mosely has no experience as amater of fact if danny isnt told to hold back ..it goes 4 rounds at most knockout.. d golden child

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