Inoue’s Incredible Story after a Knockdown

Inoue In The Corner After The First Round (1)

By Joe Koizumi
Photos by Naoki Fukuda

Incredible story! Japan’s most popular news show named “Sunday Morning” of TBS television–this Sunday–revealed an untold surprising episode of “Monster” Naoya Inoue’s behavior after his very first knockdown in his career that he suffered in the opening session at the hand of Luis Nery at the Tokyo Dome.

Inoue In The Corner After The First Round (2)While Naoya was sitting on the stool in the corner after the first, he was watching a big screen that replayed Nery’s left hook dropping him. Monster reportedly carefully watched the orbiting patch of Nery’s vicious left hand so that he would never take the punch again.

Is that true? Usually it is said a boxer after hitting the deck becomes temporarily unclear in thinking because of the cobwebs. Monster Inoue, however, did analyze Pantera Nery’s punching angle and timing of his countering shot in the first—thanks to the big screen replay at the Dome.

Should it be really true, he must be a Monster.

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  • – It’s called utilizing all of the tools at your disposal at the time.
    – Good for Naoya Inoue…….

  • Got him by surprise..he look concern on deck..but he made the adjustment like a real champ

  • Inoue’s ability to analyze and adjust so he doesn’t get hit again by such a shot is the difference between him and Devin Haney. Mr. Hamey was knocked down by Garcia by the same left hook three times. THREE TIMES. That is not the mark of a great fighter. Kudos to Inoue. He deserves to be at the top of the P4P ranking. I really appreciate his ability and professionalism.

  • That is, in essence, the reaction of a great boxer with an amazing high ring IQ. That is what makes Inoue a very hard fighter to beat. It is a shame he is not a full-fledged lightweight.

  • Nery didn’t know how to capitalize when inoue was hurted nery made the same mistake like Ryan Garcia. They went to close to their rivals and inoue hugged Neri. Same thing with Ryan Garcia. He went to close to honey and honey. Hugged ryan garcia

    When somebody is hurted you MUST hit him from far away distance door let them hug you

    • Nery also ate two counter uppercuts from the ropes on the same first round when he tried to throw from midrange. Inoue only clinched him once and mostly slipped all his swings from far away. It’s not Nery not knowing how to capitalize, it’s Inoue recovering immediately in the same round and slipping his follow up swings and countering.

  • He got caught and adjusted like all great boxers do. The knockdown might have been the worst thing to happen for future opponents. Now, hell shut the left hook down as well.

  • A great story!?! On the edge of a cliff. Did somebody ring the dinnerbell.

  • Boxing Savant’s only come 1 or 2 times in a generation!! We’re watching one right before our eyes! Enjoy Boxing aficionados….

  • Unless Inoue says it himself its a dramatized story for you fans to cream to. The entire stadium watched the replay. Fighters watch replays all the time. Only Inoue gets the credit in a made up glamour story by Joe Koizumi.

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