Hardy knocks down, defeats Rahman Jr.

In a stunner, 320lb former UFC fighter and NFL Pro Bowl defensive end Greg Hardy (2-0, 1 KO) knocked down and defeated pro boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-2, 6 KOs) by four round unanimous decision on Saturday night at the Moody Center in Austin, Texas. Rahman outboxed Hardy in round one, but Hardy knocked down Rahman and had him in a world of hurt in round two. Hardy staggered Rahman again in round three. Scores were 39-36 3x.

Rahman Jr., the son of former WBC heavyweight champ Hasim “The Rock” Rahman, was originally slated to face Vitor Belfort, but Belfort was forced to pull out with COVID earlier this week. Hardy, 34, stepped in on short notice and made the most of it.

After the fight, Hardy declared “I’ve ready for everybody. Give me some notice, let me lose some weight. I’m gonna hurt everybody. This is my division now!”


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  • Oh boy. Hardy wins 2 fights to his record and he’s ready to take on the division. What a hoot!

  • I’ve seen more spectators at a 4 grade basketball game. What a joke!! Greg hardy is a sub novice amateur, at best.

  • Hasim Rahman Jr. You’re a disgrace to your dad. He at least was a B- boxer. Who manage to make a little something in the heavyweight division. Even pull off a the greatest one punch upset.

    • Oliver McCall also knocked out Lennox Lewis with one punch. But Hasim Rahman Jr is kind of a disgrace. This guy has been boxing for years and lost to a fat ex football player.

    • Rahman was a decent boxer, not world class be decent. He achieved something 95% of the world will never do and that’s become heavyweight champion of the world.

      • 95%? Quick math. 8 billion people times 5%. So 400million people are heavy weight champions? The IBF has really gotten out of control.

      • I don’t think 5% of the population will get to be heavyweight champion.

  • Maybe Rahman SR. comes back and avenges his son. Oliver McCall did that a few years back…although he then lost a rematch. Other then the Lewis rematch which he was obviously not mentally right…McCall was and likely still is…one tough dude!

  • Why do little kids like you feel the still use the N word? Do you think it makes you edgy? Well it doesn’t but it does prove how pathetic you are.

  • It’s really not so much of a “stunner” to be knocked out by someone who weighs that much more than you. Looks like Rahman wasn’t ready for that kind of pressure or fight.

  • I can see why gimmicky non-fighter Jake Paul wanted to fight Rahman Jr. Jr has no more skills in the ring than a baking soda salesman. Here he was going up against former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy, who looks unrecognizable having packed on the pounds, and is himself not a fighter. Just a pathetic matchup, which felt more like a hastily arranged toughman contest between two amateurs making their debuts. The announcers with all their oohs and ahhs were worse. This segment of the sport has really carved itself out as a gimmicky joke, rather than matchups between two legitimate fighters. Hardy, who bullied his way to victory, after towering over his opponent and outweighing him by a million pounds, then declares that he’s ready to dominate the heavyweight division which strikes me a sign that he desperately needs money. Pathetic.

  • ok no how about Paul fight Hardy seeing that he wanted to fight Rahman at some point

    • If Paul did not want to fight 215 lb Rahman, he’s certainly not going to fight 320lb Hardy.

  • I take back everything I said in regards to the joke if a matchup last week. I did not realize how bad Rahman Jr STUNK. The shots were telegraphed the day before delivery. How they landed, is anyone’s guess.

  • This is a prime example of why Jake Paul needs to ignore boxing “fans”. This guy just beat a pro boxer and there is no credit given, just more crap. This was a short notice fight and he out boxed an actual boxer. Fans are what’s killing boxing. It doesn’t matter whos in the ring, who wins or loses. The comments are all the same. Negative crap with the guys juiced up, the fight was fixed, he threw the fight and so on. When’s the last time somebody gave real credit to a guy who was a considerable underdog? Congrats to Hardy.

    • Rahman looked like he was going to dominate and even stop Hardy after the 1st round, but Hardy is a competitor and came to win. It was funny when the commentator said it looks like Hardy is becoming a better boxer with each round, which wa true, he did. Rahman should have never tried to stand in front of Hardy and trade punches. He should have continued to use the one and done pot shot strategy he used in the first round, evenutally tiring and frustrating Hardy, then move and start teeing off. The size discrepancy proved to be a little too much for Rahman to handle. Hardy made a name for himself and established himself as a fighter you want to see get knocked out, which in boxing, is a good thing.

    • Untrue, Kam got all of the credit for beating up Lopez and he was considered an underdog.

  • Fine. Will Jake Paul fight him or pay him? at this caliber class let the boy’s play. But eventually he will face a real boxer….but who? Thoughts….

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