Munguia crushes Coria, calls out GGG

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Photo: Zanfer Promotions

Unbeaten WBO #1, WBC #2, WBA #3, IBF #3 middleweight Jaime Munguia (41-0, 33 KOs) scored a one-sided third round KO against little-known Gonzalo “El Mago” Coria (21-6, 8 KOs) on Saturday night at the Arena Astros in historic Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 100:1 favorite Munguia dropped southpaw Coria with a straight right in round two, then sent Coria to a knee with a body shot in round three. Coria watched the referee count him out. Time was 2:32.

After the fight, Munguia called out WBA/IBF middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin. “This year we couldn’t do Charlo,” said Munguia. “Hopefully we can do it next year. I know GGG has no compromise. He’s signed with nobody and I would love to meet him in May. Golovkin! See you in May!”

WBC #13, WBO #14 super flyweight Argi Cortes (24-3-2, 10 KOs) survived two knockdowns, but managed to escape with a ten round split decision against Erick “Habanerito” Lopez (16-7-2, 10 KOs). Cortes, who gave Juan Francisco Estrada a close fight back in September, had all kinds of trouble with the 5’2 Lopez. Lopez was credited with knockdowns in rounds two and six, but had a point deducted for a rabbit punch in round seven. Scores were 95-92, 95-92 Cortes and 96-91 Lopez.

Unbeaten super lightweight KO artist Diego “Azabache” Torres (16-0, 15 KOs) overpowered and knocked out Hector “La Cobra” Morales (6-2-1, 1 KO) in round four. Morales down twice in round four. Time was :19.

Super featherweights Benito “Canelito” Sanchez (15-6-3, 3 KOs) and Jose Angel Garcia (7-0-3, 6 KOs) battled to a ten round draw. Scores were 95-95 3x.

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  • tried to watch. Scared “fighters” . Yee. Munguia is a c fighter. GGG would toy with him .

  • Just way too much padding on that record. Pursue tougher fights instead of just talking about them.

  • Amen, Tommy Z. His team got him to 41-0, that’s quite a feat. Munguia would get tuned up against anyone in the top 10. He’s soft, lazy, and overrated…Calling out the ole man, GGG, nice ploy, Jamie. Can you imagine what a Charlo would do to this flabby fucka?

  • I Know I have been on here calling for Munguia to fight Canelo but the GGG is likely going to be the fight that happens. I think promotional wise it is the easiest big name fight to make for Munguia. It is also can be viewed as a winnable fight for either. One has been protected…the other has gotten old. The thing with GGG is that even though I thought he won the first two Canelo fights..he always seemed more tentative then normal in all 3 fights…especially with his body punching. Now I have very little in ring experience but my best explanation must be that Canelo demonstrated counter punching ability that other GGG opponents did not. Even at 40 GGG with some difficulty was able to to hurt and stop Murata. So the questions become ….is Munguia closer in ability to Murata or Canelo? If the answer is Murata…then the question is…how fast is GGG diminishing. Can he still be as good or close to as good as he was against Murata? History shows that the boxing Gods tend to smile on the younger undefeated fighter in these situations….but it is not a foregone conclusion that the old guy has enough left to expose Munguia as a hype job. It is interesting and I think it can happen. Let’s hope!

  • I hope GGG brutalizes Mungia, an Oscar protected fighter. Unfortunately GGG has gotten older and slower. Maybe he can pull it out.

  • GGG may not be the same but he would easily destroy this over protected chump Munguia.

  • He hasn’t fought anybody. Protected species. Even at his age, GGG will level this kid.

  • He has a chance against GGG but his defense in questionable. If he can take a good punch I make it a 50 50. His opposition has been lackluster. They are figuring out when to cash him out,or I see a mega fight with him and Virgil Ortiz at 160 for some vacant belt in the near future. Huge fight if they both keep winning. Who wins that at 160? Great fight no one is thinking about

  • Unfortunately, the 100 to 1 odds were well justified. Coria had no chance to win. That said, Munguia building up his record by dominating C level fighters doesn’t prepare him to deal with the top fighters. Zurdo Ramirez did the same thing and look how that turned out when he fought Bivol.

    He may have a shot at beating Triple G because Golovkin looked slow and hesitant in his fight against Canelo. Munguia is a fluid fighter on offense with combinations that look beautiful when he’s in rhythm. He’s wasting his time fighting opponents like Coria. Time to step up!

  • By May 2023, GGG will be like 50. Why not fight him in March; why so long the wait? GGG is no B-Hop, who got preserved serving that time in prison; no junk food, drinking water, and doing pull-ups, push-ups, and dips every day. I think Munguia will eke out or be gifted a decision if they fight. GGG is just too slow at this point, Munguia a little younger and better footwork than Murata, who just stood there like a statue against GGG. They don’t want Charlo, too much athleticism and fast twitch fiber muscles.

    • You forgot one little ingredient with B-Hop which “rejuvenated” his body between fights. Helping Grow Healthy or something like that.

  • Good win, but I hate when fighters then call out other fighters. It really is a classless move. Express appreciation for the matchup, give your opponent credit, be humble and appreciative, thank your fans, then go celebrate with your people. No need to call out people like you’re Apollo Creed.

  • triple g wins beats munigua then he could retire muniguia is one of the most protected fighters around

  • All this dudes do is call out names after a fight just to avoid the critisism after beating inferior opposition! Munguia, charlo, andrade and the light heavyweight benavidez should fight each other instead of waiting for the smaller canelo to give them a shot for a big payday!!! Munguia must have been at least 30 pounds over the much lighter coria!!!!! Munguia is just another overprotected by dela hoya zurdo ramirez, waiting to face a real top fighter to get his a$$ whoop and be exposed, just a zurdo vs bivol!!! he don’t have to be calling names like ryan garcia does calling tank, he needs to sign the contract, make it official and step up! Ggg knows his career is coming to an end soon so, he will definately fight munguia for a nice paycheck! But, at the end de la hoya will low ball ggg and the fight will not materialize as always!!!!

  • I notice a lot of hate and ill wishes against a man that being boxing his way of life he trains and step in the ring to face an opponent that he hadn’t chosen, is his promoter. Munguia is being used by a shameless promoter that is planning to throw him under the bus when the opportunity arrives to cash him out, and is Canelo the name that this crook has in mind, why hate Munguia and not his handlers?

  • You can get more work in a sparring session than beating up a tomato can. If we could all earn the shot at the title by looking sensational against a poor sap, we’d have a plethora of belts…oh…we already do?

    As old as GGG is, Mungia does not have the speed to keep him guessing. Once the motor warms up, Golovkin catches him somewhere in the middle rounds with a body combo against the ropes ending with an overlook. That exchange will be the beginning of the end for Jaime.

  • 2023 has to be his year. I don’t think GGG is going to fight him, last I heard GGG was looking to fight Michael Zerafa and he has two belts and hasn’t made a mandatory in two years now. So, assuming not him and not Charlo because no one knows what’s going on there – there’s Alim who the WBO ordered him to fight but apparently neither one of them are interested in that fight. But I’d take fights against Adames, Eubank, Falcao, Felix Cash – any of those guys are considerably better than what Munguia has been up to lately.
    But if his history is anything to go by then I guess we can expect Munguia’s first fight of 2023 to be against…. like Shane Mosley Jr. or Thomas Lamanna, someone like that.

    • The heavy backlash for this and some othe Munguia’s fights (mismatches to pad his record) could push his handlers to put him against a credible opponent, Murata might be a great option IMO

      • Murata’s 37 in January and he’s had one fight in the last 3 years. If he came back and got a decent win then I’d agree (I always liked Murata – Derevyanchenko), but if not, I would still want someone maybe ‘fresher’ than Murata might be.

  • Everyone on here is a non-boxing clown, Watch what Munguia does to GGG , Charlo who struggled with shut Munguia iced in 2 rounds and Janibek who just got exposed against a uk nobody

  • Mungia vs GGG would be an exciting fight. I think GGG still has enough to win that one, especially considering how Mungia has always been willing to take one to give one, and GGG has largely had a higher quality of opposition. Either way I’d tune in for that fight.

  • Tired of these setup matches with fighters calling out old, small, light-hitting or the weakest champ in their division. Munguia using option 1.

  • >