Haney shuts out Santiago, retains WBC 135lb title

WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney (24-0, 15 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over previously unbeaten WBC #17 Alfredo Santiago (12-1, 4 KOs) on Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Haney Santiago
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

Haney dropped Santiago in round five and almost finished him. Santiago managed to slow the pace after that and the bout ended up going the distance with Haney winning 120-107 3x.

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  • Haney looks soooooo beatable. He went the distance with a 12 and 0 boxer with only 4 KO’s! Haney, totally overrated!

  • Haney taking on more soft touches while he waits for his undeserved shot at the p4p #1 fighter on the planet. However, it is not a good look that he could not get this level of a fighter out of there and when 12 dull rounds.
    I think the kid just let his big shot go and will have to move up to 140 and work his way from the bottom to the top like every other real champion does. Him and stank Davis too, or they could fight each other.

  • Easy to call out Lomachenko when he has a ESPN deal and you have a DAZN deal…. Haney would get schooled by Loma. Been saying it forever, he’s overrated. Him and Garcia should fight.

  • Leonard Ellerbe said something right the other day: there is side A and side B in the boxing business.
    Taking this into account, nowadays the ones on the side A can dictate the rules of the game. That is the way is boxing in the modern times. Lomachenko is one of the few on the A side. A danger boxer that is not on the A side should be taken when is getting old and winding down or when still very green, not throughly tested. Lomachenko should take Devin Haney now, as Mayweather did to Canelo. He shouldn’t wait until Haney gets more experience and he getting old.

  • Haney looked very pedestrian last night. He did not win every round. That is nonsense. If Haney fought Loma, he would lose so bad, that his mother would jump into the ring, get him disqualified, and slap his dad for convincing her to allow her precious overrated son to box. Haney is VERY overrated.

  • The fact of the matter is that Santiago is a former Dominican national champion and a standout amateur that fought in several international tournaments and beat fighters that today are good pros, last but not least he took this fight vs Haney on short notice so this kid was no bum perhaps unknown yes but he has skills so he could of given any fighter problems.

  • The headline should read: :PAPER CHAMP who did not win any title defends his PAPER TITLE:. This fighter was HANDED that phony belt, the WBC,WBA should be barred from boxing because apart from making 40 chumpions in every of the 40 divisions, they CANNOT even explain why they have 40 chumpions? Is it to make boxing a comedy show? Or to make everybody happy with fake belts? Some of the titles read: 1-Champion 2-Super Champ?3- Regular Champ-4- Everyday champ 5-Franchise champ. I was AWARDED a title today champ for doing NOTHING (Haney).6-Interim Champ. 7-Todays champ 8-Regular everyday champ 9- Emeritus Champ. 10-Perhaps champ.
    You get the idea,whatever comes into their heads to RAPE the fighters for championship fees is why they exist.
    The game now has fighters that are on retainer not to fight more than once a year, or once every 2 years. Last weeks Canela/Kovalev had to take a back seat to the UFC. Making a boxing show start 2 hours later because the UFC is a legit sport with all their fighters fighting the best in their divisions.
    As for boxing what can we expect? Well we know all the Delaho fights are a fix, we know the WBC,WBA produce more phony champs than all the rice in China, and WE KNOW the WWE looks like a well run organization because (GET THIS) they have one champ, they call themselves an entertainment organization which is at least the truth. Boxing continues on with the WBC,WBA, etc, promoters? Cable T.V, P.P.V, newbies like Dazn putting on their fixes, and we cannot get a federal comishioner in boxing to make this a sport once again. At one time history, BOXING was actually the #2 sport in the U.S.A.

    • I hate all the WBC titles as well. But in this instance if say he is the WBC champ. I would consider Loma stripped for not facing his obligation. It wouldn’t take away from Loma still being the Man in that division. I hate all the different rankings as well. It allows fighters to climb latter’s faster than others. WBO has worst rankings, WBC is worst for multiple Champions, followed by WBA. IBF has the right idea but manages getting guys in the 1-2 spots. It is a crap show.

  • Not sure why guys like Steve cry about boxing orgs and all the levels of belts. Most fighters know if they are the legit WBA, WBC, etc. champion, that until they have at least 2 of the belts, it is hard to say they are top 3 in a weight class. They could be the WBC champion at lightweight, but only be considered the 4th or 5th best fighter in the weight class. Haney’s last 4 opponents had either fought in the USA for the 1st or 2nd time, so it isn’t like the guys he was fighting were known contenders. I would say over the last 2 years, the 7 fighters Haney fought didn’t have much of a chance against him. And I’m not a Haney hater, I don’t even know who he is really, I never watched him fight before. Saw his highlights in this fight, the guy was wearing his trunks high, and Haney floored him in the 5th after hitting him with double right hooks. If he fought Miguel Berchelt moving up from 130 and beat him, I would say Haney is legit. Berchelt is more of a threat to Haney than WBC top 6 guys at 140, maybe that is where Haney should head up to. (I would rather see Haney vs Tank than Crawford vs Spence now, because Spence has to recover after that accident if he can still be a top boxer???)
    WBC top 6 at 140
    2. Viktor Postol
    3. Subriel Matias
    4. Jose Zepeda
    5. Ivan Baranchyk
    6. Pablo Cesar Cano

  • We knew the results of this fight before it happened. Haney is “talking loud and saying nothing”, fight somebody then we can talk about how good you are, you were given the belt and now a walk over bout, let’s fight a live body!!

  • 120-107 my ass. Haney was lucky to come out of this one. Haney was exposed.

    The sick promoters are turning this poor kid into Lomachenko’s property. Every prison rapist has a Tobias Beecher. Haney is going to be Loma’s bitch, until he either says “NO MAS”, or his mother comes running in the ring, trying to save her son from further punishment. Then her husband will need protection.

    Like Sweet Daddy said on Good Times, “Bill, you in trouble”.

  • I think the 4 belt holders should unify. Stop signing these tie up deals with the tv networks and the hell with promoters butt hurt with each other. They need to sit down and make the best fights. Forget about Davis coming up in weight. There are plenty of belt holders to unify with.


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