Fury, Usyk make grand arrivals

Tyson Fury Arrival2
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On Tuesday at Boulevard Riyadh City, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) and WBO/IBF/WBA ruler Oleksandr Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) made their grand arrivals. Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) and Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) will battle for the undisputed heavyweight crown this Saturday at Kingdom Arena. The winner becomes the division’s first undisputed champion in the four belt era.

Tyson Fury: “I predict that somebody’s ‘0’ has got to go. And it’s going to be that team over there, unfortunately for them. Oleksandr Usyk is a great fighter. Olympic gold medalist, cruiserweight world champion, heavyweight world champion. But, unfortunately for him, he has to come against the great Tyson Fury in the era of me. I’m really looking forward to Saturday night….even if he had 20 million people screaming his name, they cannot fight for him on the night. And when there’s two men in there on the night, it’s going to be very daunting when he has the undertaker in the ring with him.”

Oleksandr Usyk: “I feel good. I’m very happy to be here. Saturday is a special day because I will have the opportunity to become undisputed for a second time. It’s great. It’s very good for me. It’s very important for my country. I like that…I have a plan. It’s a better plan. And it’s a great plan.”

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  • Fury has got to be in good shape, since he got to train twice after the Ngannou fight.
    Probably will go 12 rounds, may be a close fight.

  • I like both but I’m pulling for Usyk in this one. It’s gonna be tough for him due to the size and reach of Fury. If the version of Fury that moves like a middleweight (the one that thumped Wilder) shows up, he (Fury) will win a decision. Anything less, Usyk takes a razor thin decision.

  • Both fighters have KO power. It might not go to decision. I like Usyk but I have Fury winning. I think if Fury is prepared he will be hard to beat. Fury is not popular, hated even but despite the bs the man is a really good fighter.

  • I just don’t see an aesthetically pleasing fight here. Lots of grappling and I highly doubt a one punch knockout occurs; the two styles just don’t mesh. I’m leaning towards Fury mainly due to his reach, size, and effective awkwardness. Long gone are the days of Ali/Frazier, Foreman/Lyle, Bowe/Holyfield, Mercer/Morrison, Holmes/Norton, Marciano/Walcott, Tyson/Ruddock and many more.

    • Mercer/Morrison? I’m not sure you can take some of the best fights in heavyweight history and suggest that great fights like this cannot happen again. What about Joshua-Klitschko, and Fury-Wilder I and III?

  • Fury thinks that this is his “era”, how delusional. So sick of his nonsense, He’s pathetic. No matter what he says or how much he trains, he will always look like the most unathletic man to ever step into a ring. A real Humpty Dumpty on stilts, who moves and punches like a puppet on a string, enjoying that height advantage. I hope Usyk takes it to him.

    • It’s not a bodybuilding contest. No one cares about the physique of a fighter. All that matters is if he wins, and so far that’s all he’s ever done. Should be 3-0 against Wilder but 2-0-1 is good enough. If he wins Saturday he’s for sure on his way to the HOF. He will defend against Joshua, win easily then retire.

  • Fury boxed in the first Wilder fight and that did not work That well for him. Brawling, holding, even dirty fighting worked much better for Fury in the second and third Wilder fight. But brawling was also a much bigger risk kinda fight. And against Usyk surely boxing won’t work well for Fury, he will get outsmarted. So recon dirty fighting it is going to be for Fury.

  • Great. Now the talk is over. If boxing wanted to milk this thing it could be a “draw”. We’ll see.

  • fury is the bigger man usyk can punch this fight is a close decision in the late rounds or maybe a draw

  • The key is Fury’s fitness level and his body punching. Usyk took a 5 minute break from a low blow by Dubios.. Fury is a better body puncher & keeps them above the belt. If Fury can not rough up Usyk he will lose. Usyk wil need to move a lot to keep Fury from leaning on him.

    • I agree. Fury will need to land big shots. Usyk is hard to hit. I either expect a really good fight with Fury winning, or a really ugly fight with Usyk winning. A low-event fight favors Usyk. Fury needs to press the pace. For a guy with a mediocre body, Fury’s fitness level (sans his effort vs Ngannou) is very good. He doesn’t tire much and his output is always strong. I see Fury winning by late KO. It’ll be fun, though. I wouldn’t knock Usyk’s chances, but typically a good big man versus a good smaller man favors the big man.

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