Deontay Wilder lets loose

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was in a writing kind of mood Sunday night. This is what he had to say on social media (warning, contains some strong language):

I’m going to just put it like this , I’ve called out EVERY TOP FIGHTER that was viewed by many as the best of the division. I’ve always fight who was placed in front of me. Many of the so called best stayed in the light because they knew once they enter into that dark tunnel, I would be on the other end of that bih waiting… Mind “Willing” and Body saying “Ready”. :::::::::::—————->>>>>>

Name another HeavyWeight to date doing what I’m doing!? I’m not only knocking these grown ass men out, but the fashion I’m doing it in a way their body have abnormal movement on the canvas pavement. Many have visited the hospital shortly after meeting me and some have even smelt the scent of Death after dangerously getting their heads busted in.

GO DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST PEOPLE “Lazy Asses” then you will see who’s the best! I actually end careers! Facts are facts! Numbers don’t lie! Like a pastor in church would say, “YOU BETTER BRING YOUR BIBLE AND READ IT AND KNOW IT FOR YOURSELF, BECAUSE I COULD TELL YOU ANYTHING AND YOU BELIEVE ME”.

Many people are afraid to face the truth of things. Why, because the truth fucking hurts! Many will say everybody else’s name, but yours on being the best, but on the other hand, feel shitty inside because they know what the real reality of it and the reality is DEONTAY WILDER IS THE BEST! On top of that, the MOST FEARED At This Moment In Time!

Face the reality or continuously look dumb explaining why God is using me in a strange, but never seen way. Btw it’s hilarious to watch.

Im not here to change anyone’s mind on me or what I’ve done. To be honest, I really don’t give “[email protected]&!” What you think! I just thought I’d give you a chance to do your homework first then honestly judge. ITS SO CRAZY HOW THE SO CALLED BEST AND CONTENDERS OF THE SPORT HAVE TO GET REPORTED USING P.E.Ds BEFORE FACING ME, BUT THE MOST FUNNIEST OF ALL I GET THE BLAME FOR GROWN ASS MEN MAKING DUMB ASS DECISION JUST TO FACE THIER FEARS!

On the bright side, we have WilderVsJoshua to look forward to, but wouldn’t it be the story of my life if he end up getting pop too?JUst sAyin


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