Crawford-Avanesyan PPV Undercard

The undercard is set for the $39.99 BLK Prime PPV fight between Terence “Bud” Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) and David Avanesyan (29-3-1, 17 KOs), taking place at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Cris Cyborg (1-0, 1 KO) is scheduled to make her U.S. boxing debut against MMA fighter Gabrielle Holloway (0-0) in the co-main event special feature attraction.

Other bouts:

Ten rounds – Featherweight
Arnold Khegai (18-1-1, 11 KOs) vs. Eduardo Baez (21-3-2, 7 KOs)

Six Rounds – Heavyweight
Jeremiah “Dreamland” Milton (7-0, 6 KOs) vs. Dajuan Calloway (5-1, 5 KOs)

Eight Rounds – Light Heavyweight
Steven Nelson (17-0, 14 KOs) vs. James Ballard (10-4, 3 KOs)

Prograis a 4:1 favorite over Zepeda
Parker-Ryder collide on ESPN+ Saturday

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  • Wow, all one is paying for is the Main Event in this PPV; if one chooses to pay. I see a theme of women’s fights being thrown in as a co-main event on some recent PPV cards. No thanks. Different times…

  • Not buying as this is NOT the fight I want to see Crawford in! I’m still Salty as Hell!!! Funny how the Prograis fight tomorrow is $60??!!

  • What a terrible undercard!!! This fight should be on free tv!

  • Anyone who pays for this should be ashamed to call themselves a boxing fan. The main event is NOT the fight Crawford should be fighting and the undercard is complete garbage. Don’t support or encourage this nonsense.

  • If you even want the slightest opportunity to see Bud fight Sixpence I suggest helping Bud generate some good numbers.
    Bud will do his part. Do yours.

  • this should show you everybody 100% who is ducking who Crawfish babbles about Spence not wanting the fight and claims hes the “best” fighter/finisher in the sport today yet chooses to fight an unknown #6 ranked WBO fighter??? he clearly avoided both Ortiz and Ennis and cherry picked a guy with 50% KO ratio against home depot workers and that has 3 losses and been KOd by a previous Crawfish cherry pick!!! Crawfish is a cherry picking hype job!!!

  • Which DAMN fool would pay to see this?? I would not watch this BOOLCHIT if they paid me the price they’re charging.BOYCOTT this phony fight, and tell Crawford to fight BOOTS ENNIS the real champ of the division.

  • >