Conwell camp targets Charlo

Undefeated WBC #2 super welterweight contender Charles ‘Bad News’ Conwell (18-0, 13 KOs), is petitioning the WBC for a world title fight against undisputed world champion Jermell Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs).

Conwell’s manager Mark Habibi stated, “Our understanding is that the WBC will order a rematch between Brian Mendoza and Sebastian Fundora next. We want the WBC to therefore make Charles the mandatory challenger for Jermell Charlo. Alternatively, the WBC can make him the mandatory challenger for the rematch between Mendoza and Fundora and allow him to take an interim fight. It seems like Charlo is just sitting on the belt and Charles is ready now to fight him, Mendoza or Fundora.

“The interim champ was knocked out cold. I don’t truly understand why the WBC would even consider allowing this rematch to happen. Charles has been patiently waiting for his opportunity. It’s not fair to him for this to continue.”

Charlo has not fought since his knockout victory over Brian Castano on May 14, 2022. Mendoza knocked out Fundora on April 8, 2023 to garner the WBC interim world title.

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  • I don’t get it either, why order a rematch if the result was convincing. Would be better to see Mendoza vs Conwell and then winner takes on Charlo when he decides to actually defend the belt

    • Because they want Charlo to keep the belt. Charlo has ducked enough for years. I can’t wait for him to fight a good fighter and get his ass beat. He’s not as good as people think he is. He’s going to loose to Tszyu or give up the belt to not fight him and keep ducking. I doubt they will make Conwell his mandatory. If they don’t it says a lot. How can you be undisputed and not defend the titles in 2+ years? If that was Canelo people would be outraged.

  • I get it: The guy has all the belts, you target him; but REALISTICALLY speaking – Charlo’s 2023 is tied up with Tim Tszyu (hopefully they get that together at some point this year) and then next year would be Murtazaliev. It’d be 2025, given Charlo’s schedule at the absolute earliest that Conwell would get his shot. I think Conwell is a really good fighter and I’d love to see him in there with guys like Lubin and Kurbanov and Josh Kelly. I don’t think there’s anyway in the world he ever gets to Charlo.

    • I’m tired of Charlo ducking everyone for years. They need to force this man to defend the titles. What’s the point being Undisputed if your not fighting? Tim Tszyu is going to beat his ass there’s no doubt in my mind. I doubt the fight will take place. I actually expect Charlo at this point to give up the titles than fight Tszyu because that is the type of fighter I see him as a ducker.

  • Gotta wait your turn. Tszyu has been waiting a long time. I thought Tszyu was just a hype job who would hide in Australia. He has proven that he wants the titles badly. He earned it. Perhaps Conwell may get the winner.

  • CHARLO was booked to fight Tim Tszyu on January 25 this year and has been ducking him ever since. Tszyu on the other hand appears willing to fight anyone while he is waiting for Charlo to name a date. Conwell might be better off looking at fighting Tszyu because at least there is a realistic chance the fight will actually happen.

    • It’s boxing, not ballet. Injuries happen despite your dislike for Charlo. No one is “ducking” its already been established they’re fighting in September. Tszyu doesn’t need to fight Conwell. He’s already been fighting a lot and needs to take a little time an focus on his upcoming fight. Conwell will need to wait his turn.

      • Charlo ducked a lot of fights for 2+ years and he’s been making excuses to fight Tszyu with injury. Charlo has so called injury but yet still had no problem calling out Canelo for that fight hmm. He will never fight Canelo unless he jumps 2 division to face him. Canelo ain’t dropping down 2 division for a ducker. Tszyu is going to beat Charlo’s ass and I can’t wait to see it happen.

      • With as often as boxing fans say someone is “ducking” someone else, I’m surprised anyone EVER fights. It is getting sickening!

  • Who. Wow. Somebody who has better beaten anyone making demands lmaoo

  • Conwell would put Fundora to sleep in a horrifying way!

  • Wow, Mendoza wins by KO and has to run it back? We Be Corrupt are addicted to sanctioning fee’s if this is all they can offer. Need the sowdee’s to throw in huge cash for big fights to happen and bin these trinket belts for good.

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