Canelo, Saunders, Soto, Takayama make weight

By Jeff Zimmerman at the scale

Canelo Alvarez 167.4 vs. Billy Joe Saunders 167.8
(WBA/WBC/WBO super middleweight titles)

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Elwin Soto 107.8 vs. Katsunari Takayama 107.6
(WBO light flyweight title)
Boxing: Saul Alvarez Vs Billy Joe Saunders Weigh In
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Kieron Conway 154 vs. Souleymane Cissokho 153.6
Frank Sanchez 237.6 vs. Nagy Aguilera 238.2
Marc Castro 132.4 vs. Irving Macias Castillo 127.6
Keyshawn Davis 138 vs. Jose Antonio Meza 138
Christian Alan Gomez Duran 146.4 vs. Xavier Wilson 147.8
Kelvin Davis 143.8 vs. Jan Marsalek 140.4

Venue: AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas
Promoter: Matchroom

Weights from Philadelphia
Kurbanov edges Beefy; Skavynskyi tops Julio

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  • Canelo will walk into the ring probably between 179-186 while Saunders will definitely be the smaller man in weight. But I believe Saunders if he stays on his toes and avoids taking body shots, he has a chance to maybe pull it off.

    • I agree he’s live. He’ll have to out on a show though. Only way to beat Canelo is the way GGG fought in their first fight. In and out fast. But he also needs to hold ground or make Canelo miss wildly. That’s why GGG lost the 2nd. He gave up to much ground.

      • Canelo looked drained. Prob gonna come in really heavy. Shld be interesting. BJS face says it all when he saw Canelo walk up. NOW, hes nervous

        • Canelo’s granite chin and unrelenting style of stalking opponents in the ring will be the two key components to his victory. How? I don’t think Saunders could even hurt Canelo with his best “one-two”. Saunders is an “arm-puncher” governed by some speed. Next, once Canelo senses Saunders cant hurt him, Canelo will walk him down and begin his dissection by cutting off the ring. Canelo UD.

    • I agree. Saunders looks in great shape and Canelo looks a little drained. Live dog alert! I am one of the few people on this site who doesn’t drool over Alvarez. Last 3 fights: Kovalev, shot fighter. Smith, can’t throw a punch. Watch the video if you don’t believe me. The Turk, complete stiff. BJS, is a different breed than any of these other guys. His boxing skills are on par with Trout and Lara, both who lost disputed decisions to Red. Dangerous fight for Canelo. I commend him for stepping up to the plate for this one.

      • What disparaging thing will you say about Saunders after Canelo beats him?

        • I guess you can’t decipher a sentence. I said I commend him on taking this fight. I would be impressed if he won convincingly. Not to the point of beating say, Bivol, Benavidez or Beiterbev(say that fast 3 times), but definitely a step up over his last three opponents.

    • If BJS has enough stamina to move, box in bursts and also plant his feet every now and then and fire off fast, powerful combos, for 12 rounds, I think he should win, getting the decision is another thing.
      But if he’s not got enough in the tank for 12 hard rounds, Canelo could give him a bit of a beating down the stretch.
      Going with BJS.

    • That’s ridiculous! Canelo doesn’t look the least bit drained. He will not put on 20 lbs overnight

  • Canelo by 10th round stoppage. It’ll take him 2-3 rounds to get his timing down. Once that happens, Saunders will go into a bit of a defensive shell. Once he realizes he is losing the fight, he’ll start to open up. Eventually Canelo’s counters will do major damage. Two knockdowns in the 10th and the referee stops it with Canelo unloading bombs with Saunders against the ropes. My secondary prediction is Canelo by a 116-112, 117-111 type of unanimous decision.

    • That’s quite a precise prediction…. And view on tomorrow’s lottery numbers? 🙂

  • The thing about Canelo is that he doesn’t really fight a lot on an even playing field. He either has the weight/power advantage against a smaller fighter moving up. Or weight stipulations against bigger weight drained fighters.. or a champion in a division who’s accomplishments are exaggerated to make the win look bigger than it is. fighters who fight like Yildrim. I mean Cmon.. GGG was a fighter he couldn’t really gain an edge against because of his natural size.. so he couldn’t get him with the weight like everyone else plus he’s a good fighter except he doesn’t use body punches and he’s aging compared to Canelo. So this fight can be looked at as a real fight since GGG. Only thing is that he didn’t look great the last time and he’s not known as a big puncher..also, Canelo parted ways with some powerful people in boxing.. sometimes when that happens for some reason.. the matchmaking doesn’t favor them as much.. a little conspiracy but I’m just saying. I hope for a good fight though.. hope it goes at least to the 11th.. I enjoy long psychological matches.

    • I just don’t understand why some ppl hate on Canelo like a full time job. He has beaten every man he’s stepped in the ring with except Floyd! He has earned respect

  • After the fight, I wonder if Plant will provide a mad dog stare at Canelo for a future fight. I hope they invite Plant in the ring after the fight for a quick interview.

  • Canelo is still young so he will be fine for now.
    but, he will have a challenge in the future.
    he can now no longer make 160lbs. he will soon need to move up permanently from168lbs or eventually the big weight loss will catch up to him. remember, he is 5’8” or maybe 5’9”

  • Martin Murray is alot tougher than Cal Smith with sugar in his shoes. Murrays been in there with evreyone including a very shady loss to Sergio Martinez in which in reality he won. Sumthin is rotten with the fish and chips!!! And who the heck is Ted DiBiasi from Newhause.. Is there a doctor there? Letum Go…Owed to Billy Jo

  • The haters will be out in numbers soon enough!
    Let’s enjoy the fight as Canelo is taking on an undefeated 2 division champion.
    No excuses either way, each fighter is a professional and well aware of the strategy they must employ…
    Canelo: Faints, head movement, walk him down, cut off ring and land his hands.
    Saunders: Jab, run like hell, circle ring, grab and hold, complain to ref, lose, and then talk smack.

  • BJS is no more in his prime, walk in the park UD for Canelo. Ginger knows how to walk a fighter down and BJS has not the power to bother Canelo nor the legs to avoid his body punching from round 1 to 12… That’s why they took on BJS, because he’s undefeated, past his prime and of course another big name on his resume. Hope BJS pulls it off but i don’t give him that much of a chance… One question to the US and Britt fans, how is my English ? Thank you have a nice week-end and a nice fight..

    • Regis…. friend…. really?
      That’s what you come up with at the 25th hour????
      BJS is 31 years old and only 30 pro fights on the tank…
      Canelo is 30 years old and almost 60 pro fights…
      If anything, it would be Canelo who is past his prime!
      Saunders hasn’t even handed his a$$ over and you’re already making excuses for him.
      Please stop, it’s embarrassing!

  • Once again, I’d like to say I predicted an easy win for Canelo! Beat and made Saunders quit. Now onto fight plant for the IBF title. Which he will win easily. Let’s see the excuses from the Canelo haters. So much for the Gypsy magic that Tyson fury bragged about. Lol

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