2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament in Thailand

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Jimmy Chaichotchuang the IBF’s leading promoter in Thailand has announced the 2018 IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament/IBF World Muay Thai Championship” at a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The event will be held on December 8 at Hua Hin City, Thailand.
“I would like to thank  IBF President  Daryl Peoples and IBF China chairman  Ruihang Wang for this opportunity to Thailand to be the first international host of IBF Silk Road Tournaments,” said Chaichotchuang. “This tournament began in 2017 in China and makes a very successful boxing tournament in Asia.

“This 2018 IBF Silk Road Tournament will help to promote Hua Hin City, one of the sports destination cities in Southeast Asia.  This is the first international professional boxing tournament in Thailand,  the land of great boxing champions. There are six of IBF B&R eliminator boxing bouts among seven countries, China, Philippines, Japan, India, Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Thailand.

“The winner will go to fight for the final bout in China in 2019. Also, the attractive of Muay Thai sensation is the vacant IBF World Muay Thai cruiserweight championship between Li Pao Ming, superstar Muay Thai champion of China and Thomas Carpenter, the Thai-English boxer.

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