Zhang-Joyce II set for Sept 23

Heavyweight giants Zhilei Zhang (25-1-1, 20 KOs) and Joe Joyce (15-1, 14 KOs) are all set for a highly anticipated rematch at the OVO Arena, Wembley on Saturday 23 September 23 on TNT Sports (currently known as BT Sport until July 18). Big Bang Zhang and Juggernaut Joyce first collided in mid-April at the Copper Box Arena, where it was Zhang who left the venue in possession of the WBO interim heavyweight world championship strap. Referee Howard Foster stopped the fight in the sixth round due to the heavy swelling around the right eye of defending champion Joyce.

Zhilei Zhang: “I created history last time and I believe the best way to inherit history is to create new ones. I look at the rematch as if it was a new fight; I look at Joe Joyce as if I never fought him before. I started from zero and this is the new self.”

Joe Joyce: “I’m coming back to take back what’s mine and I am leaving everything in that ring. No compromises. No underestimating my opponent. Nothing, but a win. Last time out I lost my undefeated professional record. It was hard to take. But after the dust settled, all that will do is make me better. I’ve learned lessons. I’m ready. And I am coming for everything.”

Promoter Frank Warren: “This is a fight with high stakes written all over it. The first fight in April was the best heavyweight fight made this year and I am expecting more of the same at the OVO Arena on September 23.

“Joe will acknowledge that Zhilei did a number on him at the Copper Box and he has a lot to work on to put it right. But he knows what he has got to do, and his immediate future depends on him regaining his position as WBO Interim world champion.

“Thankfully, for Joe’s sake, the rotation system for mandatory challenges with the governing bodies means the WBO contender against the unified champion has yet to be called, so victory in September will put Joe right back in the frame to fight whoever emerges victorious out of the current champion Oleksandr Usyk and his next challenger Daniel Dubois.

“This is why the stakes are so incredibly high for both fighters and I hope and expect that Wembley will be packed to the rafters for such a significant heavyweight match.”

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  • All eyes will be on Joyce to see if he can overcome his last defeat with Zhang. Zhang simply needs to keep doing what he did in the first fight. Time the jab off Joyce stepping in and then set up the power shots. Joyce, on the other hand, needs to step it up on speed and timing. Joyce needs to keep pushing forward and get Zhang on the ropes.

  • Joyce wins this time around by round 8. As long as he does not come in looking so drained like the first fight. 256 does not work for Joyce. Like Fury he is better being heavier, around 270.

    • Lol no boxer looks better heavier. Do you even watch boxing kid?

      • An idiot troll you are Harry Sachs, nothing more. You ever look a Fury’s fights how much better he was at a heavier weight, you watch Joyce vs Parker with Joyce at a heavier weight, much stronger.

  • Winner should get Usyk. Fury will probably be fighting a 3rd fight with someone, or a UFC guy.

  • I have the feeling Zhang knows Joyce’s numbers. Zhang, besides hitting hard is a versatile fighter that moves well, despite his size, Joyce in the other hand knows only one way to fight and has only one gear, a very slow steamroller gear that won’t help him to defeat Zhang, losing this time on points or very late stoppage.

    • Zhang beat Joyce and that is it and now people act like Zhang is some kind of monster.

  • The outcome is going to be the same, Zhang’s speed is too much for Joyce. Hopefully Joe is working on his head movement to make the fight more Interesting this time..

  • Unless Joe learned and remember to use some head movements, I dont see a diff result on Zhang vs. Joyce 2.

  • I love Joyce but this has Price vs Thompson written all over it.

    • Oh shit lol ! Price vs Thompson ! I forgot those 2 fights ! After these two everyone understood Price was overrated and it was the end of his world titles aspirations !

  • Revenge or repeat?
    Can Joyce make the required adjustments? Like learn how to block with his hands, move his head, move to his left to negate Zhangs south paw big left?

    I’m not too confident that Joyce is that adaptable, I hope I’m wrong though.

  • Big Bang Zhang is going to fk Joe Joyce up once again. After that, I would love to see him beat up that other punk, Jared Anderson. And make Anderson roll on the canvas. Crying like a big baby.

    The fight I want to see is Wilder vs Zhang. Which, I have to admit, is a 50/50 fight. Fury can beat either one of them.

    I am very happy for The Big Bang.

    • Wilder Vs Zhang is what we need!!
      I don’t know If Fury can beat Zhang!

      • Great reply. That is a valid point. If Zhang comes in with his A game, he might be able to beat either Wilder or Fury. If Wilder comes in with 2 healthy hands, and knocks out Zhang, Wilder belongs in the IBHOF. Zhang is going to destroy both Joyce and that P*nk Axx Anderson.

  • Even if Zhang wins he will be 40+ when he fights Fury or Usyk. I think the rematch will be a stinker – going the distance. Joyce gets less of a beating and Zhang gasses in the championhip rounds.

  • I said it for the first fight and I say it for this fight…. Zhang 1000000% beats Joyce. Probably even easier this time. Little late in the game for Joyce to change his style. Once the bell rings and the leather starts flying he’ll go right back to what he knows, and that is basically nothing lol. He just walks straight forward throwing punches. He’s basically a human punching bag. Same result this time, guaranteed.

  • The first fight was not a fluke and Zhang will stop him again or win a lopsided decision. This fight is unnecessary!
    Before the 1st fight I said Zhang was going to win and he will do it again easier this time

  • only way i feel joyce has a chance in this fight is to start fast and get zhang out of his gameplan, force zhang backwards were i don’t think he is as good, but i don’t think joyce can do it for 12 rds. it will be a tougher fight for zhang but still think he will win a hard fought dec.

  • This is such a great time to be alive as a boxing fan. Another blockbuster.

  • Joe Joyce blaa blaa blaa…
    Same result and you will be just another Auldery Harrison. Remember him ?

    • if Zhang wins again, do we have to see a 3rd fight, 4th, 5th 6th etc…….?

  • Haha yes. They will keep fighting until Joyce wins, even if it takes 100 fights. Then immediately after Joyce will be rewarded with a championship fight.

    • It’s more Dubois that that was rewarded a championship fight, after losing to Joyce.

  • >