BAM KOs Estrada in seven, wins WBC 115lb belt

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Photo: Amanda Westcott/Matchroom

Jesse “BAM” Rodriguez (20-0, 13 KOs) dethroned WBC super flyweight champion Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada (44-4, 28 KOs) with a spectacular seventh round KO on Saturday night at the Footprint Center in Glendale, Arizona. Great fight. BAM dropped Estrada with a straight left hand in round four. After the round, Estrada went to Rodriguez’ corner. BAM rocked Estrada again in round five. Estrada dropped BAM in round six with a right hand. BAM dropped Estrada with a liver shot to end it in round seven. Time was 3:00. There is a rematch clause and Estrada says he plans to exercise it.

In a flyweight clash between former world champions champions, Sunny Edwards (21-1, 4 KOs) outboxed Adrian Curiel (24-6-1, 5 KOs) to take a nine round technical decision. Curiel was the aggressor, but was largely neutralized by the mobile Edwards. Edwards suffered a bad gash from a head clash in round six. The bout was stopped at the beginning of round nine. Scores were 90-82, 88-84, 87-85.

WBC female super bantamweight champion Yamileth Mercado (24-3, 5 KOs) topped Ramla Ali (9-2, 2 KOs) over ten rounds by scores of 98-92, 98-93, 97-93.

In a clash between unbeaten super bantamweights, Arturo Cardenas (15-0-1, 8 KOs) scored a ten round majority decision over Danny Barrios (15-2, 5 KOs). Scores were 95-95, 97-93, 96-94.

Unbeaten bantamweight Gabriel Muratalla (12-0, 6 KOs) won an eight round unanimous decision over Carlos Fontes (23-4-1, 19 KOs) by scores of 79-73, 78-74, 77-75.

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  • lol …I love when Mexicans make other boxers run like chicken

    If chicken Edward’s does not want to fight why is he doing in boxing ???

    Anyway I’m glad he is European

    • Basically he has been winning, and had the IBF fly weight belt for a while until he lost his only fight. He is not a hard puncher. And of course lets not forget that is how he makes his living. Considering who he lost to, and what that boxer did tonight, his loss doesn’t look as bad. Compared to a much more of course tallented Canello Alvaraez, some might argue that Alvarez doesn’t run like a chicken, he just makes sure he stays in his chicken coup to stay out of trouble. And that of course in reference to his very high demands to fight Benavidez.

    • It’s called ‘boxing’ mate. It’s not called ‘slugging’ for a reason. Hit and don’t be hit. Edwards is intelligent and uses his IQ in the ring. You need to be special to beat him, BAM.

    • One thing is to be ignorant and going through a struggle to better yourself, another is to proudly display your ignorance for the world to see.

  • In the Sunny v Curiel the referee did a poor job, pushing, head butting, and rabbit punches to name a few

  • Yamileth Mercado landed the cleaner and more telling blows. Yamileth beat Ramla clearly. Ramla Ali has trouble with boxers that have good head and feet movement and good timing. At the elite level boxers have those kinds of skills. Great boxers can adapt and win by making adjustments but good boxers sometimes lose those kinds of fights because they can’t make those same adjustments even they have themselves have really good skills but get outboxed that way. It was a good competitive fight that was won clearly by Yamileth Mercado due to her being able to outbox Ramla and Ramla could not make the adjustment. Ramla Ali is at a certain level boxing wise and beyond that level she has trouble. She is just a notch below the elite level female boxers in the sport right now. Ramla Ali is young and she has a bright future if she works harder and smarter in improving her craft. Mercado was just the bitter boxer. Mercado is an elite level female boxer who’s only competition come other elite level boxers. Only an elite level boxers can beat another elite level boxer. That’s why Amanda Serrano won but Ramla Ali did not. Ramla Ali is not at their level yet but she is young and she has time and youth on her side. Ramla Ali maybe an elite level boxers someday but she is not one at this time. Ramla Ali needs to get back in the gym as soon as she is able to and should just take some time to work on her craft and to improve her boxing skills without taking another pro fight for a while. She needs to go back to the drawing board and work on developing her skills for a while.

  • I was going to say that it’s clear Sunny Edwards was ruined by the beating he took in his last fight, but there wasn’t much there to ruin.

  • I expected Mr. BAM BAM to win, but really, for me not this easily. Only round I thought he lost was the 6th of course, due to the knockdown he suffered. Had it not been for that knock down, he would have bee pitting a shutout I feel. Estrada got dug in a hole, and to his credit, did realize that he had take risks to win. He could of course have just survived, and would have lost a lopsided decision, but to the end, he tried to win.
    I feel his inactivity was a big factor in his loss, but age also caught up. He wants a rematch, and will exercise the clause he said. He will make adjustments I believe he stated. Problem is when the fight does happen, he will be older, and I think BAM BAM will be better. Does BAM BAM really have any competion at Super fly weight and below. I don’t think so. A really far more interesting match would be for him to go up in weight, and have a match with the best Batamweight champ, NAKATANI I believe.

    • This was a Coronation! Bam IS special! I wonder how high his frame and skill take him. 126 seems very possible, but his skill could get him all the way to 130.

      • he is not special just very good. he is just bigger and stronger than everyone else at that weight class. he doesn’t have special footwork or speed or defense. just another prospect beating up older lighter guys until he can’t make weight anymore and has to move up.

  • Bam is becoming more and more dangerous only thing I can say is that he is on the path of something special
    He is at that level of recognition the kid is amazing this far

  • good fight and good win for bam , but i just didn’t appreciate bam standing over estrada and smiling . we don’t need any more unsportsmanlike and arrogant fighters. bam doesn’t need to do that.

    • At least he didn’t spit on him like the other badass Tejano did in previous days! BAM please don’t go that route!

  • In 2025, Bam will fight the Monster at 122lbs. I hope Inoue will not decline this biggest fight in Japan.

    • He’s not ready for Inoue. The habit for leaning to the left after the right hook or jab will be exploited by Inoue when least expected. Fighting I sharpshooter with knockout power with either hand upstairs or downstairs does not allow for those patterns to be telegraphed.

  • BAM won in spectacular fashion. He dropped and KOed Gallo, 1st man to do so.
    Gallo dropped BAM in a Valiant effort.
    Good action fight, I look forward to the rematch

  • Most of Jesse punches landed, excellent angles, footwork.
    Estrada can’t get hit this much in a rematch

  • A strong win for Rodriguez, but he has more work to do at 115.

    Before thinking of a move to 118, Rodriguez should take out his broom for sweeping duties against Ioka.

    Then there are more sweeping duties against Fernandez and Jimenez.

    Rodriguez has more work to do at 115. We will see what develops in 2025 and maybe early 2026.

  • While I’m totally impressed with Bam and his meteoric rise, I can’t help but to think how all of this would’ve played out had the 4 Kings been in their prime?! Not throwing shade in any way, but it does make me wonder how much more competitive these fights would’ve been if they occurred let’s say 5 years ago or so??!!??

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