Berlanga KOs McCrory in six

In a clash of unbeaten super middleweights, WBO #5, IBF #7, WBA #8, WBC #10 Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga (22-0, 17 KOs) scored a sixth round KO against WBA #3, IBF #13 Padraig McCrory (18-1, 9 KOs) on Saturday night at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida. Berlanga began to rough up McCrory in round three and started to connect with big shots in round four. Berlanga continued to batter McCrory and put him down to end it in round six. Time was 2:44. After five straight decisions, Berlanga got his first KO since December 2020.

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

2020 Olympic gold medalist Andy Cruz (3-0, 1 KO) dominated Brayan Zamarippa (14-3, 5 KOs) over ten rounds in a bout for the IBF International and WBA Continental Latin-American lightweight titles. Cruz in control every minute, but the rugged Zamarippa was able to endure ten rounds of punishment. Scores were 100-90 3x.
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In a WBA welterweight eliminator, WBA #1 Shakhram Giyasov (15-0, 9 KOs) scored a technical decision over #5 Pablo Cesar Cano (35-9-1, 25 KOs). Giyasov, a 2016 Olympic silver medalist, dropped Cano with a body shot in round three, then methodically outpointed Cano until Cano fell awkwardly and injured his ankle in round eleven. The bout went to the scorecards with Giyasov winning 109-99 3x.
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In a WBA bantamweight eliminator, WBA #2 Antonio Vargas (18-1, 10 KOs) scores an seventh round TKO against WBA #3 Jonathan Rodriguez (17-2-1, 7 KOs). Vargas recovered from a first round knockdown to drop Rodriguez in round two, however, Vargas was deducted two points for hitting Rodriguez when he was down. Vargas took over after that, flooring Rodriguez again in round seven. Rodriguez’s corner didn’t let him come out for round eight.
Em1 3606
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In a clash between unbeaten flyweights, 2020 Olympian Yankiel Rivera (5-0, 2 KOs) took a hard fought ten round unanimous decision over Andy Dominguez (10-1, 5 KOs) in a clash for the WBA and WBC Continental Americas titles. Rivera won the first eight rounds, but was rocked badly in round nine. Scores were 99-91 3x.

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  • That was some good stuff. Congrats to both fighters….Kudos to Rivera manager for putting Rivera in against a tough fighter….both will grow from this, fight to watch

  • Why wasn’t Vargas disqualified for hitting Rodriguez while he was down? Bad call.

  • Bergas needs to win convincinbly, canelo is desperate waiting for the results so, he can announce on monday that bergas will be his next opponent for a 5 de mayo beatdown! It is worth the beating he’ll receive in mexico for a couple of millions vs risking losing to a handyman for 50k here in the US and droping in the rankings to the very bottom.

    • Smh. Picking a kid that’s still wet behind the ears instead of a seasoned pro like himself to solidify his legacy as a person who took on all comers? Berlanga did win and is still non-deserving of a fight with canelo. Experience level is too far apart. Perhaps that’s the choice that would keep you at ease since Benavides or any legit 175 pounder would be a disaster for canelo.

  • Canelo should be really fighting is Benavidez by reports is fighting for the interim ibf light heavyweight title but wouldn’t complain if it is Berlanga Morrell jnr or Munguia but I bet he pick other Charlo brother

  • Berlanga….not ready for top level competition…needs to tighten his defense…open for many counters McCrory could not..did not..throw the counters…more athletic at the top level….those counters will come with intent….may not be popular comment but if I can see it ….so can Berlanga next opponent….Berlanga not ready…glorified sparring session with guy in there to survive….Get better

    • Agreed. The snap isn’t there yet. It’s weird. He’s not pushing his shots, but there not launching either. 168 is the borderline in terms of speed and snappiness. Above that, the technique changes. I think he might be better off with a new system or a serious tweaking of his current team. He wasn’t physically impressive either. Perhaps conditioning?

      • Damn…Pete…You said something that I was thinking but did not want to say… Berlanga needs to make an adjustment in his corner…

  • It was an expected outcome! On Monday, canelo will announce that berlanga will be his next opponent for 5 de mayo in mexico! Benavidez, munguia and charlo pose a higher risk therefore, a low risk high profit fight its the berga fight! Canelo couldn’t have it any easier while he waits for the saudi arabian crown prince as he gains some interest in the canelo vs benavidez fight and to make a $100 millionoffer! Canelo is a businessman and he know the arabians will sooner or later make a juicy offert. Right now they are busy with the bivol and ngannu fights.

  • Berlanga enters the canelo sweepstakes with that sensational win . Sarcasm but half true, unfortunately. That’s the sad state of boxing .

    • I highly doubt Canelo will choose Berlanga as his next opponent, but Berlanga should jump all over it if he does. Berlanga and his team still consider consider him in the developmental stages, but this maybe as good as it gets for him. Take the loss, the experience that comes with it, and the nice payday and rebuild from there. No shame in losing to Canelo

  • Berlanga has to step up now, no more fighting nobody’s. Was good to see him get the KO but his opponent was limited.

  • I saw nothing from berlanga. What I laugh about is that Puerto Rico claims to be it’s own nation, but as soon as shite hits the fan begging united States for help, but it’s boricua???? Anyways, predictable outcome even though I hoped the Irishman put hands on berlanga.

    • Berlanga is another media creation. The most impressive performance of the night was the matchmaker. Finding a guy who is 18-0 and can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag is an amazing accomplishment. Andy Cruz better stay out of the way of Abdullah Mason. Another Amateur Cuban hype job.

  • Berlanga might be the most overhyped fighter I’ve ever seen. He has a bunch of no names on his record and his skills are very, VERY limited. If he didn’t have power we wouldn’t even know his name. I really hope Canelo doesn’t pick him. Would be an insane mismatch. No matter who Canelo picks it’s going to be lame. We all know it won’t be Benavidez. I bet it’s going to be the other Charlo sister. Another meaningless fight.

    • Berserker… understand your position…but in my opinion that is the extreme…Berlanga needs to mature..into a very good fighter…He may have hit a ceiling…and off the hype…of his earlier work.. stopped developing his skill set …whereas we see in another young fighter like Jamie Munguia tremendous growth and development…Munguia stepped up his competition therefore Munguia is on a different level than Berlanga and you can see where Munguia will continue to grow and improve…. Berlanga has skill…just not developing at this point…reminds me of the younger version of Ray Mercer….had skills but raw…as Mercer ages and worked on his craft that includes tough losses…Mercer latter became an above average fighter…gave Holifield and Lewis fits… Berlanga time to reevaluate….

    • You might be right but Jeremy Williams comes to mind also. I think by now most boxing fans know that Berlanga is fools gold.

  • I was a bit suspicious when Berlanga was signed by DAZN, but its obvious to me that they are trying to bait Canelo for a big money fight before they toss him. For now, they will continue to try and find stiffs with glossy records to keep the hype train running. The bar for this guy is Steve Rolls. Anyone as good or better than Rolls will probably beat him. I agree with the Pacheco fight and I believe a fight with Munguia would tell us exactly how much heart this guy has.

  • Good win for Berlanga but it was not a spectacular victory thaterits a Canelo fight, but boxing politics had this fight as a title eliminator so by rule I guess it’s acceptable even though I don’t like that match up
    Canelowould destroy Berlanga and I don’t think Canelo would want him either as Berlanga would not generate big money of the clash
    Berlanga vs Munguia though that is a salivating bout that would merit the winner a chance of being a possible opponent for Canelo
    McCrory was game at best but his style was perfect and tailor made for Berlanga
    Not entertained but respect to for fighting

    • MRob3…in my opinion….Munguia will destroy Berlanga faster than Canelo….Berlanga just not there…nothing wrong with that…

  • Killa King, Puerto Ricans are descendants of Taino and Arawak Indians (Indigenous people) who are no longer full blooded due to 500 years of European(Spanish) enslavement and destruction to their land, culture, rape of DNA and resources through 500 years of migration that includes slaves brought from Africa. “Boricua” is the phrase created out of the mixture of those cultures that they now are. Most poor island nations in the Caribbean were a creation of the colonization of white Europe and when the exploitation was done, they were forced to fend for themselves. Haiti for example, defeated Napoleon and the French in 1804, but to this day is taxed heavily by the French for the deed and remains in sheer poverty and never ending debt to their oppressor. Yes, we do realize that white nations have a lot of power that white males thoroughly enjoy, however, let’s not exclude the factors involved in the acquisition and maintenance of that power. I guess the favor from the US to PR for acquiring the “territory” from a war with Spain in 1898 was to make them a territory; they have mineral deposits such as oil, natural gas, copper, nickel and strategically help the U.S military geopolitically by having bases on the island. Having said that, Puerto Rican women are badass!

    • Killa king I n9t talking about race he s talking about economy and politics and PR belongs to USA because USA sponsored PR in 9rder f9r you to survive

    • DMV, Thanks for the “his story” lesson, but like always with the exception of two times, you missed the point. Are you growing a resume to be a DEI director? Another falsehood in America. Just a clue, all races, all ethnicities have been enslaved at some point in the world’s history. No race no ethnicity has a monopoly on this contrary to popular belief. In fact, it still occurs to this day, but it has another name, it’s called human trafficking, please do not tell me that only certain races are involved. Last note: do you see the word in the beginning? Human? Yes, that’s what we all are before anything else.

  • mr. berlanga , have you ever heard of “earning ” a title shot or beating a contender , or at least fighting a good fighter ? But watch him get the canelo fight before benavidez because that’s boxing, that’s politics .it’s like i commented earlier, “on the sad state of boxing .

  • Berlanga is so overhyped, I think David Morrell should hire his publicist!

    Berlanga reminds me of Nigerian heavyweight hype job, King Ipitan, who had a glossy undefeated record till he got destroyed in one round by the “Fighting Hillbilly” Bobby Crabtree. Ipitan was fortunate to have had the late, great publicist, Michael Marley, as his manager.

  • Berlanga gotta take higher quality opponents I don’t think he can beat any top 5 like Munguía canelo morrel mbili Benavides etc but at least try a better opponents to see what he is made of

    But as for right now he has not impressed me at all

  • Berlanga is a dirty fighter who doesn’t deserve the payday, but I can’t wait for him to get smoked. He’s slow of foot and hand, mediocre with defense and his power is way overrated. Couple those deficiencies with a weak mind and you get the a guy who will probably go out on a DQ against the top dogs. So…as much as I want to see this garbage taken our, I won’t spend a penny for it!

  • Canelo couldn’t have it any easier! Bergas will be a low risk high gain earnings! Canelo can easily make 35+ million while bergas can make his biggest paycheck yet 2+ million! It’s way better for bergas to take a severe beating in mexico on 5 de mayo for that kind of money versus losing against a handyman for a 50k paycheck! So, its a win-win for everyone!

  • Canelo couldn’t have it any easier! Bergas will be a low risk high gain earnings! Canelo can easily make 35+ million while bergas can make his biggest paycheck yet 2+ million! It’s way better for bergas to take a severe beating in mexico on 5 de mayo for that kind of money versus losing against a handyman for a 50k paycheck! So, its a win-win for everyone! Canelo should only take a high risk fight against the heavyweight benavidez if the saudi arabians offer the 100 millions purse which they will cause they are big spenders! Wise move on canelo. Screw the critics, canelo is on his mid-30’s and not much left on the tank so, he should make as much as he can while he can, like money mayweather! He accomplished everything a boxer can ever want in a lifetime and has nothing left to prove! No matter what the critics say, people will still buy the ppv and or watch the fights on the firestock anyways!

    • Tigre…This is a gladiator …one fight can end career or worse…next fight not guaranteed….bad risk for Bergas…good for Canelo but bad for Bergas..well maybe good if Bergas pulled a Charlo farce but don’t believe the public will fall for that again…

  • Guys look no further than the undercard concerning evaluation of Berlanga growth both Vargas and Rivera had tough opponents …in both fights Vargas was hurt and Rivera was hurt…yet they got through it.., Vargas and Rivera fought two tough guys and they are at the early stages of their career.,..both will only get better … real time competition at a very high level early…places the fighter at another level..while the learning curve is high…Berlanga just fought a guy that seems as if he was afraid to engage…and you could see if only McCrory threw counters …well could have made things interesting… Berlanga needs a cue from Vargas and Rivera…needs better competition to increase the skills…

  • berlanga fits the mold as the “perfect” opponent for the “scavenger/vulture like” canelo. ahh , boxing .

  • After some open, deliberate, full-blooded blows direct to McCrory’s nuts were easily Berlanga’s best punches, the ref should have thrown him out of the fight. If Canelo Alvarez fights Berlanga with the same ref, he’d better switch the ref, or soak his nuts in a bucket of brine for six months first.

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