Shakur retains; Conceição dethrones Foster

Unbeaten WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson (22-0, 10 KOs) scored a workmanlike twelve round unanimous decision over Artem Harutyunyan (12-2, 7 KOs) on Saturday night at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Stevenson stood his ground against Harutyunyan, using his speed and boxing skills to pull away to a 119-109, 118-110, 116-112.

Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Olympic gold medalist Robson Conceição (19-2-1, 9 KOs) dethroned WBC super featherweight O’Shaquie Foster (22-3-1, 12 KOs) via controversial twelve round split decision. Foster outworked Conceição in a slow-paced fight, but judges scored it 116-112, 115-113 for Conceição, 116-112 for Foster.
Robson Bleeding
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Unbeaten WBC #3, IBF #4, WBO #5 lightweight and Olympic silver medalist Keyshawn Davis (11-0, 7 KOs) dominated Miguel Madueño (31-3, 28 KOs) over ten rounds. The game Madueno battled hard to the end, but Davis was too fast and two sharp for him. Scores were 99-91 3x.

Another impressive performance for lightweight phenom Abdullah Mason (14-0, 12 KOs), who knocked out veteran Luis “Popeye” Lebron (20-6-1, 13 KOs) in round three. Mason dropped Lebron twice in round two and the bout was waved off after more punishment in round three. Time was 1:18.

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    • Lucie, I think you said that it was now or never for Robdon during the weighing of I’m not mistaken. I guess it’s now. Good for him. He’s been there a couple of times but just couldn’t get it.

      • I didn’t think he deserved the win, Peter, but who cares what I think. He got the decision and you’re completely right: It was SURELY his last chance and he made the most of it.

  • Mason must continue staying grounded and moving forward with good boxing victories. Mason is off to a very solid start.

    However, similar to Stevenson, Mason has to also stay alert when opponents throw those short, quick, linear right hands.

    I will keep my eyes open for this fighter.

  • Mason brought the heat and looked impressive. Davis dominated, but Madueno had some moments. Didn’t like the fact that Davis seemed to be committing the same fouls as Madueno, but they were catching him. He gave him good rounds against a different type fighter. Like those combos by Davis. Respect at the end.

  • Davis earned a wonderful victory against a super tough Madueno. Madueno presented Davis with power punches, high pressure, rough housing and a great chin – a solid test for Davis. Davis’ jabs to Madueno’s gut/head were real solid. Madueno needs to use his jabs more to set up his bombs, but he will continue presenting issues for any fighter.

    I want to see a little more conditioning from Davis because I wonder what would have occurred if Madueno has 12 rounds.

    A very nice win for Davis. Davis must continue staying grounded and staying hungry for future boxing glory.

    • E man … excellent eye…good post….Davis clearly was very good in this fight….though Madueno did present a few problems….Madueno when very physical with Davis was able to get off….Madueno was able to just roughhouse Davis and get good work in..and Madueno has a nice chin…Davis was dominant but Davis …it was clear …by Davis constant falling on the ground…getting pushed around…just getting roughhoused…Davis was kinda of wilting.. that can be exploited by a well trained fighter….Madueno ..if he has the temperament could have made this a very interesting fight…good win Davis…now get back to the gym….the other Lions of the division was watching this fight…

  • I the word “robbery” is an overused term in boxing…. but Foster just got robbed. No doubt about it…. I have no idea how Conceicao got that decision.

    • Conceicao fought with more commitment, pressing the action in a very boring fight, and his effort was rewarded, despite the obviously biased commentators that were portraying Foster like a misxture of Nicolino Locche and Floyd Mayweather. Well done, Conceicao!!

      • I didn’t see it, Burucho. I saw him coming forward but I didn’t see him landing much of anything and certainly nothing with power. He virtually never lands with power anyway because he slaps so often. But it isn’t his fault, he isn’t is a judge.

        • This was one of those fights where it’s hard to get too mad because it just wasn’t a good fight and neither guy imposed himself…. Or frankly, neither even tried to impose himself. I thought the decision was wrong, but it’s hard to justify anything Foster did as a fight winning strategy.

    • His aggression vs foster doing nothing. Foster should fight so judges don’t make decisions. Instead he’s boring and terribly unentertaining

    • I disagree with you Lucie on this one. Foster played the tune of defense first, pot shot second. Conceicao won that fight on effective aggression solely. I would not want to see a rematch, but I know we are getting one. Makes the roach fight look better and better. Winner of Valdez/Nava are probably drooling after this outing too even though conceicao got a draw with Nava.

      • How is it “effective” if he isn’t landing anything? I could accept it if he was landing hard shots but he wasn’t. Foster landed the cleaner punches and outlanded him which points to non-effective aggression from Robson.

        • He pushed the fight. Foster laid back and showed how to shoulder roll all night. Effective aggression is one who is dictating the pace of the fight. You trust compu box numbers? I don’t. Not saying conceicao was a world beater tonight, but he clearly landed the telling blows. Either way it was a crap fight. Foster did not put on a clinic as stated by the top rank biased fighter announcers. Also, I found it quite funny that every right hand conceicao threw was blocked or partially blocked as told by the announcers. Especially when I saw it land and his head went back from getting hit. You saw it your way, I saw it my way that’s my opinion. You have yours. Good night.

      • How is it “effective” if he isn’t landing anything? I could accept it if he was landing hard shots but he wasn’t. Foster landed the cleaner punches and out landed him which points to non-effective aggression from Robson.

      • It was definitely aggression but I don’t see the effective part of it. He was coming forward and pushing the fight but he wasn’t landing anything of note (he was throwing slapping punches like he always does) and, sure, Foster wasn’t exactly blazing himself but, at least in my opinion, the cleaner, harder punches for virtually the entire fight, were coming from Foster.

        Conceicao got dropped, twice I think, by Nava and got a draw in that fight and I remember thinking Nava had just edged it with the two knockdowns, but I think he did much better in that fight than he did in this one.

        I do agree with you that I wouldn’t want to see a rematch but I don’t think either Nava or Valdez are in a rush to fight Conceicao. He had the draw with Nava, a lot of people think he beat Valdez. I think he’s a difficult fight for either of those guys.

        • Yeah, Conceicao still has a style suited for amateur scoring. That’s right, I forgot he fought Valdez when Valdez tested positive. That was a debacle. He definitely did not fight like he did when he fought Nava. Conceicao is just one of those fighters that’s in close competitive fights because he doesn’t have that one punch power, but throws a bunch of punches and is in your face. Good day.

    • For real , people dont understand Defense is a huge part of boxing. If you cant cut off the ring & find the openings thats on you !!


  • Robson won
    But the broadcasters deceived people with their comments
    If you watch the fight again with not volume then you will see that Robson won the fight
    I saw concenciao winning the fight

  • I saw Robson winning the fight on his agressiveness. Sure he did not land a lot of clean punches but to some judges his activity level would be enough. Foster, for all his great defensive skills, did not do enough offensively. The way that the Top Rank, I mean ESPN announcers, heaved praise on Foster was like he was the 2nd comming of Floyd Mayweather. They watched the fight with Top Rank glasses on. Problem is Foster did not hurt Robson. Foster did just enough not to lose but should have at some point stood toe to toe with him. Robson threw wild punches, arm punches, straight punches and body punches. To me, he just wanted to win more.

  • Horrifying decision. Worst I have seen in many years. Had Foster up 11-1 and was being nice. This is why people give up on boxing.

    • Kirk, you had Foster up 11-1? Then you need to attend “how to judge a boxing match” seminars. Like 10 of them. It was a clear 115-113 decision for Conceicao and I wouldn’t argue 116-112. Foster needs to learn it’s “HIT and don’t get hit”, not just simply “don’t get hit”. That was a well-deserved loss.

        • Griffiths, get out of here. It’s a chat board. People chat. What are you on here for?

          • I’ll get out of here when you pipe down and stop harrassing people.

    • Who gives up boxing? The more the decisions get bad, the more curiosity people have. True boxing fans never give up but casuals often do.

  • I’ve got the Armenian pitching a shutout so far. He’s doing great bodywork.

  • Shakur is getting booed in his own crib. Fans are walking out in droves. Wow!

  • Shakur is so dull, we have now reached a point where people would pay NOT to watch him.

  • Shakur has impressive defensive skills but he needs to throw a bit more, try to entertain the crowd because that was pretty boring. Got the people leaving early.

  • I gave Harutyunyan the first 4 rounds. He dictated the pace and did some great work to the body. Arum should let Shakur walk and focus on prospects like Abdullah Mason, whom I say beats Shakur right now.

    • Nordic,
      So he was close to beating Shakur then? With 4 early rounds in the bank, it could’ve been a draw or a Harutyunyan win? Just want to know..

      • I thought Harutyunyan won at least 5 rounds, but showed little power. Stevenson landed numerous low blows and was warned several times. Neither fighter was hurt.

  • Thank you shakur for helped me to fell asleep from Round 4 to round 9 ….i have not sleep well in the last 2 weeks because my insomnia problems
    Thx again shakur sleeperson

  • Shakur should fight Tank, the runner. When the bell rings, Tank will run across the ring and kick the shit out of him.

  • An immediate rematch seems like the reasonable thing to do. Let’s see if one (1) or both fighters make any adjustments.

    I have to now ask if new school referees have a different approach than old school referees. I fear the new school referees may look for fighters who display ineffective punch volume/ineffective aggression over fighters displaying their fast twitched styles to hit and not get hit – especially if further supported with clear punch stat numbers.

    I hope this sport does not get reduced (or “dumbed down”) to ineffective aggression/ineffective high punch volume over a fighter hitting and not getting hit. As previously summarized, I wonder how the stats looked for that fight.

    I hope fans and referees do not apply MMA, microwave approaches to boxing. Robson was aggressive with wide, pushed punches like a drunk uncle (with pressure), but his actions were not effective.

    Let’s hope there is a rematch. Besides, if no rematch, Robson will only get KTFO against Navarrete or Valdez.

  • My thoughts on this card:

    1. ESPN has the worst announcement team in the history of boxing. I mean they are bad. They make DAZN look like 90’s HBO. Tim Bradley in particular was terrible tonight. He was a great boxer but unfortunately that has not translated to great commentator. ESPN should kick him to the curb and bring Ward back.

    2. Mason and Davis are solid up-and-comers. I can’t wait to see them fight Floyd Schofield. Throw Ashton Sylve in the mix and you have the fabulous four. I still think Schofield is the best of the lot but that will need to be proven in the ring.

    3. Foster LOST that fight. I predicted Conceicao by split decision before the fight and it turns out that was right on the money. You don’t win fights by playing defense 90% of the time with NO COUNTERPUNCHING. I am sick and tired of judges rewarding these guys for making the other guy miss and doing nothing more. That is not boxing. It’s HIT and don’t get hit, not just simply “don’t get hit”. There are many more “winners” out there who should have losses except for generous or corrupt judges. Haney vs Garcia and Lopez vs Ortiz come to mind. Also Stevenson vs De Los Santos, a clear loss for Stevenson. Speaking of….

    4. Stevenson wins another boring decision. When your hometown boos you, you know you are bad. Buckwheat tried to get a stoppage but when your Sunday punches are more like sundaes it makes it difficult. That “I’m him” on the back of his trunks….had to be referring to the most boring “fighter” around these days. Put him in there with William Zepeda. The ‘punching machine’ would place buckwheat in his most entertaining fight ever as he gets beat pillar to post in a lopsided decision loss if not a flat-out knockout.

    • No one cares about your essay telling people how they should view tonights fights.

    • Seriously, ESPN’s commentary crew just gets worse every fight. They are so blatantly partisan that it dominates very narrative of discussion. On top of that, it feels like their punching stats are ruthlessly terrible. We saw the same thing last week with Lopez and Claggett. They spin a tale with poorly created punches landed statistics that simply don’t seem representative of the fight.

      I thought Stevenson won fairly and by a decent margin. But the commentary making him look like he was the only guy fighting was absurd.

  • I had Foster winning 11 rounds, that was perfect display of championship boxing, been a hardcore fan for 52 years, seen them all, that’s a top 3 in the robbery department.

    • Yes, it was a pretty nasty robbery. Robson worked hard, but hard work is not the same as effective work. Foster outboxed him easily over the distance. horrible judging.

      But, foster gets a lot of hate because he is so talented, he beats veteran elites like robson with such ease. certain demographics of fans want to see him get beat up and struggle in the ring and fight wars. they get mad that is able to win fights on just pure skill. of course that same demorgraphic of fans are the same ones to overpraise lomachenko for winning decisions with his hi tech boxing skills. goes to show you the kind of people who watch boxing.

  • Glad to see the boxing universe restored to temporary order. The boxing universe picked a fighter (Stevenson) who applied fast twitches; hitting and not getting hit; and by clearly winning punch stat numbers.

    I was worried the referees would have also given a gift to Artem’s ineffective aggression/ineffective punch volume.

    Stevenson better show caution with his borderline punches (if not low punches).

  • I cannot believe there are people on here that thought Foster got robbed. You guys all need to attend “How To Judge Boxing Match” seminars so you can understand the true meaning of “Hit and Don’t Get Hit”. I haven’t felt this satisfied with correct boxing judging since De La Hoya had that goofy look on his face when the decision was announced after blowing his lead against Trinidad by running like track star for three plus rounds.

    • Why are you posting about this over and over again? You shouldn’t harrass people because others have their own opinion. It’s almost like you have an agenda.

      • GRIFFITHS! Get a life, clown! Who do you think you are, the FightNews chat police? You sound like a Joe Biden voter. You sound like a liberal democrat with your whining and crying. Get out of here with that sissy non-sense.

        • I’m not the police of anything but your are cleary harrassing people for attention because they don’t share the same views as you.

          The fact you had to bring politics into an unrelated conversation shows how much you are seething.

  • I too felt foster lost that fight. He won the probably three of the first four rounds, but went into a defensive shell. He was pot shotting and clearly conceicao won that fight on effective aggression. I question compu box numbers and the announcers that were so tilted in Foster’s favor. Would not want to see a rematch, but probably there will be one.

    • Compubox can very easily be manipulated. That I agree with 100%. The problem is many fans take their statistics seriously despite that fact it’s two people pressing a button to tally whether a punch lands or not.

      Conceicao/Foster is just another example of how promoters and TV networks control narratives by using emotional behavior. Tessitore, Bradley, and company really went over the top with their “outrage” tonight.

  • Shakur? A little better this fight, but not by much. Hartem won more rounds than given credit for on two cards, but at least Bradley was honest about him throwing more punches. Shakur needs a new trainer, it seemed that all he did was question or argue with his grandfather. Like he was almost belittling him. In fact, he didn’t even listen to him. I think his handlers need to have a heart to heart conversation with him and put him in his place. He has skills, it’s obvious, I still don’t like him, but I could definitely see a much better fighter emerge than what he has been showing. I still say, it would be a classic fight if he ever gets tank because of their contrasting styles.

  • If the crowds are booing it’s your job to make them stop and start cheering. Looking vulnerable to draw out big names? No one is going to pay to see a boring fighter.

  • Biased commentary as usual. Kreigal sucks, Can we bring back Andre Ward? I didn’t see all the rounds, but I didn’t see Foster doing much but playing defense and landing a shot here and there. The commentary made it seem so one sided. It wasn’t. One guy was pressing the fight. Maybe it wasn’t effective, but obviously the judges thought so. This defense first mentality can lead to these types of decisions. Beware.

  • Shakur looked pretty to good, but where was the counter punching? Combinations? Didn’t see enough variety. If he had more variation he could score knockouts. Fights in only one gear

  • The judges in the foster fight should never be aloud to judge a fight again foster won that fight easily it was’nt even close

  • The only my one who impressed was Mason
    But he has to stop fighting street corner guys
    I hope his next fight be against a good quality oposition boxer

  • foster shoulder roll not enough to get the decision concarcion came to fight he was the more agressive fighter maybe foster gets a rematch

  • Mason KOs Davis but im sure their promoters were never let em hang and fight these two

    Foster was robbed holy crap now this was a legit robbery
    and Shakira well i have yet to be able to stay awake during one of his fights i mean its a guarantee its going the distance he has great skills but looks to steal points wins and doesnt “fight” basically hes a glorified amatuer boxer that has yet to fight a dangerous opponent i mean he will talk but he absolutely will not sign to fight Loma or Zepeda or for damn sure Tank aka prime Tyson Davis i mean damn Shakira go train with Antonio Margarito learn how to wrap your hands to get KOs or at least make them flinch a little……

  • Sorry but who wants to watch much less pay to watch such boring fighters. Shakur and Foster are not helping themselves with their performances. They are definitely very skilled but If you want to call yourself the best you need to perform like it. Pit bull Cruz would have run through Artem. Step it up boys you are losing fans quickly

  • Shakur is a very talented defrnsive fighter.
    My recommendations he should try to argue less with his corner/grandfather and try to implement his recommendation during the fight.
    It was obvious that he was not happy, he was leaving his corner to fight with time to spare

    • I saw that too, Tai. I commented on that above. It was like he had no respect for his grandfather. He needs a new trainer and probably needs to get back in with Crawford’s camp. Definitely a good fit.

      • @Killa it was kind of weird.
        I don’t forsee them together for much longer.
        If I am the grandfather, I would not want to be his trainer.

        • I concur, somebody needs to sit down and have a heart to heart with Shakur. Especially about putting punches together.

          • I agree, I believe he could of Ko his opponent, but his lack of concentration and whatever were the issues with his corner prevented him from executing.
            I hope is not his ego, but somehow, I think his ego in part was responsible for what transpired in his corner.

  • Shakur maybe a boring fighter but so was Floyd Mayweather for most of his career. There were many early Mayweather fights that were nearly unwatchable because of his defensive style. People love knockouts, but that’s not necessarily what boxing is about. Shakur doesn’t need to change for anyone, he just needs to continue to build his game. Boxing purists will appreciate him, even if he isn’t as exciting as a KO artist. The idea that any boxer needs to transform their style just to please fans however, is ridiculous.

    • Johnathan York, that’s not true. Go watch Floyd’s fights when he was at 130. He had a very strong offense and had lots of stoppages. Stevenson is nothing like him. He is so bad he makes Mayweather look like Mike Tyson. Even purists are going to find him unwatchable. He doesn’t have to become a brawler. Just use his tools and actually box (hit and don’t get hit and that includes throwing combinations) instead of just defending 97.8% of the time. I felt he lost the De Los Santos fight. He was so bad in that one there is no way he deserved the decision. Floyd Mayweather at 130 would have stopped De Los Santos in 6 rounds.

      • THANK YOU : was just gonna post about Mayweather @ 130 & 135..he was NOT a boring fighter then ; once he moved up (140 lbs & 147lbs) he became “boring” !!

    • Especially his early fights?

      What are you talking about?

      He was 20-0 with 15 ko’s (9 in rds 1-3) before steady movement up through the weight divisions taking on bigger and bigger guys.

      I hear a lot of this stuff about Mayweather and do not know what fighter people are referring to.

  • Foster fight may have been boring, but an easyW. Feel bad for the kid, he got robbed bad.

  • Stevenson is just not impressive. Technically sound, but I believe when he faces a boxer, puncher like someone like Tank that undefeated record will be gone. Also after that Foster decision I’m all in on AI judging. That was criminal. And I mean seriously criminal

  • The right man won the fight last night. Robson Conceição won fair and square. And if you don’t like what I am typing, too bad, Cupcakes. Foster needs to grow up and accept his loss like a man. Stop being a delicate flower cry baby.

  • Whomever don’t think Foster was robbed either blind or both blind and crazy! They should fire all three judges even the one who gave it to Foster, because it was to close. They all suck

  • Conceição was the aggressor and won because of it, but Bradley gaslighted viewers so hard. Glad the judges validated what my eyes were telling me.Shakur is a snooze fest every time.

  • Shaq didn’t put the guy away. You the champ ( past tense now )show your skills.
    He reminded me of that p***** style of boxing of throwing a few punches, admiring your work & letting the other guy hit you while you stay against the ropes. Although most were blocked, it still doesn’t show that your there to fight. I guarantee you the next time they meet his corner will tell him “bombs away & stop with the pitty pat punching.

  • Where does inflated-ego Shakur go from here? He was blasting his own promoter, Top Rank, in the televised, pre-fight interview. Shakur’s fighting style is not very marketable. What promoter will pick up a guy who gets booed in his own hometown? Matchroom should invest in their fighters Boots and Bam; PBC in Tank and Benavidez; Top Rank in Monster and Abdullah Mason; and Golden Boy in Vergil Ortiz and Charles Conwell.

  • >