Real Big Baby vs. Merhy weights

Jared Anderson 250.9 vs. Ryad Merhy 235.6
(WBO Int’l and WBC USA heavyweight titles)

Jared Anderson Vs Ryad Merhy Pose2
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Efe Ajagba 241.2 vs. Guido Vianello 244.5
(WBC Silver heavyweight title)
Efe Ajagba Vs Guido Vianello Pose (1)
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Robson Conceição 131.6 vs. Jose Guardado 131.5
Julian Delgado 159.3 vs. Juan Tamez 159
Ruben Villa 125.6 vs. Cristian Cruz 125.1
John Rincon 143 vs. Yainel Alvarez 143.5
Abdullah Mason 134.6 vs. Ronal Ron 134.7
Charly Suarez 131.8 vs. Louie Coria 131.7
Jalen Walker 131.2 vs. Alejandro Guerrero 131.8
Ali Feliz 219.1 vs. Anthony Woodson III 280.2

Venue: American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
Promoter: Top Rank

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  • That’s one of Anderson’s heaviest weights ever. Either he’s taking Merhy lightly or he’s planning on really pressing that size advantage.

    • I don’t know Lucie, but I’ve been told that smoking weed gives you the munchies. Just saying!

      • Yeah… that could definitely be where the extra weight comes from. I don’t think he wins, but maybe Merhy can land something of a warning shot on Anderson. Maybe put him buzz him or put him down, help him get his head right.

        • The extra weight might actually be a preventative measure. He’s been dinged a few times and would have been stopped if the opponent was live. Maybe the camp is experimenting with the weight as a shock absorber. Without nad educated jab, life in the division will turn into a nightmare as soon as he goes up to the next level.

          After this win, he could go against Miller for the WBC Baby Rattle title.

          • Hey, what’s happened?
            I thought the two babies were likely going to meet in the San Quentin exercise yard?

      • “I’ve been told that smoking weed gives you the munchies.”
        – And that’s exactly why it is prescribed to cancer patients who are on chemotherapy and have no appetite.

  • Yes Jared weight is high worried Merhy is tough he beat Yoka by out working him Jared shoots body shot and this fight over go round and we have a fight

  • Ryad Merhy, I am begging you. Give the world a present and drop this chump. I hope Merhy wins, and fks Jared “Candy Ass” Anderson up.

  • I bet 200 on Guido +550. Efe is one dimensional. That might still be enough to get the job done but how could I resist the odds on someone named Guido?!

  • 250.9lbs is a good weight for Anderson to start his training camp for a televised fight..

    • Agreed. Something must be concerning to Anderson’s camp about his development. He is definitely taking the slow train to the top. It almost feels like his handlers want to play alphabet games and find a way to make him a mandatory. There are so many attractive fights out there that could be made. Merhy- who is a live dog- isn’t one of them. Ajagba would’ve made a lot of sense at this point in time.

  • Provided Anderson wins tonight, would love to see him fight the winner of Agit Kabayel vs. Frank Sanchez bout.

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