Plant: I’m here for those belts

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Undefeated IBF super middleweight champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant held a virtual media workout Wednesday ahead of his highly anticipated 168-pound title showdown against unified WBC/WBO/WBA super middleweight champion Canelo Álvarez taking place Saturday, November, 6 live on SHOWTIME PPV from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Caleb Plant

“This is personal for me, but every fight is personal for me. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this sport and dedicated myself completely, so anybody who’s getting in the way of my goals makes it personal to me. No matter who it is.

“There are a lot of things that I possess that are going to give him issues in the fight. Every fighter says this is their best camp, but I am honestly saying that. I’ve had no injuries, amazing sparring and I’m ready to rock.

“I have a lot of respect for this sport. I’ve dedicated myself to this sport and sacrificed every day. I want my name in those history books. November 6 is a big step toward that goal.

“I have a big opportunity ahead of me. I haven’t taken any shortcuts in my training. I’m prepared physically, mentally and spiritually. I’m just locked in.

“There have been some guys who lost before the bell even rang against Canelo. I think that’s why he’s so irritated with me. Some guys just come in and are there to hand over their belt, get their check and leave. Anyone who knows me, they know I’m only here for those belts.

“I’m grateful and appreciative of this opportunity. But I’m not here focusing on building my name, I’m here for those belts and for that win. That’s all I’m focused on.

“He says the first few rounds will be tough, but I’m saying all the rounds are going to be tough for him. He’s got a tall order in front of him. Me and my team are focused and ready. I’m just encouraging everyone to tune in because it’s going to be fireworks.

“This is the best shape I’ve ever been in. You have to train like a world champion, even before you are one, and that’s what I’ve always done. I’m peaking at just the right time. The moment isn’t going to be too big for me. The closer we get, the smaller the moment feels.

“It’s been a long journey for me and my dad (co-trainer Richie Plant). Those tough moments made me the fighter that I am now. I have a great team behind me and we’re all ready for November 6.

“Camp has been great. Sparring has been pushing me hard. I’m just looking to finish out this camp. I can’t wait for the first bell.”

Justin Gamber, Plant’s Co-Trainer

“The mood is calm in camp. We’re cerebral and collected. To us, this is just another fight. It’s a big fight, but still just another fight. We train the same way and make our small adjustments, but the mood is calm.

“We’re putting the final touches on training and fine-tuning a few technical points in our game. We’re making sure we solidify the game plan.

“The physical attributes Caleb has over Canelo will make a difference if we use them the right way. There have been a lot of guys against Canelo who haven’t been able to use their attributes. Luckily we have the skills to use our height and reach the right way and I expect Caleb to do that on fight night.

“I’m excited about the challenge going up against Eddy Reynoso. He’s a top coach and I respect what he’s accomplished. I look forward to the challenge.

“When you have two alpha dogs in the same room, it’s not going to be calm. There’s always going to be clashing. It doesn’t surprise me. It’s not personal on the teams’ ends, but these are two Pitbulls and they’re ready to go at each other.

“In my opinion, our team is the best team in boxing. Every person on our team is a great asset. They’re all the best at what they do. Chemistry and camaraderie are extremely important when it comes to teamwork. We all get along great and it’s a great environment for Caleb to work in. It’s going to show on fight night.

“Caleb has always stepped up when the time came. He was an underdog in the Jose Uzcategui fight. The lights and size of a fight have never been too big for him. It sounds like Canelo is hoping that’s going to affect him.

“The more on the line, the more Caleb steps up. That’s how it’s been since we met and that’s what it’s going to be on fight night.

“Representing Nashville means everything to us. We want to put Nashville on the boxing map. To have an undisputed champ from Nashville is so important to us. That’s what we’re planning to do November 6.”

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  • Plant will need to use that overdrive feature in his own engine of a body and run it at max RPM in order to beat Canelo. Plant will be pushing himself the whole fight to keep up with the stalking and hunting style of Canelo. I don’t think Plant has enough power to keep Canelo off him. Canelo I am sure is wanting to make a statement in this fight by stopping Plant. Simply a reminder to everyone he is a viable force in boxing. 🙂

    • Agreed, Scoob.
      I’m hoping that this is a good fight.
      I’m not rooting for either one.
      Take care.

  • Plant will have his moments during the early rounds, but during the 2nd half of the fight, h*ll has no fury like Canelo’s body shots and constant pressure.

  • Plant will have his moments during the early rounds, but during the 2nd half of the fight, h*ll has no fury like Canelo’s body shots and constant pressure.

  • Now that I think of it.. I’ve never bought a boxing history book. I wonder if they sell an updated one. They should have a boxing book that explains the fighters history and records.. also all the big fights we’ve had that year. It should come out every New Years I’d buy it when it first comes out. Even though I can Google things.. still it’d be cool to have a book like that if you’re a boxing fan

    • You may have a look at The Boxing Register or The Boxing Record Book. These were published every year for years but not sure if they have been discontinued.

  • Canelo is surely the huge favorite over Plant but as a boxing fan there is nothing more exciting than the last man who holds the missing belt for him to be undisputed champion. In short, this one has the making of a remarkable fight in boxing history, so stop overthinking whoever wins we will just enjoy this blockbuster show guys.

  • I would love to see Plant win but he has no chance. Plant has the skill but has no chance of winning a decision. He lacks power. Mayweather took Canelo to school and got a split decision. What chances will Plant have at winning a decision? ZERO!

  • Plant say’s he respects the sport but acts and talks like a low life before a mega fight, if he lasts more than 3 rounds it will be a miracle, Canelo is also taking this fight personnel and believe me that means Caleb is in serious trouble, his skills are basic at best. Canelo beats this fool down.

  • Anyone recommend a free firrstick app to watch the full ppv card? Or a Kodi addon?

    • Kodi 18.5 w/Xennon built in is what I use on my firestick.
      You can download this app using “Downloader”.
      Take care.

      • Gary on the newer firestick it had me load Kodi 19 matrix. I will see what I can do.

        • Johnny:
          – Do you have the FireStick 4K?
          – Have you watched any PPV yet?
          – If Kodi 19 matrix does not do it for you, you should be able to download any Kodi app.

  • This guy will have an excuse when he loses, even if he is knocked out. He is always running up his fat gob, and yet claims he does not say much, bit like Dillian Whyte in that.

  • Plant is full of it. He’s no match for Canelo. Canelo will take his time, while Plant runs. When Canelo gets his timing, boom, it will be over. Plant won’t last the distance. Canelo is too smart, too crafty, too strong, and too explosive for this unabomber bearded good ole boy from Dixie.

    • No offense to the South, as there are many fine people who call that region home. Plant does come off as an arrogant good ole boy though. I’m expecting Canelo to show him what it’s all about.

  • I makes me laugh when the “Alternate/backup” gets his shot and claims hes the best when in reality, he forgot he was an alternate to the best.Plant should consider himself a very lucky man. He gets a shot that most fighters dont get and thats fighting for all the belts. Truth be told, he only gets this shot because he was in Canelos path. If Plant really wanted all the belts prior, he wld have worked his ass off and fought all the champs for them as Canelo did.


  • Unless Plant can box the perfect fight for 12 rounds,I just can’t see him beating Canelo.
    He’s not knocking Canelo out-just doesn’t have the power to trouble him so, he’d have to have a great gameplan and execute it to the letter with no mistakes for the distance(whilst under constant pressure!)

  • i don’t care who wins this one but in my opinion it won’t even be close.. Canelo will beat him and stop him mid-fight ; hopefully i’m wrong with my prediction and that they will give the fans a good fight..

  • >