Oscar De La Hoya opponent named

Ring legend Oscar De La Hoya, 48, will take on former UFC champion Vitor Belfort in an eight-round exhibition on September 11, likely in Las Vegas. The Triller PPV event will be the Golden Boy’s first appearance in the squared circle since facing Manny Pacquiao in 2008. Belfort, 44, was last seen in an MMA match in 2018.

Interestingly in the opening odds from BetOnline.ag, De La Hoya is the underdog!

Oscar De La Hoya EVEN (1/1)
Vitor Belfort -140 (5/7)

Note: “This is an exhibition fight. Winner will be graded only by KO, TKO, DQ due to referee stoppage OR an official winner by decision rendered at the venue. If goes distance and no official winner, all wagers will be No Action.”

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  • Looks like the man is back and will be great for boxing! Probably wants a fight with Mayweather looking forward to the comback.

    • He was absolutely great for boxing in his day. You would be hard-pressed to find ANYBODY with a better list of opponents than ODLH. The dude fought everybody, so I totally respect him for that. Hopefully he hasn’t blown his money, as so many boxers tend to do. BTW, I would have to disagree that ODLH’s comeback at the age of 48 will be great for the sport.

      Dana White on Oscar De La Hoya’s comeback: “Cocaine Isn’t Cheap, It’s Expensive”

      • He mostly fought fighters coming up in weight. He could beat those guys off of his talent, but when he fought guys his own weight he could never win.

        • True statement. Most people don’t know S&^% about boxing. He dominated early in his career the lighter guys, but when he moved up he started losing.

        • He kicked Chavez’s ass twice and took his status, took his woman and his belt.

    • Last thing in the world boxing needs is two (in boxing years) old duffers, regardless how great they were, huffing and puffing around the ring embarrassing themselves.

  • The man is back? Come on Ace. Another delusional fan. Nobody cares bud.

  • Oscar beat Mayweather ring post to ring post and was robbed. He was destroying Hopkins until the bodysuit. A rematch with Mayweather will be talked about in ppv history with Holmes Conley and Sugar Ray Duran. Oscar is still the man deal with it.

    • Mayweather fight was very close and maybe could have gone either way. No way that Oscar dominated it.

    • Is that why Oscar admitted to losing to Floyd and called him the best he’s ever seen? That why Floyd beat everyone on the Goldenboy roster? Including Canelo?

  • Oscar was great in his prime but now he has been out of boxing for 13 years. It’s interesting how all the boxers want to fight UFC guys. Keep thinking one of them is going to meet up with the UFC guy with a chin who can throw a shot that will take them out. Anyway now that Covid is in check I’m more interested in real boxing. # Golden boy we love ya but please stay retired

  • I had Oscar winning against Fraud Gayweather when they fought that time & DLH was far past his prime at that point. However I think in this circumstance, nobody is interested in seeing it; especially when you’re facing a non-boxer.

    • Obviously you love Mayweather. People like you prove why he is truly is TBE. Retired 6 years and gets mentioned fight that has nothing to do with him.

    • Who cares what you had, obviously you are not a judge ! another FLOYD hater tight, get back to your sofa !

  • You know Mayweather truly made his mark the way his name keeps coming up. He has nothing to do with these fights. You guys are still upset that Mayweather keeps WINNING. And you wonder why Mayweather can still make $50 million a fight fighting anybody. He’s still the face of Boxing.

  • I have no more interest in seeing De La Hoya back in the ring than I do in seeing a pimple on the butt of an elderly school teacher in some remote region of Nigeria. Mr. fishnet, panties, and high heels, was about as good as Carlos Palomino, but the media made him a darling, giving the appearance that he was better than he was. Shane Mosley was better and showed him what it was all about, and he avoided some dangerous fighters he didn’t have a physical advantage over like Vernon Forrest.

    It just doesn’t sit well with him that Floyd Mayweather is not only more successful and more accomplished in the ring, handily beating him and his boy Canelo in the process, but Floyd is wealthier and STILL making more money. This is really a thorn in his neck.

  • I would not ever pay a dollar nor dime to any of Floyd pay per view matches. Woman beater and just plain irrogant.

  • It is a shame that Floyd has set the template for hustling the boxing public. Who really needs to see 2 geasers at Caesar’s in a ppv exhibition. Tyson, Jones, Chavez, who will be next Boomboom Mancini? There is plenty of money in boxing, they should leave it for the young fighters who put their lives on the line. And not rob the public in a meaningless exhibition. I am sure Lela Ali and Anne Wolf are considering their possibilities! Lets not make the square ring wrestling.

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