Murat and Bösel ready to do it again

European light heavyweight Karo Murat handed Dominic Bösel his first defeat via eleventh round TKO back in July. They will meet again on December 16 in an SES boxing event at the Stadthalle in Weißenfels, Germany. Here’s what they had to say at their kickoff press conference:

Photo: Team SES / P. Gercke

Karo Murat: “The first fight was a very good one. I said that I would win the title and I did. I also expected respect after the fight. But that didn’t happen. The fight didn’t go the full rounds so Dominic has no idea how it is to be against me for 12 rounds. He has false hope that he can win but it’s not possible to improve technically in a few months. For me it’s simple. I’m so happy to fight again. It’s just another stopover. I want more!”

Dominic Bösel: “It’s unusual to be the challenger, but it doesn’t bother me. The loss to Karo Murat was painful and he had his best fight in years. I paid him my respects for this, even though he claims otherwise. I wasn’t really fit in July, therefore after the third round made some technical and tactical errors. A lot went wrong in the run-up, I was repeatedly sick – a cold. But the rematch will be different.”

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