Luis Ortiz: Wilder tactics illegal/borderline criminal

Heavyweight Luis “King Kong” Ortiz, who challenges WBC heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder in a PPV rematch on November 23, has accused Wilder of using illegal tactics in their first fight. “I think that some of the things that Wilder did and the antics that Wilder does could be dealt with differently this time around, the illegal things,” said Ortiz during a conference call with reporters.

“Blows that he throws with the inside of his fists, punching down from the top of the head down and all kinds of craziness that he does, which makes it very difficult to get settled in any fight and quite frankly should be illegal and BORDERLINE CRIMINAL!”

When asked about Ortiz’s allegations, Wilder stated, “You know I have never heard of that so I think that he is being sarcastic. Only thing that’s criminal is me hitting people with the right hand and almost killing them. That’s the only thing I can go with.

“As far as in the ring I don’t know what can be criticized. I would love to know myself to be honest.

“I want to know that because if it’s something to tear me down or something like that, then that will make me even more motivated towards Ortiz if he’s trying to try to tear me down after I have blessed him twice.

“I would love to know what he meant by that. That could be good for raising my blood and make me want to even more hurt him more than what I want to do now.

“So he needs to clarify that for me before I take it the wrong way. We know when I get mad, it’s over with. It’s over with. So right now I’m mutual with him. I’m very respectful. He said thank God for me, I blessed him a second time. A second time. A second time ladies and gentlemen, when I didn’t have to.

“So I need that clarified or I’m going to take this the wrong way and I’m really going to want to beat him down!”

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  • Not completely original but still a good narrative to sell the fight :))

    Regardless, I am looking forward to this fight!

    • Wilder’s freakish power is an equalizer to his lacking boxing skills. One crack and that is all it takes to level the playing field in a fight. However, this is boxing and having freakish power is part of a winning tactic. I still think deep down inside when Fury felt Wilder’s power he himself is very leery of a rematch knowing the potential endgame could be head trauma. Wilder knows Fury can frustrate him and teach him a lesson on boxing skills.

  • “want to even more hurt him more”? Wilder is o.k… Hes got some pop but that otherworldly power talk.. Is just talk. He’s struggled with even half decent fighters since he stopped fighting walmart night stockers.

    • I don’t think he’s got Shavers type power, but the problems he’s had in fights has nothing to do with his punching power, but with his very limited skill set. He’s probably the hardest puncher in the division, but if he can’t land those wild punches then he can’t hurt anybody.

      • Lots of those punches are straight and well thrown. And some are windmills, but don’t forget about the straight ones. They are for real.

      • What??! He’d murder shavers and I love Earnie! He has knocked out every pro he’s faced including the 6”9 265 lb fury

    • You clearly don’t know boxing that well. Even the greats like Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis and even Mike Tyson who’s no fan of Deontay Wilder, talks about his power as being special. And when you say struggled, who are you referring to? He’s knocked out everyone he’s faced except for Tyson Fury. Does that sound like struggle?

      • He was losing on points vs a lot of guys. That’s what they mean by struggling. There is some truth in this even if Wilder knocked all of them down…

      • He really knocked fury out too! That’s why fury is talking about fighting Miocic in a ufc boxing match and wrestling. He don’t want none of that monster

    • Hom many times has he defended his belt? How many times did Tyson Fury defend his? Thats right, zero? Lol

    • He’s knocked out every single pro fighter he’s faced and when he was fighting not so good guys he was a new pro himself

  • Wilder’s boxing skill is half descent to mediocre at best. Although he is improving every fight, he still isnt an A side fighter IMO. That power he has though is unheard of.. if he catches Ortiz again, he will drop him over and over. No denying that

  • Lets see where to start Wilder does throw wild shots that sometimes do land on the back of the head we all know that. However the final uppercut Wilder landed that ended the fight I believe he held Ortiz as he threw that shot.

    He also held Spilka with his left hand before landing that right hand that ended the night. So yes Wilder does use illegal tactics in there.

    • Ortiz is right with the fist punches that Wilder throws and those punches behind the head as well. Considering Wilder’s style and the fact that he is a tornado at times, it’s like those fouls are not seen that much, but they are definitely there.

    • He didn’t hold either! He touched them both with the left then threw the right. He wasn’t holding

  • Lol both these guys are stupid silly especially Wilder with his constant self flattery talk about murdering someone and putting someone in a box. Truth is Wilder is only one punch away from getting seriously injured himself. He seems to wilt quickly when he’s tagged and so far he’s had luck on his side but it will certainly run out on him

  • Anyone with the most elementary boxing brain knows that deontay Wilder throws illegal punch after illegal punch in a fight. The shot that he stopped Ortiz with was an illegal shot. It is because Wilder never learned how to fight correctly and doesn’t have a real trainer who can teach him. In addition, America has the most corrupt commissions on Earth with referees that do not enforce Marques of Queensbury rules

  • Ortiz has a chance, not sure how illegal Wilder can be now that it is on his mind. Maybe Wilder will try to KO Ortiz quick so we don’t get to see illegal punches. I’m not sure how illegal Wilder can be. Wilder gets pumped up for fights, and he doesn’t lose. Even if he really lost to Fury, the 12th round kind of made up for it. Wilder figures, if he had a round 13, Fury would have gone.

    • —Tyson got up and pounded him into ropes til the final bell.

      Deyonce dearest knows he’s on borrowed time now.

  • He has a point. Holding and hitting at times, clearly illegal. Though we sat through a decade of Klitschko leaving the jab out there, measuring and a few god awful years of John Ruiz and his hugging routine.
    Wilder has used some illegal tactics but goddamn some of those wild right hands are legit and you cannot possibly discount that power. He’s pretty ripe for a solid boxer to work him over, too bad the HW division is just lacking that kind of depth right now.

    • Totally agree man. Well, even if the heavyweight division had great talents in there, it’s not like the best would necessarily fight the best. That’s a problem that keeps increasing.

  • Illegal shots are counted when it is avoidable or intentional. Fighters who throw wild shots often land oddly, but they are not seen as illegal since they are thrown and often land in bad spots because the other fighters dont stand still and duck or turn right before the shot lands.

  • One of the factors that separates professional boxing from amateur boxing is illegal tactics. While in the amateurs is just a medal what is at the stake, in professional boxing is the future, a load of money, fame, a better life. That is why a professional boxer should learn how to apply these illegal tactics and deal with them at the same time. If a boxer can’t do this, there is big chance he will look like a fool when other successfully apply them on him. There are countless examples, like Lennox Lewis against Michael Grant or Amir Khan vs. Zab Judah. So, IMO, Ortiz is too old to be crying about this and should be able to deal with it.

  • I take this as Ortiz making excuses and maybe trying to get into Wilder’s head. When a fighter says something like this, I can almost 100% say it’s due to having mental doubts. Coming back from the crushing KO he received in March 2018 is going to be very tough. Heading into the rematch, he knows that Wilder did it once and can assuredly do it again. Unless he can catch Wilder with something big in the first round, I see this as a much-easier-than-the-first-time-around (similar to the Stiverne rematch) stoppage for Deontay within 4-5 rounds if not sooner.

    • Agreed body! I think wilder took the fight because he knows its an easy win.. Or expects it at least.

    • It comes from frustration. We can clearly see that Wilder threw a punch behind Ortiz’s head that led to a Ortiz knockdown with the second punch of a 4 punches combo by Wilder. I am sure that Ortiz was pissed off about that punch when he was on his knees through that knockdown.

    • Jody, I tend to agree with you, but it’s worth noting that Luis Ortiz at his worst is still light years better than Stiverne. Plus, we can’t necessarily assume that Wilder is always better in rematches, because as far as high profile he’s had only one.

      With that said, I still think Wilder will get the KO done sooner. I think 5 rounds or less is spot on. Father Time never loses and I just dont think Ortiz will be better this time around and then couple it with the psychological issue and it could be ugly.

  • How is punching with the inside of his fist, which does nothing but help Wilder break his hands easier “borderline criminal”? Ortiz should want Wilder to hit him with the inside of his fist. Wilder’s never hurt anyone with those slapping punches.

    I liked Ortiz before this, but this is some real punk bullsh*t he’s. I hope Wilder destroyes him quickly.

  • Wilder’s punch power is not all its cracked up to be.. And his talent is limited at best which makes him a compromised fighter. Hes athletic and big but he’s raw, doesnt learn and hasnt come along and shown that hes become polished the way most top shelf fighters do. Usyk and Hrgovic both beat him. And ruiz may as well

    • Yep totally agree. Tyson would have destroyed him. As well as Ron Lyle, George Foreman, Bonavena, Shavers, and a myriad of other heavyweights. Don’t know where their getting this all time stuff.

  • I wondered why he took so long to come out with this? It could be because the rematch opportunity depended on him keeping his mouth shut or maybe he’s saying it now to make Wilder think more and not be so affective.
    If the latter then I wonder if Wilder will get another helpful referee.

  • If King Kong is looking for his excuse, well he’s got it now. And in some ways he is foolish. Look he knows that Wilder makes some very basic mistakes, so why not deal with it and put him to sleep? Ortiz thinks that by making these excuses the public will forgive him when Wilder K.O’s him earlier this time. The truth is Kong is aging and it’s been showing in several of his fights. Did he have Wilder on queer street when they fought, yes, but what did he do about it ? Nothing, so this rematch is about what? Money, because he knows no matter how much of an amateur Wilder looks like, he also knows that this is perhaps the only hwt that can K.O you anytime in the fight, and very few of the real punchers of the past can say that. Expect Wilder to stop Kong earlier than the 1st fight.

    • The fight wasn’t about Money. Wilder is a true champion that wants to clean-up the close controversial fights he had. Ortiz and Fury, except Wilder already knocked the fury out of Fury and is scared now. Nobody else would fight Ortiz so don’t sit here and downplay him now.

  • Wilder is the hardest punching heavyweight of all time. Even if you scaled him down he would be up there with the likes of Julian Jackson, Tommy Hearns. A 215 ibs Tommy Hearns is flat out SCARY, I wish Ortiz good luck he will need it….

  • Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder is the #1 p4p king. Tyson Fury was regarded the best Hvy, outweighed Wilder by 60lbs+ and got stretched and refuse to get back in the ring with him. He denied the franchise championship belt. He’s a real standup champion while the so called top p4p guys duck the dangerous fights and except protection franchise belts. Wilder spoke up against it. He knocks guys out!!! If your a real boxing fan, regardless of race, you would support this man and what he stands for. Im ordering and telling all my friends and family to support this fighter

  • If Wilder hit him with the inside of his fist and knocked him out like that, he should thank his maker it is not a closed fist, or he might become that “body” that Wilder says he want on his resume.

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