Kovalev, T Pulev make weight

Kovalev Pulev Weighin

Sergey Kovalev 196.5 vs. Tervel Pulev 197.5

Kubrat Pulev 248.5 vs. Jerry Forrest 233
Evan Holyfield 153 vs. Jurmain McDonald 153.5
Emiliano Vargas 133.5 vs. Mark Salgado 133.5
Fernando Vargas Jr. 151.5 vs. Terrance Jarmon 148
Amado Vargas 130.5 vs. Anel Dudo 128.5

Venue: The Forum, Inglewood, California
Promoter: Triller Fight Club

Weights from Newark, NJ
Charlo, Castaño make weight

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  • I just realized that Evander named his child after his alias as used in the Miami biolab: Evan Fields.

    Outside of the Kovalev fight, the card should be entertaining, especially for those who’ve been watching for 25+ years.

  • Kovalev might be a tad shot, but he is worth watching. I miss the days where we had stacked undercards. Imagine if we had Charlo Vs Castano..Ramirez in the co main. Boots Ennis after , and the Pulev brothers in the first fights? I’d pay 69.99 for it. The fans deserve it! Especially now.

  • too bad Pernell did not gain 75 pounds and fight Lennox. Kov shit the stick long ago when he allowed Andre to bully him. Gross.

    • He had to fight two of them that night and both were fighting as dirty as they could, Ward AND the Mafia Vegas referee.

  • Can’t see Kovalev going past 6 rounds, he just looks too small at cruiser and really looks old, All the best, hope he has something left.

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