Joyce insulted by underdog status

Heavyweight Joe Joyce has revealed he feels “insulted” by bookmakers who fancy him as the underdog in his upcoming battle with ‘Dynamite’ Dubois. Speaking to The Queensberry Lowdown, Joyce explained that the way he has been overlooked has left him feeling like a mere journeyman.

Currently, Unibet themselves have Daniel Dubois as the -450 favorite, while ‘Juggernaut’ is an outside bet at +300 to emerge victorious.

It is expected that the fight will be an explosive affair, too, with Unibet offering just 3/10 on the fight not going the distance.

“To be honest, I feel a bit insulted,” said Joyce, “the way the bookies have it is just crazy. It’s like I haven’t done anything and I’m just a journeyman.

“It’s like I’m the underdog.”

Olympic Silver medallist Joyce is confident the bookies have got it wrong and vowed that “people who bet on me will have a nicer Christmas.”

At 35-years-old, and with a wealth of amateur pedigree, Joyce believes his experience will be what gives him the edge over 23-year-old Dubois.

“I’ve performed at a higher level so that psychologically gives me an edge,” said Joyce. “We’ll see on the night if it’s going to be the young, hungry pup or the more seasoned veteran.”

Joyce received criticism for his physique earlier this year when he boxed Michael Wallisch.

Though ‘Juggernaut’ would come through that test with flying colors, advancing his record to 11-0 in the process, many fans and pundits questioned his career-high weight of 270lbs.

Any fears he may come in for the Dubois scrap equally chunky seem to have been allayed though, with a series of social media posts this week showing off his impressive abs.

Joyce didn’t reveal what he planned to weigh come fight night, but he did turn the tables on young Dubois by questioning his own increasing size.

Daniel weighed in at 231lbs for his debut in 2017, whereas when he took out Dutchman Ricardo Snijders in August at the BT Studios he was a whopping 244lbs.

“(Daniel) looks great. He looks hench mate, he looks massive.

“But it’s not all about size or how good your body looks in the boxing ring. He’s got big muscle mass, so it’s going to be hard to keep throwing shots.”

However “insulted” he may feel, Joe’s new slimline body is clearly a testament to the work he’s been putting in at the gym and he believes preparations couldn’t have been better as he readies himself to beat not just Dubois but the odds too.

“Camp has gone great and I’m firing on all cylinders.”

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  • If he is so sure should bet by himself for his victory. For me Dubois is clearly favourite. It is a question of speed.

    • I agree that Dubois is and should be the favorite, but the odds are far more skewed than they should be. This isn’t that far from a pick-em fight for me. Joyce is a good fighter and has always shown heart. He’s a live dog in this fight.

  • seems he’s actually taking the underdog status personally. Bookies odds are dictated by bets made

    • Factually, that is only part true and depends on the house taking the bets. In the US, most bets are paramutual where the bettors effectively are betting each other with the house taking a cut (like how a horse race changes odds with every bet). Some sportsbooks are different entirely, where the house sets the odds and effectively tries to overplay the favorite to inspire more betting on the underdog. In Europe, this is pretty common where the linesmakers hold the line. However, I have no idea how Unibet operates and I doubt they want to broadcast their methodology.

  • If Joyce feels that way then he better silence us critics by knocking out Dubois in dramatic fashion.

    • Well said brother…….Being the underdog should make him work harder to be the winner….

  • Both at the moment are in my opinion B class fighters who havent really fought “name” boxers and dont really deserve their rankings.
    Just hope its not a farcical result

    • Gary, these are two of the top prospects in the Division actually putting their “0’s” on the line and you say they’re no better than “B” level. I’m not sure either deserve to be rated in the Top 5 yet, but the winner certainly will. I’m not sure you realize how bad this Division is after the Top 3 or 4, but I’d consider the winner of this clash a live underdog against any Heavyweight out there beyond maybe Fury (and even he has shown to be fallable).

  • That’s that ego talking, and your ego is not your amigo! Joyce should relish his role as underdog and use it as motiviation to prove them wrong! There’s nothing boxing loves more than an upset! Besides, who the hell cares what people outside the ring are saying. Boxing is about showing and proving in the ring… knock your man out, walk up to one of your critics in the crowd, knock the hot dog and beer out of his hands, and say-“I told you so!” haha!

  • Joyce has the better class of opponents faced – this is definitely one underdog I may bet on..

  • Neither of these fighters are good. Very limited skills, too mechanical, technically simplistic in their combinations. Joyce tries to be mobile, but he’s strictly an arm puncher, so little power on his shots. Dubois is not a stationary target either. Dubois has more power apparently, but nothing near the devastating level of say George Foreman, so an early round KO is not going to happen.

    I think this fight is going into the later rounds, with Dubois outlasting Joyce. Joyce has no power to hurt Dubois, which will allow Joyce to attack him without fear of what’s coming back. Without the fear of what’s coming back, Dubois can unload his full power, and can hurt Joyce if he can catch up to him in the later rounds when 35 year old Joyce tires a bit.

    Dubois wins this fight by late stoppage or decision.

  • I’m going with Joyce on this one and I would like to see him get this one I can see the massive potential in Dubois and he is a future world champion no doubt on that one but my gut feeling is going for Joyce

  • I slightly lean towards a winner by decision to Dubois, but it could easily be a 50/50 fight in my eyes as well.

  • People are quick to rule out Joyce. I think that’s dangerous. Styles make a fight and Dubois is the hyped/projected favorite but Joyce is a pressure/come forward style fighter. Dubois will need to be prepared to be pressured the entire fight and Joyce is not going to fold by one punch. Joyce has been in with top level boxers and sparring for well over 5 years. All that without even stating the size advantage for Joyce. I would be nervous if I was Dubois as being the favored winner brings pressure however i think the underdog status will for sure fuel Joyce. My opinion is that this is not a walk in the park for Dubois.

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