Jermell Charlo Media Workout

If yesterday’s Jermall Charlo workout video didn’t compel you to buy the September 26 Charlo/Charlo PPV, maybe today’s Jermell Charlo workout vid will convince you to shell out.


“I’m excited and I’m ready for September 26. This is the time to prevail and for me and my brother to be the Charlo Twins. It’s time to be the best Jermell Charlo.

“Me and my brother have come so far together. It’s not just in boxing, but everything in our lives. We’re proof that all you have to do is keep pushing and trying. September 26 is the day that I have to make all of the time I put into this sport worth it.

“Fighting on SHOWTIME PPV is amazing. This is the one. We have a hard fight and that’s all we ever wanted. This is a great challenge for us to overcome.

“This is a different kind of media day, but the real fight will be different also. When you’re a real champion, you make those adjustments. I’m used to fighting in front of a massive crowd, so it’s really important to show that we’re giving our all every day for our fans.

“I used the pandemic to invest in myself and created a gym in my home. I’ve been getting in shape since it started. For this fight to be here in a week, I’m just more than prepared for it. I’m on weight and I’m hitting hard.

“I bounced back from that loss in 2018 last year, but there were still things I needed to learn and develop. We’re going to end 2020 with a bang. This is the Charlo show on SHOWTIME.

“All I’m doing is continuing to grow as an individual every day. We have to set our minds the right way and know how to roll with the punches. I’ve taken it upon myself to be even more dedicated and focused. Every time I feel pain, I think about all the other boxers out there pushing through pain. Now you see where we’re at because of it.

“I ended my last fight in the 11th round, so I’ve been able to finish in the later rounds. Everyone knows I can end the fight early too. Rosario got his chance and won the titles, but I always felt I was the best fighter in the division. When I’m at my best, I don’t see anyone that can compete with me. I always wanted all the belts, and I knew I was going to have to take them from somebody.

“After I lost in 2018, I told everyone that it just gave me jet fuel, and that when I come back, I’m coming back full throttle. That’s what I’m about. I have nothing to lose. I’m not letting him take anything from me.

“I’m even more dangerous than I was before. I’m an old school fighter right here. I’ve been dedicated to this game and I’m not going anywhere. Stay out of my way, because I’m the man trucking things.”

DERRICK JAMES, Charlo’s Trainer

“The focus from Jermell is higher than ever because of the magnitude of this fight, the opponent himself, and what’s at stake. He was already in great shape when we got to camp. So we’ve just built off of that from the start.

“We’re building off of the last fight. We’re reconstructing some things and he’s looking really good. He’s got his mind right and he knows that what we’re working on will help him in the fight.

“From the first time I started training Jermell, he wanted to be in this position. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. He wants all the belts, so it’s beautiful to see his dreams manifest. It’ll all come together on September 26.

“I like a smaller close camp anyway, so there haven’t been any problems with training during the pandemic. We’ve been able to keep a great focus throughout.

“Jermell is feeling really good. His disposition has been great. Not too serious, but very focused. It’s been amazing. People always say they’ve had the best training camp, but this is one I’ve really loved.

“I expect Rosario to be very dangerous. He’s a big puncher and he has a lot of aggression, but at the same time he’s got great boxing skills. He’s really a complete fighter. He just has to be the best Jermell Charlo and I know that this type of opposition brings that out of him.”

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  • The brothers will go 1-1.

    Sergiy Derevyanchenko will knock Jermall Charlo out in 9. I am sure Al Sharpton will lead some kind of BLM protest, and try to put the blame on President Trump.

    Al Sharpton is such a punk. I would rather see Sergiy beat Sharpton’s ass, or Obama’s ass, to tell you the truth.

    Jermell Charlo should win his fight. Likely by KO or TKO.

      • I think he’s referring to the politics of Boxing- showtimes decision to broadcast this fight at $79 is a political move. Only the privileged could afford such an exorbitant fee for what should be a free event. There are protests against those with privilege being held by those without. He may be making his own satirical protest by using Sharpton as his own straw man in the strawman type arguments that seem to be taking place everywhere but the boxing ring. When the bell rings it’s just one man v his opponent and sometimes one man v the opponent the judges the promotional team and the audience. Everyone deserves to be treated equally.

    • Your willing to make an off prediction just for a bad joke? Derevyanchenko will come up short again.

      • NJ, I agree with you. I think Charlo’s speed and movement will get him ahead on points. Ronnie Shields is a good trainer and will figure that recipe out for Charlo to snatch a victory.

  • There goes Jonathan again bringing politics into this boxing forum. Man I am convinced Jonathan likely got his ass kicked by some black or Hispanic kid growing up and now he is all grown up with a chip on his shoulder and angry that he couldn’t do shit about it…

  • I am very excited about 3 things that will soon happen.

    Sergiy Derevyanchenko knocking out Jermall Charlo.

    Jacob Blake being sent to prison for rape.

    President Trump defeating Racist Rapist Joe Biden. Putting Joe Crow Joe Biden to sleep, along with his stained Mattress Harris.

    • ok, your just screaming for attention. I remember this trait from young chics back in high school 🙂

  • Weird comments – Boxing and politics mix all the time – Manny Pac senator – Vlad Klit prime minister. All men are created equal. The fight and the election are yet to be decided.

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