Hunter confident of stoppage win over Povetkin

Heavyweight Michael ‘The Bounty’ Hunter is confident of getting a stoppage victory when he meets Alexander Povetkin in a WBA heavyweight world title eliminator at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on Saturday live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and DAZN in the US. Hunter (18-1, 12 KOs) has remained unbeaten since moving up to heavyweight in April 2018 and is currently ranked in the top ten with the IBF, WBA and the WBO.

Michael Hunter
Photo: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

“My style, movement and boxing IQ is going to be a problem for just about anybody, it just happens to be Povetkin who is the man in front of me,” said Hunter.

“I chose Povetkin because he is one of the toughest guys and I knew he would take this fight. I have no fear, fear plays no part in this. When I perform at my peak nobody can beat me.

“It’s going to be hard for him to beat me, I’m going to give it all I got. I want to perform at my peak and I hope to outperform everybody on this card and steal the show. I have got to prove myself once again. Whether you’re the underdog or the favorite, it’s all the same because I feel like I am the best fighter out there.

“I thrive on making guys quit so I’m definitely going to push for it. I’m always pushing for the KO. I’m a boxer first though and I’m certainly going to be boxing his shoes off! If I see any quit in him then I am going to take advantage of that.”

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    • I don’t think so.. Hunter is gonna win for sure.. I wouldn’t go as far as to say by KO.. But he Will likely win.

    • That would have been the case 2 or 5 years ago, unfortunately Povetkin is a shot fighter. He’s no longer the fighter he was several years ago.

      Hunter has, at the very least, a good shot a beating him.

  • Hunter may be accurate in his prediction. He has the tools to win, is younger, and has confidence. Povetkin is a good pressure fighter, but has limited reach from the outside. Hunter should capitalize on the jab early and rack up some points for a good lead. Povetkin has always been a dangerous fighter since he is a pressure fighter and is unrelenting with his style. However, as the rounds progress, Povetkin becomes repetitious in his punching and quite predictable.

  • this will be a tough fight for hunter, but i think he will wins, because of his youth,and speed. ALL AN ALL HE IS A DECENT FIGHTER.

  • Povetkin is really good, but at 40 is he good enough against the young Hunter. Maybe he has one good fight left in him. Look forward to this fight.

  • I don’t know man!! Pedvetkin will be roused up and ready to go! You know there’s no drug testing in Saudi Arabia ❤️ He’s going to be on donkey nut cocktail!

  • Pedvetkin is as good as Roy Jones Jr is currently. He’s a shot fighter. Klitschko ruined him. He’s not been the same after that fight. If Hunter wants to compete in the HW division then he should be able to KO this version of Pedvetkin.

  • No way this guy stops Povetkin. He may try and outbox him and hope for a decision win, but I highly doubt that.

    • Hunter may very well be B level. Luckily for him so are all the other top guys in the division.

  • Hunter has bitten off way more than he can chew in the torch-passing process. Povetkin has always been a shorter, scrappy heavyweight that relies on volume sprinkled with inside set-ups to break his opponents down. I simply don’t know that Hunter’s history and experience has prepared him for an even faded version of Povetkin.
    Povetkin is that inside, phone-booth fighting, shit-blood for a week opponent. Remember Vassily Jirov? No back-pedal. straight onslaught for 12 straight rounds. unless you have the ice-skates and counter-ability that James Toney did, you’re just another victim.
    Ask Joe Messi.

  • Povetkin is going to wake him up. He seems to be a talker, lets see if he can back it up.

  • same boxing iq here, every time…. how can you say this dude is favorite against Povetkin, I just can’t understand

    feels like watching Mayweather boxing channel

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