Haney, Prograis Quotes

WBA, IBF, WBO lightweight champion Devin Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) and WBC super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (29-1, 24 KOs) commented on their December 9 clash at Chase Center in San Francisco, live on DAZN PPV in North America and on DAZN worldwide.

Devin Haney: “I’m the real face of boxing. December 9. Legacy and money…on paper this is a tough fight because it’s my first fight at a heavier weight division. I’m comfortable with the plan we have. God willing, I’m going to be stronger and faster than ever. I’m going to dominate him, and the welterweight division will be put on notice.”

Regis Prograis: “Since my last fight they mentioned Devin’s name and that’s the only person I’ve had on my mind. I will not only beat him, but I will beat him up. I will hurt this kid. It’s nothing he can do that’s going to stop me from dominating. It’s going to be a massacre. Again, I will hurt him.”

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  • I’m pulling for Prograis! Haney has skills but no power. The question is whether or not Prograis actually shows up in good form. Haney is not as special as he thinks he is.

    • A raging Cajun is who I will be rooting for. When he loses to Prograis it will be his second loss in a row. Fighting in San Francisco could be dangerous just attending.

  • When a fighter is in his prime and feared because of his youth, skills, power, and ring generalship, he is called by other fighters only if he means a substantial paycheck; otherwise, he is ducked and avoided. Those days are long gone for Regis Prograis, and Danielito Zorrilla exposed that. Devin Haney and his team have not seen much danger in Prograis, but for sure they will avoid Subriel Matias and Teofimo Lopez. and after Prograis (assuming a victory from Haney), they might try to lure Rolly Romero for an unification fight or a title defense against Jack Catterall or any other low-risk fighter in the rankings.

    • True, burucho. I’m actually surprised they didn’t start off by fighting Romero. He has got to be the weakest title holder in boxing today. I know Romero is “apparently” hurt, so maybe that played into it. I don’t think they are afraid of Teo because he is very inconsistent when he fights, but given Prograis last fight it makes sense at this time.

  • I hope Regis just had an off night in his last fight cause if not, Devin will likely box his ears off

  • Nothing wrong with thinking that you are special. Trump reminds us 13 times per day of how special he thinks he is.

  • DAZN really abandoned the whole “No more PPV” for “almost everything PPV” this fight is not PPV material. Whole reason I canceled my DAZN subscription. ESPN+ is where it’s at for boxing

  • There is going to be a record challenging amount of holding, with the points deducted costing the loser the fight.

  • hahahahahahaha haney the face of boxing hahahahaha if Prograis doesnt Knock him out Teo will and you guys notice how nobody is calling out Superhype Ryan Garcia who would beat everybody at 140 now and he will school Stevenson if he wants the smoke as well

    • Prograis first big fight??? prograis fought josh Taylor

      Anyways … prograis by close decicion

    • Yeah, he is missing power and is predictable. Face of boxing, yeah as he got booed on the way out the ring last fight.

  • This is an interesting fight. Haney was actually born in San Francisco but grew up across the Bay in Oakland. Of course he now fights out of Vegas. I don’t know if Haney could really claim a homecourt advantage because a very large percentage of the black population in San Francisco and Oakland have roots in Louisiana and still claim a strong Louisiana identity. I would probably have to favor Haney in this one but it wont be easy. I too am pulling for who I assume will be the underdog, Prograis

    • Sorry Kris, you are wrong. The yay area is not even close to be linked to Louisiana. The bay area is militant and Haney will have a distinct home advantage. Truthfully, this area is all Haney, talk too much, racist, liberal, bunch of dim wit criminals they blame everyone and everything on oppression. It’s right up his alley.

      • The Bay barely claims Haney or even knows who he is. His entire career has been out of Las Vegas. As far as the Bay’s connection to Louisiana, you obviously don’t know your history. There is a very strong connection to Louisiana and San Francisco/Oakland. Brief history: During WW2, there was a huge migration of people from the south, mainly Louisiana and Texas, who came to San Francisco to work in the naval shipyards in Hunters Point. Even to this day, people come and go between The Bay and Louisiana. You just weren’t aware of it.

        • Listen pal, that huge migration you speak of is it going to translate into Mardi Gras for Prograis when he fights there? No. I doubt very seriously the naval yards of the Bay will hold any connection to him. World war 2 was eons ago. True. Haney has fought his career mainly in Vegas, but his dad is from Oakland. The Haney’s are exactly what Oakland is about in present tense. I do not dispute your history, I’m just putting it in perspective.

          • Killa King- No, it’t not like there will be legions of people in SF with roots in Louisiana there cheering Prograis on like they’re it’s an LSU football game, but he would have some support in SF. Haney was born in SF, grew up In Oakland, but is still completely unknown in the Bay outside of boxing fans, and a lot of them don’t even know he’s from the Bay. I am not a fan of Bill Haney. He’s not very popular in boxing circles and is known as kind of a psycho. Devon is at the age now where he doesn’t want to be daddy’s little boy anymore and doesn’t want him breathing down his neck at all times. See how that relationship unfolds.

          • My opinion, I don’t think so about Prograis having enough fans there. I still say this is a Haney alternate home site. Remember Haney will be the A side here and I’m sure they wanted it there. Come fight time we will see.

  • I wouldn’t write Prograis off just yet, Burucho. It’s possible he just had an off night the last time out, and I think Rougarou is going to be up for this one being it’s hismost career-defining fight since Josh Taylor. Haney will need to keep Prograis at the end of his stick and try to make it a stinker. If he doesn’t do that and Rougarou gets inside on him, it’s going to be a long night and a nightmare for “The Dream.” I’ll go with Prograis by either late-round stoppage or wide decision in a career-defining performance.

  • You heard it here first, not only will Haney win, but he will dominate, and the haters would creep out from under their rocks.

  • I am glad they made this fight. Both are among the top five in the 140 pound vision. At this point, I have to say that Lopez is the top dog based on his master class against Josh Taylor. I would want to see a unification fight between the winner of this belt and Teófimo.

    I did not, however, see this as a PPV-worthy fight. That is a disappointment. Hopefully, there will be a very solid undercard to justify the additional expense.

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