Claressa Shields lays out schedule

Shields Salita
Photo: Brad Snyder

By Brad Snyder / The Undercard

Claressa Shields held her open workout this afternoon at Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit with Salita Promotions and Big Time Boxing USA.

You were cageside at (Marshall’s) MMA fight. In a perfect world, is it boxing then an MMA fight? And how many fights do you want in boxing in a year and how many in MMA? Would the Marshall fight happen in MMA before boxing?

Claressa Shields: “Well, one, congratulations to Savannah Marshall on her MMA debut. I was really excited to see that. Most exciting fight I’ve seen in a one round women MMA fight. Once I fought MMA on February 24 and saw the Arabia fight, I reached out to Dmitry and had a favor to ask him. I want two boxing matches this year. I’m ready to be 20-0. I’m 14-0. So, my next I’ll be 15, and after that 16. I told Dmitry, let’s lock in two dates this year, then I’ll focus on MMA again next year.

“Just because Savannah won her MMA fight and she wants to fight right away, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to change up my life to fit her life. She came over to MMA to fight me. I went to MMA to get good enough to fight in the PFL World Championship. Hopefully to fight for the PFL World Title in a few years. We have two different goals. I can’t change up my whole schedule just because Savannah Marshall may need some money. That don’t have nothing to do with me.

“So, will the MMA or boxing match happen first? I don’t know. I just know that I have two boxing matches this year. My movie is coming out in December about my life with MGM Studios. After that, I’ll focus back on MMA. I don’t know when a fight with me and her could happen. But if she wants to fight me in boxing, we could have it scheduled. The money is there. Here in the U.S., we could make it happen.”

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