Canelo: I’m very upset

Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and promoter Oscar de la Hoya have issued further comments on social media regarding the IBF’s decision to strip Canelo Alvarez of the title.

Canelo Alvarez: I’m very upset and sorry for my fans, having been unfairly stripped of my belt by the IBF, but especially because I was never aware of the agreement signed by the GBP matchmaker…for my part, I will continue as usual, with discipline and desire to continue winning.

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya: I stand behind every single one of my soldiers during battle. Roberto Diaz is the best matchmaker in the business. Golden Boy has been the best and top promoter for a reason, it’s called loyalty, hard work, intelligence, and FAMILY.

It appears the IBF will sanction an October bout between Sergiy Derevyanchenko and Gennady Golovkin for the vacant title.

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  • OSCAR, it’s called CORRUPTION and we all know you stand behind, in front and over the CORRUPTION business!

  • Hard to fathom that Canelo would not have known he was inheriting a mandatory. Seem ODLH could be the new Don King. A law unto himself.

  • Not a fan of Canelo or De La Hoya. Canelo lost two fights to Golovkin and his presence stinks. De La Hoya stinks.

  • It’s amazing how these two are literally crying wolf. At the very least as despicable as Mr. King and Mr. Arum were and are. ODLH is worse because those men weren’t pugilists. Mr. De la Hoya and Mr. Hopkins should have always been the very opposite of how said promoters treated them.

  • Well they’re getting what they deserve. Delaho made it CLEAR that he wants to make GGG wait, and with that said now the real champ GGG will get his IBF title back shortly. Not that he lost anything, but he was cheated out of it with judges in Delahos pocket. As for for Canela, this is good, he is getting a taste of his own medicine. The two of them is one of the reasons that boxing has taken on the WWE persona. man we really need a federal boxing commissioner, and the WBC,WBA ZWZ,GFY,FFF must all be rendered to the garbage cans. Imagine how HAPPY Pascal was after winning the WBA INTERIM Lgt Hwt title? He would have been better off winning a box of Quack oats!!!!!

    • You wonder why they care about any of these belts-stop paying sanctioning fees and maybe we will get a federal commissioner who will oversee eight weight classes with one champion in each.

      • If you have one belt most boxers will never get a shot. 3 belts per division is good but none of these stupid diamond belt gold belt. It makes boxing sound stupid.

  • If you are not happy with GB buy your way out, if you go to another promoter (unless you promote yourself) they will not tolerate that you hand pick your opponents, they will demand that you fight real fighters at the right weight, you won’t be able to demand that fighters fight at the weight you demand.

  • This is the problem with boxing. In my days you fight for #1 and #2 spot the winner becomes the mandatory, and the Champ has to fight the mandatory no matter who it is or how much money is involved. The champions of today fight who they want when they want! Fans have to wait for great fights too far in between. When a fight that would have been great is now not as competitive because one or both fighters are no longer in their prime. Sanctioning bodies should not allow fighters or promoters to dictate who fights the champ and when they fight. This is why there are so many belts and so many so called champs.

  • I dont think many people actually care for canelo’s feelings.. Him and ODH is a farce.

  • You want to cry wolf now? After you were handed 2 wins in which you truly lost…

  • We know that title belts are secondary to GBP. Apparently, they may be just using this to avoid these 2 risky Canelo fights for Canelo, or at least postpone them, especially in the case of GGG, whose boxing aging is and will continue being an issue. Because of things like these, is that Canelo is not as popular, and in my opinion, not at the status of JC Chavez or Dinamita Marquez.

  • Did you guys watched those fights sober, because canelo at worst had a draw in the first fight and dominated the second by dictating the pace of the fight…..

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