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Looks like there is no live boxing anywhere in the world this weekend. 🙁
Some World Boxing Super Series news is expected shortly. We’ve been told that Season 3 is already underway in the planning. Let’s see if it’s an announcement about that. The series has produced some sensational matchups and even produced an undisputed champion.
Some boxers are able to continue to train privately in empty gyms during the shutdown. For those quarantined at home, the WBA has suggestions for exercises you can do anywhere.
Anthony Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn continues to needle Tyson Fury promoter Frank Warren by talking up a possible Joshua-Tyson Fury fight.
When asked by Sky Sports if he’d rather fight Joshua or Fury, Oleksander Usyk said, “I want to fight both.” Good answer.
Don’t let anyone tell you trash talk doesn’t sell. Who doesn’t want to see “Kingry” Garcia versus Gervonta Davis after their ongoing Twitter beef?

Warren: Is Hearn trying to steal the title?
WBC moves "Coffee Tuesday" online

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  • Usyk said he wants to fight both Joshua and Fury. Hmmm… Hope he realizes these boys are not inflated cruiser weights and they punch so much harder! Just like a test for school… Study hard because you are going to need it.

    • He’s likely looking for a payday, he would have 0% chance of beating Fury, and a slightly better chance against Joshua.

  • I don’t see how boxing, as well as everything else, is just going to recover from this. Every fight card over the next month and beyond has been cancelled! I like to see that future fights are still being planned and fighters are still calling out other fighters. The wheels are still turning behind the scenes!

    • This might benefit some sports, including boxing, once things get back to normality people might be starving for it.

  • German card last thursday not covered and this weekend I thought there was cards in Phillipines, Indonesia and a few other places

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