Allen wins, Jardon KOs Tomlinson

Heavyweight Dave “White Rhino” Allen (19-5-2, 16 KOs) returned with a second round TKO over journeyman Andrea Pesce (7-14-3, 2 KOs) on Friday night at the Ponds Forge Arena in Sheffield, England. Coming out of an 18-month retirement, Allen dropped Pesce twice.

In an upset, formerly world-rated Dante “Crazy” Jardon (34-7, 25 KOs) knocked out previously unbeaten local favorite Anthony Tomlinson (13-1, 7 KOs) in round nine of a welterweight slugfest. Tomlinson was a 10:1 favorite.

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  • I just watched this. Someone from Tomlinson’s team tried to punch Jardon after the fight. WTH.

    • Lucie, it was one James Butler wanna-be thug who did that shit. Read what I wrote below.

      • If that was a James Butler wanna be, Jardon is probably lucky the ONLY thing he tried to do was punch him.

  • Whomever the thug from Tomlinson’s corner is, he needs to be banned from the sport for life.

    Boxing is a sport. Not a prison / projects / being a gangbanging thug contest. I think the guy who tried to sucker punch Jardon should serve no less than 10 years (120 months / 3,653 days) in a prison cell. That is DISGUSTING. Remind me of James Butler (who sucker punched Richard Grant). An investigation into this super cowardly move MUST be done. It’s imperative. And in no ways should Anthony Tomlinson be punished over this. He did nothing wrong. It was his thug corner person that needs to be sent away for 10 years minimum.

    • Very nice. I finally got my red pants back. Very nice indeed.

      Now let’s lock up the thug who tried to sucker punch, Jardon.

  • Andrea Pesce, “You think I’m a funny guy because my first name? What else about me amuses you, huh? Am I here to amuse you? What makes me so effin’ funny?!”

  • >