Stevenson: I had bricks in my hands

Shakur Stevenson Victory
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images

Undefeated former two-weight world champion Shakur Stevenson secured his shot at the WBC lightweight title with a commanding sixth-round TKO against Shuichiro Yoshino on Saturday night.

“He felt my power,” said Stevenson. “I sat down on a couple punches and dropped him. Honestly, I wanted the ref to let it go on a little bit longer. I had just caught my second wind. I was going to put him out.

“Newark’s main name is the Bricks. And tonight, I had bricks in my hands. We did what we were supposed to do. We settled our business. And now we’re going to enjoy it with the family.

“Just tell all those other lightweights to get ready. I’m waiting for them. I can’t wait for them to finish the fights they’ve got going on, and then it’s my turn.

“Tell him [Devin Haney] to come on. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I swear to God. I’ve been waiting for that for a long time. Me and Devin been in the ring with each other for years. I always got the best of Devin. Tell him, ‘come on.’”

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  • Shakur’s is a sure fire-talent. I hope he stays disciplined as I don’t think that am the only one who can tell his high on _ _ _ _ in most of his interviews. Other than that this kid has what it takes to unify and maybe even take it further.

  • I like Shakur but he always reminds me of Reggie from the Nutty Professor movie.

  • well he looked great against an opponent that was not going to give him trouble with just a 50% KO percentage going up to 135 will not be easy plus he looked a bit slower maybe because he was trying to punch harder but for sure hes not going to give Tank or Loma any trouble whatsoever and he was clout chasing about claiming Isaac Cruz didnt want the fight its more of he was just babbling like superhype Garcia neither want to risk getting KOd by Cruz now lets talk about his weight and rehydration routine……..

  • If Tank Davis knocks out Ryan Garcia, which is highly probable, let’s see how well Stevenson does against Tank. Even if Stevenson wins the first 8 rounds, like Fundora last night, Stevenson might get KTFO in dramatic fashion. The year is still early. THAT might be the 2023 knockout of the year.

    • This is wishful thinking. Keep on underestimating this kid. Haney, Tank,
      Garcia, Rollie and Shakur have all sparred
      and Shakur know he is better than these guys. Time will tell. One thing Shakur have
      over these guys, He does not fear anyone
      of them.

  • Well, he’s awfully boastful after beating a guy who, realistically, had zero chances of winning.

    Shakur vs. Haney is a high level fight. Don’t know how it will play out. I think Shakur is the more natural talent and Haney is the more disciplined fighter.

  • The second the ref said show me something, I
    Knew there was corruption..Japanese guy was throwing punch combos in round 5 and he goes to corner to tell them he’s stopping the fight if he doesn’t do anything..round 6, guys still coming forward throwing punches , no marks face ..title fight ..then got ESPN commentary talking about stopping fight had no power in lighter ranks but now he’s a danger ti people’s health at 135? Trying to save shakurs career by creating some bs..ESPN, ref and arum all behind this..guy won’t win but ref can’t stops it in 6th with a guy moving up in weight, no power in prior fights ..Japanese took maybe 10% of clean punches Valdez took and that wasn’t stopped..Valdez had purple face from 4th round on ..thjs guy was clean

    • Finally SOMEBODY speaks some truth. 100%. Complete bullshit stoppage. Not saying dude would have beat Shakur, but that stoppage was absolutely horrible.

    • And the ESPN fan boys pile on all the superlatives about Stevenson who is feather fisted at best! But God knows, he needed that stoppage to make a “statement.” Total bullshit!

  • Time to take on some real competition. This was another gimme fight for Stevenson. Get in there now with the best, no reason to take another second tier fight.

    • If you know anything about Shakur and you don’t. Shakur has been asking for the big
      names guys for years. They don’t want to
      fight him. I am constantly hearing about
      his punching power. I don’t think there is
      a 135 pound fighter than can beat Shakur.

  • I hope he runs Haney, his hype man and most of all Haney sr. out of boxing for good.

  • The lightweight division is shaping up to be the best division in boxing along with the junior-middleweights, and welterweights, IMO. If you think Shakur’s style is boring, you just “don’t know shit about boxing”…from the late, great Roger Mayweather.

    • DMV, agree, or those that say his style is boring could not actually have watched the fight surely?

      • The showtime fights were 100% entertaining ..another garbage ESPN card ..thus belongs ESPN Friday night fights not Saturday nite championship least put fake big baby in With a guy like miller and that headlines card

    • As Michael Buffer says” Professional Boxing for your entertainment”. To the purist maybe but Stevenson’s style is as exciting as Rigondeaux’s. Not fan friendly. This is pro boxing, not the amateurs. Who would the casual fan rather watch, Inoue, Tank Davis or Stevenson? I think the answer is pretty clear.

      • I would rather see Shakur. He is a master
        boxer in the mold of another boring
        fighter Mayweather, who by the way
        was a feather puncher.

  • Shakur is looking like the best complete fighter of the new generation
    Of fighters that implement the Floyd style
    The Kid is too good that I hope he does not struggle to get big fights due to his style and effectiveness

  • Stevenson’s “opponent” was a guy anyone on this thread could of knocked out! And he’s bragging about “bricks in his hands.” What a joke!!!!

    • You are the joke. You don’t know greatness
      when you see it. You are going to be
      repeating this tired excuse for a long time.
      Why the hate? This hate reminds me of the
      hate Floyd Mayweather received when he
      ruled boxing.

  • Good job to SS representing NJ and bringing outside revenue to our neighborhood.
    I have buddies that work in the service industry in those surrounding bars and restaurants and they benefited. Amazing atmosphere at Prudential Center but things got a bit violent.

  • God none of these lightweights are likable. Stevenson, Davis, Garcia. They are all punks outside of the ring. I suppose Haney is the most likable but his dad can get a bit mouthy.

  • Like him or not, Stevenson is gonna be hard to beat. He’s perfecting a style, much like Mayweather did, that really limits an opponents ability to hit him or land more than one punch at a time. It may be as frustrating for some viewers to watch (as many Mayweather fights were) but it works and it’s hard to imagine anyone really challenging him at the moment.

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