Hitchins edges Lemos in IBF eliminator

In an IBF junior welterweight world title eliminator, Richardson Hitchins (18-0, 7 KOs) took a twelve round unanimous decision over Gustavo Lemos (29-1, 19 KOs) on Saturday night at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas. Lemos pressed the action non-stop, but judges preferred the work of Hitchins, 117-111, 115-113, 115-113. Hitchins earned a shot at IBF chanpion Subriel Matias.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Unbeaten super middleweight Diego Pacheco (21-0, 17 KOs) won a tactical ten-rounder over Shawn McCalman (15-1, 7 KOs). Scores 98-92, 97-93, 96-94. Pacheco retained his WBO International and USWBC titles
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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Olympic gold medalist Galal Yafai (7-0, 4 KOs) stopped Agustin Gauto (21-2, 15 KOs) in round eight of a hard-fought contest. Referee’s stoppage at 2:40. Yafai retained his WBC International flyweight title.

In a clash for the vacant WBC female featherweight title, Skye Nicolson (10-0, 1 KOs) scored a one-sided ten round unanimous decision over Sarah Mahfoud (14-2, 3 KOs). Scores were 100-90, 100-90, 99-91.

Unbeaten super featherweight Marc Castro (12-0, 8 KOs) outscored Abraham Montoya (22-6-1, 14 KOs) over ten rounds, 100-90, 98-92, 97-93.

Iimura halts Inoue, keeps Japanese 112lb belt
Murtazaliev stops Culcay, wins IBF 154lb title

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  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a dull fight in women’s boxing. Skye Nicolson is one to avoid…watching.

    • Maybe they could convince Shakur, a dull fighter to become Shakira and bring his boring fights to the female side, I mean isn’t that a thing now?

  • Terrible stoppage. Yafai is a pitty-patting punishment sponge, those are the fighters who end up with slurred speech.

  • I can’t wait to see Yafai get KTFO. I don’t like fighters that are not that good and fight with an arrogance like they are better than everyone else. One of the commentators mentioned Yafai vs Julio Cesar Martinez. Martinez will blast Yafai out of the ring.
    I’m calling it now, Yafai will get stretched out rather sooner than later.

    • Pan: What are you talking about? Was that man high or are we hearing something else?

      • Emileg59. im talkinb about when he was interviewed. you could tell he was stoned/drunk. as Marc said “He was googly-eyed”

    • We know Benavides like that coco. He doesn’t have a fight scheduled. So why call him a loser when he does his job very well and got Canelo running and hiding? He’s a winner!
      The only issue is his wife dressed as a video vixen and everybody around trying to pretend not to stare at her bare boobs in everybody face.

  • Horrible decision! Lemos pounded him from pillar to post!!! I’m here at ringside; everyone is pissed!

    • One judge had at 9 rounds to 3 in favor of Hitchins? That scorecard was clearly filled out before the fight and the judge went home. I had it 116-112, and it easily could’ve been worse. Lemos was bombing him early, and Hitchins only won a handful of rounds where there was very little activity,

    • Good stuff Nordic…you are our unofficial ringside reporter now..hope you are getting good memorabilia from the fights attended….in addition to the great memories….the fight was close…believe that a draw was fair..but a slight edge either way was not unreasonable….therefore outside of a draw.., Hutchins was given a minute…slight edge in that Hutchins just was busier…good fight

      • Sean, you know, I hear that word busier too much. Busier never equates to landing clean effective punches. Sure, if the other guy is running around the ring doing nothing, but according to others this was not the case. To me, it’s an excuse to rationalize the victory for the guy that should of lost.

        • Killa King that is just my opinion….I have no advantage to get at all…I have not receiving any form of compensation….I acknowledge that it could have gone either way…in fact many in this site noted a draw was fair…Not trying to rationalize anything…I do not have a reason to rationalize anything to anyone….THAT INCLUDES YOU!!!! But what I do have is a “RIGHT” here in this great country to be wrong…. Sir….and no one can take that anyway….I could very well be wrong ….that is my sincere opinion and that is what this cite is for…..

          • Sean, I hear ya! I’m not trying to chastise you or tell you that you should not have an opinion. Not at all. I’m merely expressing what I have seen and personally experienced. You are not wrong nor you are right, it’s your perception, it’s your side, whatever. When I hear those words about a fight that is what I think about it. That’s my take and if you differ in opinion then state your case maybe you can convince me otherwise, maybe not. No need to recite the constitution to me, I live in the greatest nation in the world, USA and well aware of the first amendment. If you haven’t noticed, I will debate with anyone especially about boxing. Until next time…….

  • Holy hell! I had Lemos winning comfortably. You couldn’t find a single judge that actually watched the fight? Unbelievable. There are tough decisions, bad decisions, and outright robberies. This one wasn’t close.

    • Actually, it was a close fight. Its only a robbery when the guy you wanted to win loses. Did you watch the actual fight? Lemos was getting tagged and was busted up badly. Lemos needed all types of attention while reading the scorecards. Sulaiman just did a post on this site about fans drinking beers and thinking they can score a fight and know better than the judges.
      Meanwhile, dont know $hit about Boxing. You only see your fav throwing punches. Lemos was the aggressor but was getting chipped up by a better boxer.

    • Actually, it was a close fight. Its only a robbery when the guy you wanted to win loses. Is not just about going forward throwing punches. Lemos did well but was getting tagged and was busted up badly. Lemos needed heavy medical attention while reading the scorecards.
      Sulaiman just did a post on this site about fans drinking beers and thinking they can score a fight and know better than the judges. Watch the fight again, on mute, while your sobber, and not so biased.
      Saying this was a robbery shows you dont know Boxing. Although the rounds were close, if 1 fighter edges the rounds than it adds up to a big edge in points by the end of the fight. You only saw your fav throwing punches. Lemos was the aggressor but was getting chipped up by the better boxer.

      • Cmon. I know boxing well. I had it 116-112. There were at least 6 rounds Lemos won comfortably. Even if the judges gave anything close to Hitchins, the best he could do is draw. I had no dog in this fight… but it was a bad decision. I am most certainly not alone in feeling it should have been a comfortable win for Lemos.

        And yeah, if you want to use Sulaiman as a reference point for fairness, you’re devaluing your argument.

  • Tonight another loud mouth little sh#$& was put on his place. Yeah, they gave the decision to Hitchins, but he’s nothing special, just another Rolly Romero. Lemos is a strong go forward guy, but he isn’t that good either and he want life and death with him. Like I said about Yafai, just a KO waiting to happen.

    • Boxingfan66: Lemos won this fight. What a freaking shame for judges to call that a win?
      What the hell were they watching? Hitchins grabbed and held all night and will soon get starched. Just you wait, and see justice is coming.

  • They need put boxing out of Las Vegas when steals fighter like Lemons tonight

  • Lemos got robbed. It was 114-114 at worse but 115-113 for Lemos seemed to be the right score. And Shields needs to be barred from future telecasts. DAZN doesn’t need clucking ducks cheerleading when they should be neutrally commentating. What a joke.

    • Shields a clucking hen, for any blck fighter, let’s be real. She was terrible.

      • Yes, her racism is shameful. Then again, racists like her don’t feel shame.

      • Pablo…. interesting though….I hear Mexican commentators cheering for Mexican fighters and I don’t think that is racist….nor have I ever complained…..I don’t see it as racism….just proud of the Mexican culture….nothing wrong with that….

    • that was my thought exactly when i heard Shileds commenting. SHE SUCKS!! PLUS she cheers for black fighters. never again please!!

      • In my opinion Shields….is a good commentator….Shields even corrected another commentator…the other commentator noted that the fighter was doing something…. Shields immediately said that is not what I am seeing in this fight…..then the other commentator clarified his statement by saying “in the fighter past fights he has a tendency to” …..this showed me Shields was 1. Watching the fight carefully and 2. Unafraid to challenge her co host 3. And she was on point….Shields is a fighter heard Shields cheering for all fighters….Shields did show her bias towards the fighter that was being aggressive or carrying the fight… understand that because Shields is a fighter…gets excited…given time and experience as a commentator Shields will learn to temper that bias…..Pan…Shields was giving technical points throughout the fights….Shields has worked on her articulation (noticed Bradley has also)….in fairness credit people for trying to get better…have an open mind…just my humble opinion….don’t like racial bias no matter who it comes from…in that ring….I am bias towards the one “whupping some ass”…

  • Did anyone get the names of the corrupt “house” judges? Thought I heard Tim Cheating’s name mentioned. Perhaps Steal Weisfeld’s, too.

    • Call him out…helps the public and fighters identify a pattern….crucial in pre fight negotiations….call him out Nordic….Teddy Atlas suggested that we as fans start doing this….I agree….

  • Your headline reads Hitchins edges Lemos? I could accept “Lemos robbed” or “Hitchins receives gift decision,” or “Corrupt Vegas judges did it again.” That’s the most outrageous and disgusting robbery I’ve ever seen. If Lemos had scored a KO the poor guy still would have lost by two points!

  • As an older boxing fan who has been watching since the early 80’s, I have to say this type of decision between Hitchens v Lemos is the reason the younger crowd has moved away to other fighting sports.
    The worst part is Don King is barely involved anymore so no excuse! What a joke.

  • Lemos fought his heart out and that’s a shame,I guess you can hold without a warning now, myself I had the bout 115-113 lemos, he just did more

  • i would have given hitchens one round but look the same old judges they get worse all the time but this one really sucks

  • Hitchins better learn hard lessons of:

    1) Staying focused.
    2) Never underestimating an opponent.
    3) Only thinking about one opponent at a time.

    I hope this was a humbling experience for Hitchins. After a little time off, Hitchins should take a stay busy fight and later fight Martin (if possible).

    I can’t wait to read Hitchins’ comments about the fight because he loves talking with the media.

  • There should be an immediate rematch. Eddie Hearn should hold the event in Argentina, and hopefully judges Tim Cheating and Steal Weisfeld will be barred from entering the country!

  • Pacheco has to ko in order tío impresssed
    Last time he fought he did not convinced me and I was expecting more from him tonite and he failed again
    I don’t see bright future on him
    I wana see him against berlanga and I think berlanga will win

    On the other fight I think lemos was robbed , lemos should win by one point even the draw would be tight

    The last round was crucial and Hutchins did nothing but ran so he gave the 12 th round and this round was the difference for lemos to win the fight

    But the boxing judges did it again “

    • Sounds like another DEI decision. A side B side the house fighter, whatever you want to call it. I haven’t been able to see it yet, but there are some people on here that call it like they see it, so I’m sure it was a robbery. If you want to see some boxing, culcay fight was a barn burner.

    • Correct Carlos…so a draw would have been fair….saw some where in boxing that there was a no draw rule had an overtime rule….this was a small promoter believe it was Atl….innovative….what other professional sport allows a draw without at least offering a way to declare a clear winner…. remember back in the day…the ref decided draws in this sport…believe I read that somewhere

  • Someone needs to call the police because Lemos was seriously robbed.

  • BOXING REFUSES TO LEARN. Boxing is on its way to ‘palooka status’ in the sports world. It is deserved because poor judging should have been addressed decades ago. If boxing is removed from the Olympics it is a reflection that people are just sick and tired of the sport. Every f$%cking week we talk about the judges instead of the fighters. This was a very good fight but very few comments mention this – an insult to the fighters involved. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS S#$T. A neutral refereeing and judging institute MUST be set up as a matter of urgency. World title fight fees (and portions of other revenue streams) MUST go to this entity and NOT the f%^cking sanctioning bodies who have done absolutely nothing about this scourge. TIME FOR FANS TO TAKE A STAND. What about fight card boycotts by fans if XYZ is judging?

  • Most people saying the fight was a robbery, but they say it’s 115 113 Lemos. A 7 to 5 fight is not a robbery. Sounded like a close fight that the house fighter won.Typical, but the word robbery gets thrown around too often. However I believe it’s the 117-111 card is where the outrage likes. I saw the first few rounds and fell asleep. It looked like Lemos was pressing the fight. I was never impressed by Hitchens. Not sure what the hype is about. Boring fighter to me

    • I think you are confused
      Close fight can be a robbery
      Lemos won for the minimum margin and if hitching won then it was a robbery

      Robbery does not mean you have to lose by wide margin

      If you you win by close or wide margin but they give the loss then it was a robbery

      • I guess when you say close, you mean close but definitive. However if each round or the majority of the rounds were closely contested, I don’t see how that is a robbery. Im not disputing what you are saying Carlos, you make a good argument, but was that the case here? I didn’t see the whole fight so I value your opinion.

      • Good stuff…Carlos …well articulated…no weed today huh….do need a rant from you every now and then…cause they are quite amusing…like that uncle who is highly intelligent but when he gets that “sauce” …”white lightening” whatever you want to call it…get your popcorn ready….

    • It is a robbery when at minimum it should have been the other way. A four point swing is grand theft. Another hotshot overrated no talent will be exposed and starched sooner than later. And yes, Shields is still a ghetto rat.

  • this is a case study on why never to support or pay a penny to see boxing….along with the Cruz – Romero scoring by one judge last week- the Ref – the judges and the promoter are the agents of deception….hitchns lost the fight..he should have been deducted points for holding on top of simply losing…clarissa shields as an announcer should have been in his corner….she is incompetent as an announcer- BOYCOTT ALL PAY PER VIEWS !!!!!!

  • As they say in politics, follow the money. If transparency is wanted and obviously needed then those in charge of judging or refereeing should have their financial accounts open to see if improper influence is being applied. We all know that this will still not stop it because usually grift of this sort is buried deep and runs through other people related to the corrupt person.

  • good old cheateam , weisfeld , deluca, with their “decisions”. I am sure we will see them again at work in the canelo vs mungia “fight”. can you guess who will get the “decision “. ?

  • At first I thought they need to have a immediate rematch but then I thought why, the same thing will happen, plus lemus will never find that energy and drive he put into it that fight, why should he, he fought against hitchins and matchroom, that jr. welter div. is stacked with killers, good luck hitchins most of the fighters at 140 don’t need judges.

  • Hitchens would be no more than a tune-up fight for Matias at this early stage in his career. If he wants the payday, go for it, but I do not recommend it. The reluctance to let his hands go will be catastrophic.

  • Tim Cheatham is a powerful figure. He can literally destroy a career with his “judging.” Lemos trained so hard for his fight & fought his heart out, only for a dirt bag like Cheatham to score the fight for the actual loser, Hitchins. I sat ringside and could see and hear punishment he was laying on Hitchins, who held every chance he got. I feel bad for Lemos, whose lifelong ambition was shattered by lowlifes like Tim Cheatham & his cronies.

    Also, it did not look good that promoter Eddie Hearn was standing beside Hitchins during the ring introductions.

    • Myself and my son get our score sheets out and score every fight that’s on TV just to see how close we are to the judges, we both feel the fight was even up to 9th rd., Lemus hurt Hitchins on more then one occasion thru the next 4 rds. and the holding without one warning was a true sign of what was coming, we both scored it 115-113 for Lemus, the last 4 rds. created a separation that made those rds. easy to see Lemus won, you can’t beat city hall as they say.

      • Didn’t see the fight but had Lemos at 5-1 odds.From the comments looks like the house fighter won again when he really didn’t.

  • “Judges ” cheatem , weisfeld, deluca, sutherland , moretti , and the nv.s.a.c. boxing commission have no shame. Corrupt. They will be back at “work ” in the canelo- mungia “fight”. everyone knows who will get the “decision ” but yet for us the real fans , our love for boxing and hoping that it will be for real will keep us watching . Its sad and somewhat dysfunctional , but that’s the reality . Then there are those “casual” fans that suffer from fanaticism like “trumpism ” that will “buy ” anything and that is just as bad or worse.

  • A lot of blame should also be put on the referee for this fight, who allowed Hitchins to excessively hold without even giving him a warning, let alone taking a point away. Someone watched the video in slow motion, and counted 107 times Hitchins held during the fight. 107!!! Holding is illegal, so why are fighters allowed to excessively hold? I wish Tom Taylor would’ve been the referee for this fight; he deducted a point from Rolly Romero in his fight with Pitbull Cruz last week for excessive holding.

  • A bunch of decision fighters. If Hitchings wansts to “become a super star” he talks about, first he needs to start finishing his opponents.

  • >