Oscar, Belfort first quotes

It’s official. Triller confirmed today that former world champion Oscar De La Hoya will return to the ring to face former UFC superstar Vitor Belfort on September 11 in Las Vegas.

Oscar De La Hoya: “I am ready to return to the ring and I am proud to be part of Triller and Verzuz and their game-changing model of reimagining the boxing business as four-quadrant entertainment. I have nothing but the utmost respect for a champion like Vitor Belfort as we show the world what high level boxing is all about. It was incredibly important to me my comeback was on this date as it represents such an important moment in history for me, my fans and the world’s culture. This is much bigger than just me and this event, for all those with ties and or roots in and to Mexico.”

Vitor Belfort: “It will be a pleasure to represent MMA again, this time in the ring against one of the biggest names in the history of boxing. It will be a war not to be missed and a fight my kids will be talking about. This is certain to make combat sports history.”

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  • Why is the date so important? Is Oscar confessing to being behind 9/11 as well?

  • Vitor is 44 but has been in incredible shape for years and has proven to be one of the best finishers in MMA. Oscar is 48 and got destroyed by the great legend Manny Pacquiao nearly 13 years ago. Vitor got stopped 3 years ago by a front kick but still maintained in top shape. Really don’t know what to make of this but this kinda sounds like fun Haha

    • Belfort in his prime had exceptional hand speed. Oscar is an expert on knowing his comfort zone as a fighter. That being said, we all know Oscar is going to win this based on corruption and favoritism at its finest.

    • Thank you for that quick breakdown! I had no idea who this guy was.

    • Lebron scored 50 once the same day Bryce Harper hit a homerun. That was fun too

  • First step for the man then Mayweather rematch then a major win over Canello. Then retire as second most influential man in boxing history behind only Ali. Think of the fights Oscar dominated only to be robbed Trinidad and Mayweather was dominating Pacquiao until the partying caught up with him in the middle of that fight.

  • What is the weight limit of this fight and how many round still unclear .

  • I’ve fought the best my whole career and I’m going to fight the best now BABY, said loaded Oscar a few months ago. Since when is an old MMA fighter the best?

  • Let’s put it like this for you ding dongs.. Nobody cares.. Oscar , Floyd , the Paul’s , these Stupid exhibitions, all of it. Now I see how triller is in Business.

  • Oscar better wear those sexy heels and fishnets for his ring entrance.

  • Four quadrant entertainment just needs a ringmaster and clowns.

  • This is a joke, why does Oscar call out guys who are not boxers. If he really wants to fight Belfort fight him MMA rules. Oscar can wear boxing shoes or high heels and boxing gloves Belfort wears MMA gloves.

  • Vitor has a great deal of boxing training and experience. He left MMA for a bit to try out boxing years ago. Look what he did to Silva. Will be interesting for sure

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