Night of Knockouts XXI Results

Llinas Hearns Kallen

By Brad Snyder-The Undercard
Photos by Bob Ryder

Friday night, The Soundboard at Motor City Casino & Hotel in Detroit and Carlos Llinas put on a card that most will remember for a long time. The night had a special presentation by the WBC. Jackie Kallen, The First Lady of Boxing, had the honor of presenting Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns with a one of a kind commemorative Four Kings belt, honoring his unique time in boxing history. The belt represented what most boxing historians argue was when boxing was at its best.

The fight highlighting the exciting evening was a contest for the Junior NABF Super Welterweight Title. Ermal Hadribeaj improved to (13-0-1, 6 KOs) with a win over a very tough Sidney Rosa (5-1, 2 KOs). After a first round of feeling each other out, Hadribeaj begins landing with his left. Later in Round 2, Hadribeaj had his opponent missing a lot. In the 3rd, Hadribeaj was able to catch Rosa on the ropes. Rosa put together a lot of action with his punches, but it was Hadribeaj connecting with that left that began doing some damage. Rosa’s right eye began to swell. The fight goes all eight rounds with Hadribeaj winning by UD (80-72, 80-72, 80-72). The dominance on the scorecard credit goes to Hadribeaj’s ability to be the more physical fighter. Rosa, who was tough, just could not match the power of the new Junior NABF Super Welterweight Ermal Hadribeaj.

Heavyweight Vernor Webber (3-0, 2 KOs) got a great test in Carlos Black (1-6). Vernon, who would come to win by UD (40-36, 40-36, 39-37) said he “felt good beating a muscular opponent 60 lbs his weight.” Black tried to use his massive size, but Webber was able to control the center of the ring. In the 3rd Round of the 4-Round contest, Webber caught Black against the ropes. With both fighters swinging for the fences, the crowd was electrified. Webber catches Black with a left, then a right, having Black stunned, and being saved by the bell. Webber had the 4th Round. Webber now landing his haymakers, as Black missed with his. The fighters performed greatly and created a buzz in the room. The Webber team’s plan after this UD decision is to “go find more” fights.

Dwane Taylor (4-0, 4 KOs) only needed 44 seconds to dismiss his Welterweight opponent Marshawn Hughes (0-2). A straight right by Taylor gave him the KO victory in Round 1. Taylor, who drew a big crowd, once again displayed his power.

Cruiserweight Derick Miller (8-0, 6 KOs) was tested early by Larry Pryor (15-26, 9 KOs) with both fighters landing shots. But it would be Miller’s massive body shot that would send Pryor to take a knee on the canvas. Pryor, who was behind on the cards, still gave Miller work. Yet, he could not even attempt to get up as he was counted out. The 1:55 4th Round TKO keeps Miller racking up KOs and more importantly, also, wins.

Jr. Lightweight Sam Rizzo (3-0, 3 KOs) looked good, again, winning by 2nd Round TKO over Ronny Arana (0-6). Rizzo scored two knockdowns to win at the 2:49 mark of the 2nd.

Middleweight Matthew Rodriguez (5-0-1, 3 KOs) won my UD (60-54, 60-54, 59-55) over Christian Aguirre (8-9, 4 KOs). Rodriguez scored often with a powerful 1-2 combination over the length of the 6-Round fight. Aguirre had quick spurts where he tried to hurt Rodriguez. Round 3 had both fighters looking good. Then in the 4th, you could see the damage of Rodriguez’s combinations. The story of the fight was Rodriguez’s left that punished Aguirre throughout.

The opening fight of the night set the pace for the rest of the card, as Ramon Guevara (11-25-2, 6 KOs) went against fellow Welterweight LaQuan Lewis (7-14-1, 4 KOs). In the beginning of the fight Guevara landed good bodyshots, and Lewis landed to the head. The key to the 4-Round bout was that Guevara was more organized and precise with his punches. Lewis threw wildly, which led to him losing the UD (49-37, 49-37, 49-37).


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