Kambosos-Lopez on Nov 13?

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

IBF mandatory lightweight contender George Kambosos spoke to Fightnews.com® about challenging undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez with Eddie Hearn becoming the promoter after Triller dropped out.

“The IBF has made their ruling – which is fantastic,” said Kambosos. “Despite all the date changes for the fight with Lopez – I remained in the gym. When you set a date, we want to fight. I don’t think these guys ( Triller) understood that. There is a lot of preparation for a big fight.”


“They (Triller) wanted to move the date again. My management and myself requested Triller to show proof of funds of $6 million gross purse in escrow. The last thing you want to do is fight and there is no money there for the fighters. With all the date changes you begin to think there could be another issue. Lopez’s attorney and team supported the escrow request from Team Kambosos and our attorney Mr. Greg Smith.

“Lopez is the undisputed champion but he doesn’t know what he is doing most of the time. They make a lot of mistakes outside of the ring. If it wasn’t for my team, my father (co-manager ) and my attorney Greg Smith, who also represented Canelo Alvarez recently, the Triller saga would be ongoing.”


“The IBF made a fantastic decision and now Eddie Hearn will promote the fight. We all know Eddie Hearn, who is one of the top promoters in the world, and he is going to give this fight the respect it deserves. Eddie promoted the biggest win of my career against Lee Selby. Eddie has signed a few Australian boxers but there is only one who is going to have all those beautiful belts. Eddie I think has the same vision that I have. I will win this fight – I know I have a fantastic team. This will be the biggest fight by an Australian boxer. For all the belts.”


“Lopez has been seen out and about at the casinos. He is a big celebrity and he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Let him get mixed up in the bright lights. I know I’m in the gym 24/7 and staying very low-key. I am very focused to make sure I win this fight and fulfill my dreams. Give my kids the best life possible.”


“I am hearing the date of the fight could be November 13. I am ready to fight today or any date Eddie Hearn says. I am not the one who has been postponing the Lopez v Kambosos fight.”


“I am going to continue my training in Sydney where I have great sparring with Lenny Zappavigna. I have a fantastic team around me here. Everything is perfect and on track. We will fly out close to the date with my team to meet my trainer Javiel Centeno in Miami. Myself – my father and Mick Akkaway. We will have more sparring sessions in Miami and be ready to pull off this win.”


“Peter Kahn is still my manager. He decided to resign his job with Triller. That is his business. I am not focused on that. I have a great team. My manager Peter Kahn, co-manager is my father, they are smart operators. I like to handle my business as well. Everyone knows their place in the team. There is no egos in our team. We are all focused – both my coaches – my managers and everyone around me. Everyone has a place. We are all pushing towards this great win. Lenny Zappavigna could be coming over for sparring. He is a welterweight now and hitting harder than ever.”


“When I win the world lightweight title I will be defending these beautiful belts in Australia with over 80,000 fans attending. We will have all the best boxers fighting on the card. Lenny Zappavigna and Terry Nicholas also.”


“We have Ferocious Promotions and we are looking at the best boxers from Australia so a lot rests on my victory over Lopez for my family and my legacy. There is no other Aussie doing what I am doing: fighting in mega fights. This win will be massive for us.”


“The fight could be only four or five weeks away but I am ready now. I am staying smart and disciplined. I will peak at the right time to defeat Lopez. Anyone that knows me knows I love the gym. I am always at the gym. I am always sparring and I am always learning. I know I am getting better and better every day. Had we fought Lopez in June it would have been a closer fight but now Lopez won’t come close to me.

“With all the date changes I just rolled with the punches. I stay calm and focused. At the end of the day, I am going to fight for the undisputed title and I have beautiful kids How could I get frustrated when I have all these blessings around me?”


“Thank you to Fightnews.com® for your support. The victory over Lopez will be massive. I cannot wait to do an interview after the fight with all the belts.”

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  • Kambosos is a good man. If the fight is won on genuine belief, he will win. If you look into his eyes, you’ll see exactly what I mean. Those fellas can’t be underestimated.

  • I hope he gets it done. If talk alone won fights, Lopez will end laying in the 8th row

  • I hope Lopez is maintaining focus and not letting the fame get to his head. Win, lose or draw, Kambosos is very hungry.

  • I will pay 6million for the fight to never happen, who really cares. Struggling with a Lee Selby type doesn’t really warrant a fight against a guy who beat the best in division

  • Hoping for a clean fight and may the best man finally win. Down under style seems to involve a lot of full body and head contact, I hope they have a good ref.

  • No way they fight on 11/13. DAZN already has a Jaime Mungia headline card. 11/20 is Sean Porter versus Terrence Crawford.

    López fight will have to be in December.

    I also support both fighters for walking away from Triller due to the failure to escrow the purse money.

  • Lopez will be outclassed by kambosos if he can go the distance I doubt Lopez will make it past the 6th everyone that underestimates kambosos raw ability,talent,determanation, pride in boxing for all the right reasons not the money will soon be eating there words!

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