Holmes backs possible Holyfield-Tyson fight

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Hall of Fame former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes supports a third fight between Mike Tyson, 53, and Evander Holyfield, 57. “If these guys want to do it, I’d say go ahead and do it. I’m not going to say don’t do it,” Holmes said in an interview with @trcksuits. “They get a chance to show what they got and if they look good enough, they’re probably going to get an opportunity to fight somebody in the top 10 contenders.”

“Evander Holyfield is a good fight for Mike Tyson, but it’s also a bad fight because Holyfield knows him,” said the 70-year-old ‘Easton Assassin.’ “He fought him, beat him up. So Mike Tyson would have to worry about that, he’s going to worry about it, it will be in his mind.”

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  • At nearly 60 years old Holyfield can’t handle the power of Mike Tyson. It will be a very dangerous fight for Evander, Tyson might actually kill him…

    • Tyson has aged too, not just Holyfield.
      And who knows Tyson would not do anything stupid specially when it is believed that he is on Testosterone replacement therapy.

    • Holyfield kicked his ass twice. Get the F… out of here man! Tyson was the most overrated heavyweight of All time. Douglas, Holyfield and Lewis exposed him. Holyfield is a warrior. Like Teddy Atlas has said. When things got heated, Tyson crumbled..

      • I agree to a certain extent, Tyson was very overrated and people give him more props than they should. Basically he only had about 3 yrs after that no. He fought those guys all past his prime (Douglas) I know he was young but he was a mess a train wreck and thought of himself as invincible and reality kicked him.
        Holyfield great fighter, very motivated I give him huge props for that but he was a 180-190lb guy before and his heavyweight career was enhanced by steroids

      • He didn’t crumble against Holmes, Ruddock twice, and all the other bums he destroyed

    • “At nearly 60 years old Holyfield can’t handle the power of Mike Tyson”

      Are you basing this off of watching a few seconds of Mike hitting the pads? Remember, Mike was unable take to out, or even hurt Kevin McBride….who really didn’t have a good chin at all, and that was 15 years ago. He likely won’t be half as good as he was against McBride 15 years ago.
      Just goes to show you what a great job Bill Cayton & Jimmy Jacobs did of getting the Tyson hype machine rolling. He was definitely very good, but he will be overrated by some forever.

      • He had a bad knee in the Williams fight, and after 15 yrs of rest he could come back much better than he was back then . He is more focused and drug free now. He is a dangerous opponent , but I don’t see him running the division or anything

  • Holmes make a good point. Everybody Tyson crazy because he showing good punching power. Holyfield already fought a harder punching Mike. Tyson been punched harder than Holyfield. It Didnt matter. I doubt Tyson wants that fight. Tyson would have mental hurdles forcing him to cheat and foul during the fight. Sure Michael Nunn could make the weight now. He done his time, give that man a fight

    • Is Micheal Nunn trying to get in on this too? It’s funny how all these good samaritans are popping out of the woodwork to fight for this “charitable cause”!

  • Terrible idea. I do not understand why there is any interest in this type of event. Boxing has had to deal with too many tragedies in recent years. Why anyone would want to encourage a useless carnival show like this is beyond me.

  • Francis Ngannou is also currently in talks with Iron Mike……they have worked together previously on a cultivation project. I spoke with Frank Warren in LV about this months ago and he said it makes perfect sense, old school Caesar’s car park event. So let’s see, Evander v Holmes next

  • If Tyson bites off the other ear, Evander could get away with not wearing. Covid mask


  • Evander would destroy him. Why would they even fight again Evander kick his ass twice.
    Tyson’s got weed farms and stuff now – Evander is a true warrior. I ain’t never seen him quit. Mikes quit a few times at the end of his career.
    What’s Golotta been up to recently? Wouldn’t mind seeing the foul pole get in on da action

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