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    • Yes, dont forget how many times Fury will hold Usyk on the inside and never get any warnings.

      • That’s right Scoob. Fury has held about 14 times and the fight hasn’t even started yet. If that’s part of the plan, it can actually end badly since Usyk isn’t a stationary target.

  • I can see it going either way. We know what to expect from Usyk, but have no idea what Fury will bring to the ring. I don’t see a knockout in this fight.

    • I see Fury holding a lot on the inside with Usyk. Fury never gets warned nor does the referee ever take any extra measures to stop the holding.

  • From a picture I saw today Fury appears to have lost a lot of weight. BTW where are all those people who were adamant we would never see this fight when Fury pulled out due in March due to a cut?

  • – I am rooting for Usyk in this fight.
    – Thank you, again, Amazon Fire Stick………

  • I don’t see it any other way. Fury by decision. Rooting for usyk though. Fury uses his weight advantage to lay on him and tire him out while landing his jabs/right hands. If these two were similar in size, usyk all day his skills are impeccable.

    • I agree, Usyk is the better boxer and athlete to boot. Yet, Fury will hit, hold on the inside, and yes, lay on Usyk on the ropes. The referees never do anything to deter or stop it.

  • Yep Fury by decision. Too big too long and for a giant he moves incredibly well and has amazing reflexes.

    His punches are sloppy because his arms are so big and long but I see jab and grab points win.

    Usyk will do well in spots, he will slip the jab, and get inside but Fury will tie him up and lean on him and wear him down.

    I would not be surprised if Fury stops him late, but I’m sticking with a decision due Fury. usyks footwork and smarts will allow him to see the final bell but he loses in a good effort.

    Size matters, Good big man beats great little man.

    • Steve G., said correctly, good big man beats great little man. To me this is a fight where this concept exists. The only thing that would sway me to pick usyk would be fury showing up completely out of shape which could happen, but given the magnitude of this fight and his lackluster performance against ngannou I believe he comes in good shape and ready to perform. I’m hoping usyk rises to the occasion and beats the odds, but I just don’t think so.

  • Both fighters are coming to the end of their careers and will be hoping to go out on a high. I don’t think Fury will want to do too much leaning and holding as Usyk would be able to smack Fury around the eyes and stop Fury with eye damage or a knockout. Fury can be put down as we have seen previously, I hope we can see Fury’s big mouth shut for a change.

    • Opening up that eye is a serious concern, and that’s the ONLY way Usyk gets a stoppage. The idea of Fury being dropped for a ten count by Usyk is beyond laughable though. You’re talking about a guy who was dropped by the most powerful puncher of the generation 5 times and got up. Usyk has a fraction of that power. If Fury has the patience he can jab his way easily to a boring victory over 12 rounds. If Fury gets a KO it will be from a body shot where Usyk has shown vulnerability as a heavyweight. As much as I respect the man and admire what he’s already accomplished, the only path I see to victory for Usyk is if Fury fights a dumb fight like Joshua did.

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