Interview: WBO #2 Liam Paro

Paro1By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

WBO #2, IBF #3 light welterweight Liam Paro (18-0, 11 KOs) talks to® about his recent victory over Hwan Kil Kim and his confidence of defeating WBO champion Jose Ramirez and IBF, WBA champion Josh Taylor. Paro also praises his trainer Alfie DiCarlo and promoter Angelo DiCarlo who he says are the best in the business.

Congratulations on your recent victory over South Korean opponent Hwang Kil Kim. Could you tell me about the fight?. Did you have any injuries at the conclusion?

Thank you definitely was the hardest of my career yet! Kim was a fit guy with a crazy work rate and an in your face style not letting me set my punches as well as I would have liked to. But like any fight, we adapted and took control. I had a bit of a sore left hand at the end of the fight but no injury.

You are now rated WBO#2 in the light-welterweight division to champion Jose Ramirez. Ramirez will be defending against Victor Postol in China next February. Do you expect him to retain the title? Would you be confident of defeating Ramirez? Do you see flaws in his technique?

We are sitting #2 in the WBO right where we want to be to start 2020. No matter the outcome of the fight I’ll be ready to fight whoever has the belt and become world champion. We’ll be ready for anyone. We think Ramirez will successfully defend his title against Postol though. As for Ramirez, Alfie and I see some things with his style which can be exploited when we fight. I believe stylistically he is a good fight for me.

You are also rated IBF#3 to IBF light welterweight champion Josh Taylor who also holds the WBA title. Your thoughts on a Paro vs. Taylor fight? Do you see flaws in his technique?

Yeah that’s right we are sitting good in the IBF as well so everything is set. I think josh Taylor is the toughest opponent in the division but like I said we’ll be ready for anyone when our time comes. He had a tough fight against Prograis

You had a very good amateur career. How many fights? What titles did you win? International tournaments that you competed?

Yeah I had a good amateur career with 64 fights 6 state titles, 5 national titles and represented Australia overseas including at the world junior championships in Bulgaria. But turned pro at 18 as that suited me more.

In June you defeated IBF rated Fatih Keles who was a former Olympian. You scored a one-sided decision. Can you tell me about this fight?

Fatih Keles was another good fight. 2019 was a good year beating three world class opponents. Keles had a very good skill base and he had heavy hands coming from 400 amateur fights we knew that no style would surprise him but like all my previous fights we got the job done convincingly.

Italian light welterweight champion Massimailano Ballisai had a 22-5 record when you scored another one-sided points victory in February. Can you tell me about that fight.? Any injuries?

Ballisai was a good cagey fighter and we were ready to get him out of there in round four. Then I injured my left hand. In round five I hurt my other hand. From that point, we had to change the game plan and box the second half of the fight with two busted hands. We won the fight unanimously winning every round so we’ve dealt with adversity and come out on top.

You have a 18-0 record with 11 KO’s and box from the southpaw stance. What opponents have given you your toughest fights?

That’s correct I’m 18-0 now and ready for that title. I think my latest fight was my hardest not technically but just a grinding fight but it was good for my career. I learned that I can come out on top even with an aggressive guy trying to spoil me.

You are trained by Alfie DiCarlo and promoted by his father Angelo DiCarlo who is regarded as one of the best in Australia. Can you tell me about training with Alfie and being promoted by Angelo?

Yeah I am absolutely blessed with the best and I’m so grateful to have Alfie and Angelo in my life. It’s hard to find people that are willing to help me not just in boxing but also in normal life too. They have guided my career from the start and my way of saying thanks to them is getting them belts when I get my shot.

Have you any fights scheduled?

No fights firmly planned yet but we are aiming for March as my first fight back. I will be defending both my belts – WBO Global and IBF International.

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