The 12th Round — Floyd Mayweather

By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman’s son

There could be no other topic for my column of today other than Floyd Mayweather.

Before I start, I would like to invite all of you to reach out and help the victims of Harry in Texas. There are many ways of doing so, the WBC is doing activations to raise funds and direct such to the proper entities handling this crisis. But there are many ways you can help, even with just making a phone call.

Saturday night was magic, boxing is without a doubt the overall winner. Millions of non boxing fans watched a boxing match which was entertaining, competitive and even dramatic and millions of those will now follow our sport.

Floyd Mayweather represented boxing and did it with bravery and pride. Most thought he would outbox McGregor in an easy 12 round decision and to the surprise of all Floyd came to fight and never did he step backwards. He took the risks he had not taken in many years, he stood up against a much bigger, stronger and heavier McGregor and was brilliant in his game plan, the greatness of boxing, the strategy, the step by step victory.

A dramatic beginning as he seemed to be having difficulty to figure out how to fight McGregor and his unique awkward, never seen before style. Size was evident and 3 rounds went on with uncertainty. At times it felt as if it was Sugar Ray Leonard fighting Donny Lalonde. Floyd didn’t back up, used body attack masterfully and took risks by standing toe to toe to exchange punches and knocked out an exhausted McGregor.

McGregor has earned the recognition of the world and has many years to continue his career in MMA and perhaps in boxing. He must be praised for his effort and then also for his humble acceptance of defeat and exemplary behavior after the fight, which again is the trademark of boxing, fighters hugging each other after the fight #Brotherhood.

Floyd has announced his retirement from boxing. It seems this is final, I certainly wish this the last time we see the greatest fighter of this era in the ring, as he is going out on top, with millions in the bank, a family, health and a bright future for any activity he wishes to take on.

I have known Floyd Mayweather for many years. My father loved Floyd since the first day he saw him in some boxing event fighting in the undercard. Floyd came to him and said he wanted to fight immediately for the Green belt “Im ready now, It has been my dream since I was a kid”, well was still a kid and my father told him to be patient and time would come. It certainly did and Floyd defeated Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez to win the WBC Superfeather title. When my father put the belt on Floyd he just turned and gave a big kiss to Don Jose. Ever since that moment Floyd has been Green and Gold, capturing WBC championships in 5 different weight categories and also winning the special “Diamond”, “Gold” and “Emerald” belts.

The fight versus McGregor was a fight full of uncertainties, there were tough critics against such event and was considered an event only for money. It captured the attention of the world. When that bell rang nothing was about money, it turned out to be a great fight for honor and pride. Floyd represented boxing, McGregor represented MMA and they did just that, fight….. They both wanted to win and gave the world a sensational spectacle which exceeded most if not all expectations of the “Money fight”.

Floyd is flashy, flamboyant and loves the attention, but that night was the true Floyd Mayweather. He fought and he stood tall representing boxing, making sure the sport came out victorious and proud. He was humble in victory and embraced Connor after the fight and he was that little kid when Mom and Dad were with him in the ring, a highly emotional moment to witness, whispers and kisses, tears of joy.

Now Floyd has a responsibility for this and future generations. He must lead the way and live in exemplary manner, save his money so it lasts for his lifetime, give back to boxing through Mayweather Promotions, teach discipline, hard work and dedication to his fighters and become the role model world heroes represent to the youth of the world.

Thank you Floyd, you are and will always be a very special champion and friend to the World Boxing Council.

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