WBC champions face mask campaign

During the traditional “Coffee Tuesday,” WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán urged everyone to continue promoting the use of face masks because the only way to defeat the current pandemic is to prudently keep protecting ourselves. He urged everyone to practically and sensibly show our love and care for others, by using and giving out face masks, because only in so doing will we be able to win this battle, convinced that their use is a vital way to be protected and above all to take care of those who we care about and care for.

The boxing family is ready to do its bit in this monumental battle, and the WBC leader was emphatic in saying that the WBC will distribute face masks to whoever needs them, be it communities, families, gyms, workplaces and everyone. The motto is “no pretext, as we must all use a mask.”

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  • Face masks are the “only way” ahahahahahahahah

    Remember in March when Dr Fauci said that face masks do nothing and give people a false sense of security? Now it’s “face masks are the only way”?

    Wow, how can people ingest all these lies and still be sane? The answer? They can’t, that’s why these people still hiding in their parents basements yelling at people for not wearing masks are permanently ruined mentally. Their tiny brains completely short circuited and couldn’t possibly imagine a political “doctor” and their trusted news sources in the MSM would lie to them or miss lead them or manipulate them.

    So you keep wearing those filthy masks and constantly touch and fittle with them and be part of the 80%+ of people that said they always wore masks and still caught Covid according to the CDC. Keep putting those disgusting petri dishes on your face and have a steady supply of germs, viruses and filth with every breath you take.

    • Jay, it seems like they fart a new idea every few weeks that totally contradict what they previously said. Time to move on I think. People should protect themselves. If they don’t feel comfortable when they find themselves in certain environments then they should get themselves out of it.

  • shove your mask up your ass you brainwashed retarded commie scumbags! this is not about a virus this is obviously about control and taking away our inalienable rights and bringing us one step closer to totalitarian globalist new world order. You SLIMY REPTILIAN FUCKS GO VACCINATE YOURSELVES AND SUFFER FOR YOUR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

  • WBC should focus on boxing, because it’s the only way they will get paid. Boxers risk their lives in the ring, least they care about is the Flu politics

  • A classic argument: If masks don’t work why do surgeons use them? The surgeons mask performs 2 functions essentially. 1. Prevent patient’s blood and other bodily fluids hitting them in the mouth. 2. Prevent the surgeon from drooling or dropping snot onto the sterile field. Face masks are useless against a virus. This not about controlling a virus it’s about controlling you It’s a global agenda what ever you do don’t you or your family have the vaccine, take off the mask you owe to your kids to stop these criminally insane psychopaths.

  • Yeah, let’s show everyone “we care” by purposely restricting our oxygen intake by 20% and breathing our own CO2 all day long. That doesn’t sound retarded at all!

  • Cases keep rising. Mask use keeps rising. Hmmmm just to keep this on boxing…it’s ridiculous having negative tested cornermen wear masks, as if these would protect anyone from a virus in those close quarter conditions.

  • Just more garbage talk from the head of WBC. It is already bad enough when he spews it out over boxing.

  • This is a ritual for compliance… Nothing more.. Nothing less. Shame on this guy and anyone who pushes this BS! He is ruining this sport willingly!

  • I can say this with true testimony. I wear a medical 3M model 1860 regular N95 mask the last 9 months around hundreds of COVID patients that test positive and some are critical ill. Hmmmmm…..I have not caught COVID yet…….My mask works…..


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