Paul taking Floyd’s ‘kill you’ threat seriously


Logan Paul says he and his brother are taking no chances after Floyd Mayweather’s “I’ll kill you” threat … telling TMZ Sports they now have security watching them “at all times.”

Floyd dropped the menacing warning to Jake Paul after the younger Paul bro famously stole the boxer’s hat during a confrontation at the Logan-Mayweather pre-fight news conference in Miami last week.

Most considered it an empty threat — after all, nobody really thinks Floyd’s going to commit murder over a baseball cap — but Logan tells us he’s taking absolutely no chances.

As for why — the 26-year-old YouTube star explained it this way …

“Dawg, when you have a guy with the resources and the wealth that Floyd Mayweather has and the connection and the network and he’s saying s***, ‘I’mma kill that motherf***er’ — kill?! Death?! You’re gonna kill my brother over a f***ing hat?! Yo, we take that s*** seriously man!”

Logan says the Paul bros now have bodyguards with or around them “everywhere at all times.”

Logan, though, says he and his brother will NOT be going to cops or filing anything in the court system over the threat — the older Paul brother said that idea is straight-up “bitch s***, bro.”

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  • I have a great idea. Instead of taking on Floyd, maybe Mr. Paul needs to take on some new meds.

    • Agreed, this is nothing more than propaganda for attention to sell tickets! Guess Mr. Paul is clueless about how the court of law works with people that threaten others by restraining orders, supervision, etc. LOL…This is the best excuse to make up to gain media attention? Sad, so sad.

      • This fight is indicative of the world we live in today where nothing is based on reality or merit, but rather social media buzz and propaganda. If this fight were in 2002, it would maybe be the main event on Celebrity Boxing, or perhaps even the co- main event of Vanilla Ice vs Todd Bridges, free on prime time network television. Now in 2021, it’s a Pay Per view event. It’s kinda scary if you think about the numerous examples of this fantasy bullshit happening.

        • Kris:
          Just don’t pay your hard-earned $$ for this crap. Get the Amazon Fire Stick and you can watch any PPV fight for free for the rest of your life !!
          Or, you can watch it on You Tube the next day.
          Take care.
          – Gary G

  • What a joke. They need this bullsh%t to sell this exhibition “fight” on Pay-Per-Screw (PPS).
    – Gary G

    • Sadly, the only reason nonsense like this ‘sells’ is because so many people are not in their right minds these days

    • Racism and hate will sale this fight. His haters are the ones that buy this fight. They were the ones who purchased Mayweather vs McGregor. They want to see this white boy knock this nXXXga out and will live vicariously through Paul. If you want the brutal truth.

      • Only “idiots” will spend their hard-earned $$ on this BS. Racism has nothing to do with it. Nada.
        – Gary G

  • These dudes are the biggest douche bags on earth!!! Them taking a dirt nap would be a blessing!

  • A lousy attempt to increase interest in purchasing this upcoming “fight.” No thanks, but I will later check out the fight results/comments on fightnews.

  • Antagonize and Play Victim.
    He stepped up to Floyd acting tough and snatches the hat of a fighters head and now he needs protection.

  • Floyd ain’t gonna play Expo Boxing !
    You don’t need body guards !
    Just makes sure your Chief 2nd. got a TOWEL in your corner, because Floyd Jr. is gonna pay you good for your disrespect.
    Paulie D’
    The Punch Professor

  • I just started responding to Fight news posts after taking a year away. Some of the people here dont realize its okay to see things differently and dont use it as a reason to attack the commenter. With that said here are my thoughts on the circus show that Paul brothers have going.
    1. They want respect as boxers even though they offer no respect for real boxers who have worked their way up.
    2. That want to be treated as stars even though their fights are always fixed. Not in the cash way, but in the way that gives them a clear advantage. Either fighting retired non boxers, fighting boxers well below their weight class or picking people who have never been in a fight let alone a boxing ring.
    3. The want main event status even though they are nobody’s in the ring.
    4. Their boosted PPV numbers somehow include people who didnt buy the PPV and just watching it from an illegal site.

    The younger brother is devoting time and looks sharp vs non boxers, but I would never pay for one of his events because at best they should be on Fox or ESPN.

    • True. And to think all the truly hard working average people out there make pittance compared to those events, let alone purchase it. Put him in with a top ten cruiser weight and just end the farce.

      • Not even top 10 put him in with a Olympian amateur fighter and he will get his ass kicked

    • Im happy you were able to get through the criticism, regroup and make yourself a comeback!

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing this kind of phony hype disappear from boxing altogether. Just gives it a WWE vibe, which isn’t good at all for a sport that has so many embarrassing aspects to it.

    BTW, anybody remember Ricardo Mayorga slapping the girlfriend of Shane Moseley on the behind in that press conference setting off the “brawl”? That was the single most obviously staged event in boxing I can think of. Seems most press conference “brawls” are fake. Just make the fights people want to see, and it will sell itself without all that desperate attempts at publicity.

  • Using tmz garbage is as useful as the Mauricio Sulaiman crap that gets belched up here all the time.

  • Really Mayweather is cheapening Professional Boxing-and Jake Paul is a freak as is his brother-If Jake Paul wants to fight Mayweather he should fight at Mayweather’s weight or fight a Boxer of his own weight and get educated

  • Reminds me of the movie southpaw. Some bad blood that goes way beyond the normal confides of sport. Pretty gangsta of the Paul’s not to go to the cops. ( I know i would). They had my respect for getting in the ring as fighters. Now they have my respect as men. What they are going through I would not wish on my worst enemy. All in a quest for greatness.

    • The Paul’s are “in a quest for greatness”?
      – Gary G

  • This paul should get his bodyguards fight mayweather. That would be a better fight. Hell, lets get two bodyguards in the ring at the same time and still mayweather wins

  • Floyd vs Paul has 30+ comments on this site alone while Canelo vs BJS got 22. He’s fighting a scrub & still commands the attention of the boxing fans (like him or hate him). This is obviously a publicity stunt but people will fall into it hook, line, siner.

    • I think that people (like me) are posting on this thread because they (me) are calling out this farce as pure, utter BS. Plain and simple.
      Take care.
      – Gary G

  • I would nor be surprised if one of them jump on the ring ropes and deliver a flying elbow. This fight is a joke!

  • With Ellen about to be cancelled, a good final episode will be the Paul bros. Boxing’s first crossover gay icons. If they can bring some silverware and talk about being the first brothers to beat Mayweather and McGregor it would be just as big as the royal family interview with Operah. This kinda exposure is good for boxing. Two white kids that weren’t afraid to live their dreams.

  • Listening to either Paul brother speak, it is clear that the Age of Absurdity is upon us.

  • This crap is why boxing, especially in the US, is like a circus seeing it`s last days. I would not be watching this crap.

  • Maybe these oblivious amateurs should start taking that threat seriously before setting foot inside a ring with an undefeated world champion fighter.

  • >