Higa loses WBC 112lb belt on the scale

By Joe Koizumi

WBC flyweight champ Daigo Higa (15-0, 15 KOs) forfeited his belt as he couldn’t make the class limit of 112 pounds since he failed in his first trip to the scale, weighing at 51.7 kg (114 pounds). After ninety minutes Higa gave up reducing his weight because his body was too dry to reduce any more. His challenger Cristofer Rosales, Nicaragua, tipped the beam at 50.5 kg (111.5 pounds) and successfully made the weight.

WBA middleweight champ Ryota Murata scaled in at the class limit of 72.5 kg (160 pounds) to 72.3 kg (159.5 pounds) for Emanuele Blandamura from Italy.

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