Wladimir Klitschko pranks Borat actor

In an AMA (ask me anything) on Twitter, former heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko answered the question of why he sounds like “Borat,” did a spot-on Borat impression, and tells a story about how he pranked Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen – and Cohen mistakenly thought it was his brother Vitali who did it.

Cohen told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that someone he thought was Vitali Klitschko tightly squeezed his hand and wouldn’t let go for about two minutes saying “You have humiliated my country, you humiliated Kazakhstan, and you humiliated me…you humiliated me, and it’s time for revenge.”

Klitschko said, “I think Sascha got punched in the face pretty hard. He doesn’t know who is Vitali and who is Wladimir because he’s saying Vitali pranked him. I did it. And I know where you live. I’m gonna get you Sacha!”

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  • Best story every told. They should make a movie about it in the very near NEVER.
    One seriously acute charisma deficient individual.

  • So did Wladimir punch Sacha Baron Cohen in the face really hard? I don’t get the story

  • Frustrating that you can put the two former heavyweight champs, Borat and prank in the same article & the resulting story reads like a warbling drunkards tale

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