WBO orders Andrade-Alimkhanuly

The WBO World Championship Committee has ordered negotiations to commence for a clash between WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “BooBoo” Andrade (31-0, 19 KOs) and Zhanibek “Qazak Style” Alimkhanuly (11-0, 7 KOs). The parties are granted 20-days to negotiate and reach an agreement or purse bid proceedings will be called. The minimum acceptable bid is $200,000. Any of the parties involved may request a purse bid procedure at any time during the negotiation process.

What a year for boxing it has been!
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  • Yeah, OK! This is complete BS! Andrade gets away fighting another cab driver. Somebody is looking to rack up W’s and defenses and getting away with it.

    • I dont believe you even believe that. You know who Andrade wants to fight so lets not play silly. A quick search will tell you Alimkhanuly is actually accomplished. I can smell a Canelo fan boy through this monitor. And you guys work overtime. Canelo would make a killing selling used jock straps to you guys.
      Getting away with it?

      • the #2 rated WBO challenger is accomplished as an amateur yes but still nothing to add to his resume and all these 160lbers need to keep Canelo out of their mouths it should be trying to get the #1 fighter at 160 and thats GGG. Boob Boob needs to unify with Charbroil like GGG is doing with Murata winner gets unified at 160 make your own name and money stop trying to feed off another damn scavenger bunch of fanboys in this comment section as well.

      • C’mon men, I’m a canelo fan and I wouldn’t buy a strap even if it was your wife’s. Please stick to boxing and appreciate the fighters whom really get on the ring regardless of their record. I did enjoyed all 4 canelo fights in the 11 month period. He didn’t get away with it, he fought for it period.

  • I like this fight but not sure Bob Arum will play ball and let Alimkhanuly fight Andrade. If he works with Matchroom to get it done I like this fight, it’s a good fight. Alimkhanuly would probably be the best Middleweight Andrade has fought to date.

  • I have Andrade winning this fight by close decision, but I think Alimkhanuly is the goods. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he won the fight and I’m happy the WBO ordered it.

    • I agree with everything you said, except I’m leaning towards Alimkhanuly by a not so exciting decision. He looks better technically than Andrade, and is at least as fast. ‘Course, I also thought Teo would knock Kambosos out, so shows you what I know…

      For a guy who has been calling for big fights, this has to suck for Andrade. Alimkhanuly is only known to the most hardcore fans, and I’m sure a portion of that group probably aren’t sure how to say his name (I cut, copied and pasted it). This is a dangerous fight that probably won’t make him a ton of $$$. Current day Mike McCallum indeed….

      • I had Teo too.
        If this fight comes off and Andrade loses it, he may not say anything about it, but I can virtually guarantee that he will NEVER get over it. It will instantly validate everyone who refused to fight him. Canelo, GGG, Charlo, Lara, Munguia and whoever else can point to it and say he called everyone out every chance he got then went and lost to someone whose name we all have to copy and paste.

        • Great point about an Andrade loss here validating their refusal to fight him. Totally agree. That kind of set-back would be brutal for Andrade at the age of 33/34, and a win really wouldn’t elevate him much. It’s looking a whole lot like the major fight thing wasn’t meant to be for him…

  • If the big names want to avoid or fight 1X a year then let Andrade get back in the ring 3-4X a year if they go quickly like vs Quigley. He can rack up more $$, hopefully entertain and somebody big will want to fight him soon.

  • Unless something shocking develops, Andrade has no choice but to fight Alimkhanuly. Munguia is not interested. Eubank, Jr. has a scheduled fight. GGG is fighting Murata. Jermall has “thoughts” of Canelo ($$$). Derevyanchenko has a scheduled fight.

    If approved by boxing authorities, Andrade (and camp) should attempt to work out something with Lara because this fight has an elevated profile, and Lara will not have any problems with a scrap. I do not believe Lara has anything scheduled. Otherwise, Andrade has to win decisively against lower profile opponents until a high profile opponent comes his way (if it ever happens). However, Andrade better not overlook Alimkhanuly.

    As for now (and probably forever), for a variety of reasons, Andrade has no leverage for a high profile opponent.

  • I must be the only one who is not that impressed with Qazak Style, yes he throws nice combos but he just beat an over the hill N’Dam and he took a while to get the stoppage. He threw his best punches in bunches and N’Dam was still standing

  • Boxing Historian: no nicknames for Canelo, GGG, or Murata, but nicknames for Andrade and Charlo? Interesting…

  • Oh boy, 2021 is cursed with upsets, and this fight has all over written with that. Alimkhanuly is kind of Provodnikov with just more skills, please don’t forget the age differences and who is motivated.

  • Andrade will likely be dethroned by Alimkhanuly. He stood out in the amateurs and has the pedigree to take that belt from Boo Boo.

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