WBC presents Centennial Jack Demspey belt

By Boxing Bob Newman

July 4th not only marks the birthday of the United States, but in boxing it marks another historic milestone. Exactly 100 years ago today, a new era was born in heavyweight boxing lore as Jack Dempsey, “The Manassa Mauler,” ripped the heavyweight title away from defending champ Jess Willard in less than three brutal rounds, in Toledo, Ohio.
Dempsey Centennial Belt
The WBC chose to honor the man and his hometown on this centennial celebration with a special belt commemorating the achievement. Today at the Jack Demspey Museum in Manassa, Colorado, WBC members Rex Walker and Misty Moravec, representing WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman, presented the unique belt to the museum, with some 150 fans and proud locals in attendance.

Demspey was an American icon during a time when boxing stood among the most respected of sports. Rubbing elbows with living legends such as Babe Ruth (baseball), Johnny Weissmuller (swimming), Knute Rockne & Red Grange (football), Bill Tilden (tennis) and Bobby Jones (golf), Dempsey was as much an American hero as any of his contemporaries during the 1920s.

Early July was a significant month for Dempsy’s ring exploits. Two years after winning the title, He defended against the reigning light heavyweight champ, France’s Georges Carpentier in boxing’s first million dollar gate on July 2, 1921. Exactly four years after being crowned heavyweight champ, Dempsey retained his title against Tommy Gibbons on July 4th, 1923 in Shelby, Montana. While the fight itself was a lackluster affair, the town of Shelby was bankrupted by the financial terms enforced by Dempsey’s manager, Jack Kearns, in order to host the fight.

Belt On Dempsey Statue


Wbc Walker Moravec

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    • Don’t forget to try (JDW) Jack Dempsey Whiskey 100 proof for his one hundredth year anniversary

  • The NBA now the WBA sanctioned this already. We dont need a We Be Crooks belt to mark the anniversay. Clowns.

    • Actually, the WBA commemorated the July 2, 1921 fight with George Carpentier (98th anniversary) which was for the NBA (now WBA) title. So get your facts straight before you spout off. Secondly, the belt isn’t for you, or us, or whoever “We” is in your statement, “We don’t need…” It’s for the museum, the people of Manassa and descendants of Demspey. Nobody will wear it claiming to be champ and there are no sanctioning fees. So your comments are unwarranted, but you’re always free to make them, stupid and inaccrate as they are, because this is America and our independence allows us to do so. FACTS

        • Actually Croswell, my reply was directed to Adz, not Tom, so you can give him the eight count. Actually, don’t bother. He’s not replied, so I think he’s pretty well KOed!

  • They should give this belt to Joshua because he was robbed in the fight with the fat mexican.

    • I didn’t know that when a boxer quit, is that he has been robbed. I hope Amir Khan and Victor Ortiz learn this to feel alleviated along with the royal new member

  • Why would they come up with yet another belt? I wonder, will they give this one to Canelo Alvarez too?! These ABC boxing commissions are a joke!

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