WBC Clean Boxing program resumes testing

The World Boxing Council and the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association have announced the resumption of anti-doping testing activities under the WBC Clean Boxing Program. Last February, the WBC CBP temporarily suspended testing activities due to the world Covid-19 pandemic.

All eligible boxers under the WBC CBP (top 15 in the last WBC world ratings, current WBC Champions and boxers slated to fight for a WBC championship) could be subject to random anti-doping testing. VADA has designed a sample collection protocol together with its collection arm Clearidium, that strictly adheres to the most stringent safety procedures available, in full compliance with any applicable rules enacted in the jurisdiction where the sample collection will take place in light of the Covid-19 world situation.

The WBC exhorts all WBC CBP eligible boxers to immediately update their Whereabout Forms as necessary. The WBC CBP Whereabouts Policies and Whereabouts Forms are available at https://wbcboxing.com/WBCVADA/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/WBC-Clean-Boxing-Program-Whereabouts-Policy.pdf and https://wbcboxing.com/WBCVADA/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/WBC-Clean-Boxing-Program-Whereabouts-Form.pdf respectively.

The forms include clear submission procedures and instructions.

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  • WBC made provisions for Mexican fighters to cheat with the banned drug “Clenbuterol” to establish a new threshold – to allow fighters (Canelo) to benefit without popping for a failed tests. Clenbuterol still remains banned under WADA code.
    WBC needs to do a lot more than this to cover their stench. Convenient time to test when hardly any fighters are in serious training.

  • Such a CLEAN ORGANIZATION like the WBC doing such a clean program. If Only Sullaiman could be our president of the United States, corruption would end.

  • This downtime might actually be the most beneficial for boxers and other full contact athletes. Bodies are getting a much needed rest. It would have been impossible to test because of the current situation. I wonder how many fighters have cycled in order to get the full benefit of this break. Canelo might be moving up to heavyweight if the break is long enough(I’m just kidding). No I’m not.

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