WBA planning to eliminate interim titles

To: WBA Promoters
From: Championships Committee
Ref: Interim Titles

Dear Sirs,

The World Boxing Association Championships Committee has decided to withdraw all the Interim championship titles approved so far in light of the resolution to eliminate all the interim champions. However, they will be approved as elimination fights.

The WBA Championships Committee will study case by case to decide which Interim champions will be ordered to fight the champions.

Sincerely yours,
Carlos Chavez
Championships Committee Chairman

Ortiz KOs Kavaliauskas in eight
Casimero-Rigondeaux Undercard

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  • Good. Now get rid of Super, Champion in Recess, Gold and the other clown titles, and we’ll stop referring to you guys as “We’ll Belt Anybody.”








    Won Title







  • They’re eliminating Interim titles but replacing them with Designated Champ in Waiting belts.

  • Perhaps the WBA should take it a step further. Either eliminate everyone from the top down to the admistrative ranks or just eliminate itself.

    The WBA is beyond a sad joke. All I want for Christmas is a national boxing commision. We would at least have the illusion of fairness or control.

    Guess I’m still pissed at the BS from last week in the Fox and Maestro fight.

  • I think, and hope, that this is probably the beginning of the end for the WBA. When people REALLY start to pay attention to the filth they’ve been getting away with for the last decade or so, I think you’ll see a lot of organizations and major players in the sport begin to stop recognizing them and they’ll, basically, become the IBO, but even less respected.

    • I seriously hope you’re right, but when has filth or corruption ever stopped anybody or anything from surviving in the boxing world? The sanctioning bodies have been corrupt/a joke for quite some time, but who ever takes a stand against them? I’m guessing the Networks and Promoters don’t mind all these silly belts. It’s a selling point to casual fans who don’t know any better when you attach “World Title Fight” to something like Bryan-Stiverne or Charr-Lovejoy. The WBA is hands down the most ridiculous entity in all of sports, but they’ll probably continue to hang around, unfortunately. Until there is a National Boxing Commission, or something similar that provides some semblance of oversight, the clown show will go on I’m guessing. Hopefully you’re right and they just fade away.

      • I could definitely be wrong USF and they’ll continue their creepy existence as always. But I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this type of reaction to what they’ve been doing. They’ve had bad press and attention but its been localized to boxing fans. This seems to have gone wider ‘thanks’ to a guy getting absolutely robbed on national tv and one particularly rotten judge.

        And I think of how the other organizations even react to them. Like the WBO and IBF refuse to allow unifications with anyone besides the ‘super’ champion. I’m hoping they step it up and maybe gradually begin to ignore them.

        • I hope that the people with influence in the sport will begin to ignore them, because making them fade away is possible if enough people really wanted that to happen. The WBA is beyond repair at this point.

          I’ve always wanted to see The Ring belt be the one and only belt that mattered, but Oscar would have to sell. The fighters would be able to keep a little more of their hard earned money since there are no sanctioning fee attached to that title when they fight for that belt. The WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, and whatever others are out there are all non-profit as far as I know. They need sanctioning fees to continue to exist. The WBC, for example, had over $4 million in operating expenses in 2019 I believe, which is probably about the same every year. If they were to stop fighting for their belts, how do they survive without sanctioning fees? Probably not going to happen, but it seems as simple as that, unless I’m missing something.

  • lol at one point the WBA had 5 world champions at 147

    Pacquaio (super world)
    Ugas (world)
    Ortiz (Gold world)
    James (regular world)
    Maestra (interim world)

    just shows you guys Boxing has become a WWE type circus

    • Pacquiao was “in recess”, but you’re right. And, between Joshua, Bryan, Helenius, Dubois and Charr, they still have five at heavyweight.

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