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  • what makes me laugh, is that WBO champions like Crawford, keeps calling out names in his own weight class, but gets none of them. So call out a gold WBA champion at 154 who is not tied to PBC (like most 147 lbs fighters Crawford wants). Soro fighting Crawford in New York or France, it could happen. Soro is 11-1-1 (10 KOs) since July 2014. Crawford 12-0 (10 KOs) since the Gamboa fight, says he’s got his passport and is ready to fly to Europe to fight someone. Crawford is the same age as Soro, yet Crawford calls out almost 41 year old Pacquiao (because Pacquiao just won’t call it a day and stays a WBA champion to lure Floyd in). If Pacquiao and Arum wanted the Crawford fight, they could have done it in late 2016 or early 2017. At 147, these are the types of names Crawford could get (if he doesn’t take a risk with a guy like Soro): Kudratillo Abdukakhorov, David Avanesyan, Vergil Ortiz Jr., Mikael Zewski.

  • You’ll notice no fighter from the Al Haymon school of lets fight once a year, wants to go near Crawford. not only that but several of the channels that those fighters SOMETIMES fight on, will NEVER EVEN mention that Crawford is the #2 P4P fighter in boxing. This is what we the fans have to swallow. It’s time for everyone to take a stand against this WBC/WBA /WWE side show. If this boxing will ever survive, a boxing commision must be ESTABLISHED here in the U.S. If not, this once sport will continue to be looked at like it is, a PHONY 40 chumpions per division with the PHONY Wbc/WBA cartel sucking the blood out of any champ with a 5 cent title.

    • Well past time for this to happen. Encourage boxers to not give sanctioning fees for these worthless belts.

  • it is so nice of all these silly sanctioning bodies they let everybody be a champion of something.So much for the proud history of real boxing champions of the past. SO SAD.

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