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WBA confirms Santa Cruz-Davis for two titles

Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will step into the ring for all or nothing on October 24th at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. The bout will put at stake the World Boxing Association (WBA) lightweight belt held by Davis, in addition to the super featherweight championship held by Santa Cruz.

The bout will have a weight limit of 130 pounds despite having both belts at stake and the winner will reign in both divisions.

Santa Cruz (37-1-1, 19 KOs) is facing a historical opportunity. He is already WBA featherweight and super featherweight champion, so a victory would give him a third simultaneous WBA title.

In addition, Santa Cruz hopes to win a fifth crown in a fifth different weight division.

Gervonta (23-0, 22 KOs) will have to go down a division after a fight at 135 pounds and will try to regain his former title at 130 pounds.

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  • Cruz will keep the pressure on that’s for sure. Davis needs to move, counter, and take control with his power punches. If Davis can back Cruz up, he should get his way. However, he will be climbing a hill the first half of the fight to get there.

  • I predict Santa Cruz punch output will drop dramatically for this fight. Tank has that type of power. Mixed with Tanks powerful counter-punching, Cruz cant let them hands go the same way.

  • He (Santa Cruz) wouldn’t be winning a title in a fifth division if he won though. The fight is at 130 lbs. Pretending it’s somehow also at lw is just retarded.

      • More like wanna be champ. Davis won a secondary WBA “interim” belt against a faded Gamboa who was nowhere near the top of any legit rankings. He’s a paper champ and everyone knows it. A very talented fighter for sure, but not a real lightweight champ by any decent standard…

      • He isn’t fighting him at lightweight, so pretending this is for a lw title doesn’t make any sense. You can’t fight in two weight divisions at once.

  • Santa Cruz (SC) vs. Gervonta Davis (GD) is a nice clash of styles.

    SC will need to find an effective jab, and he MUST perform a high punch output to keep GD on the defensive. Since GD is coming down in weight, SC should use his jab and high punch output to land some body punches because GD’s possible lack of proper conditioning could play a strong factor in the late rounds. GD previously exhibited a lack of discipline when it comes to maintaining weight, so SC MUST apply constant pressure as well. SC must go through hell and extreme hustle to win by a war of attrition.

    However, I am not sure SC can deal with GD’s handspeed, solid jab, fast combination punching, solid body punching, solid right hook, inside/outside counterpunching, good defense and powerful left hand. GD’s significant advantages will get nullified IF GD is not properly conditioned for 130 and IF he underestimates SC.

    In closing, SC will provide a noble effort, but it appears SC’s style will fall victim to GD’s powerful/versatile offensive weapons, handspeed and underestimated defense. GD will win by TKO IF he properly conditions himself for 130 and IF he does not underestimate SC’s true grit and true pride in the “squared circle.”

    • E-Man, nah. Davis hasn’t been in there with someone at SC’s level. Heck, gamboa would’ve won had he not messed up his heel. That’s how bad Davis Looked. And Gamboa is past his prime.

  • Santa Cruz will beat him. Unbelievably stupid move by Davis. Going down in weight is gonna kill him

  • Good scrap, commend Santa Cruz on “daring to be great” mind set. Tank is no push over, even with suspect discipline, he’s a young undefeated champion who is in his prime and can definitely punch!

    I would like to see Santa Cruz outwork Tank….. but Tank will have that power factor in his favor during the entire fight.

  • I have serious doubts this fight will happen as planned (130 pounds). Gervonta Davis has history of missing weight, being the last one at 135 against Gamboa. Now, that he is older and few years since he fought at 130, you telling me he will be fine making 130? C’mon……
    I see Santa Cruz as a sacrifice lamb forced to fight a man that will overweight him greatly, almost a welterweight. This is the best and more safe way to get Gervonta a marquee fight, avoiding the real threats at 135. Classic Mayweather and Ellrbe style matchup, almost like Floyd vs. JM Marquez. I hope Santa Cruz fight the fight of his life and expose this indisciplined over hyped kid

  • Has anyone seen tank recently? He is huge, and I mean probably walking around 180+ lbs. how is he going to make weight? Leo is way too small for him. Tank will either not make weight on purpose, pay Leo to fight on and destroy little Leo or tank will make weight, come in drained and Leo will win by decision. 2 belts, 2 diff weight classes, so dumb.

  • Now, this is an exciting fight, leo is not afraid to fight anyone, I wish him well

  • I don’t think Davis will make weight and if the fight goes on anyway , Leo will be knocked out by the heavier man! Not too wise on the part of Leo.

  • I like Santa Cruz I just don’t see anyone getting by Davis.

  • If weren’t already true, WBA has officially become the trashiest title by how many levels of champions they have and now a double title match for 2x different weight classes. Davis is failing weight anyways most likely and then what. Just his title up for grabs and out weighs Cruz by 15-20 lbs fight night. Disgrace!!!

  • And if davis can’t get down to 130? No titles, a little loss of weight penalty money, and still claim a victory! Will davis lose his titles to leo if davis can’t make 130, after all he isn’t 130 anymore? Let’s just hope leo stimpulates all conditions, and more so let’s hope davis makes weight.

  • I’m a G Davis fan but I think Santa Cruz will boxing like he did vs Frampton. Santa Cruz is very good a blocking those crazy hammers that Davis could throw.

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