Tyson Fury rips Deontay Wilder

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury ripped into WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder during a one-minute Instagram rant.

“Hey this is Tyson Fury. This is a special message for Deontay Wilder, the Big Dosser. He’s going around saying he fights all the best heavyweights, but Dominic Breazeale ain’t no best heavyweight. And neither is Luis Ortiz. Dominic Breazeale’s average at best. And the other guy, Luis Ortiz, is average at best, 145 years old, someone you already knocked out. You bum! You go around fighting the best do you? You’ve only fought one good man in your career. That’s me and I beat you. And everyone in the world knows you lost to the Gypsy King. A Gypsy King that was out of the ring for 3 years still beat you on 50%. I’ll have everything I’ve got that I beat you, dosser. I ain’t afraid about you. I ain’t bothered about you, bum. I wasn’t bothered about you back then, and I’m definitely not bothered now. You big dosser. You’re getting it. You. Big. Dosser. You know you lost, your trainer knows you lost, your manager, promoter, wife, kids, they all know The Gypsy King bettered you. Coming for you p***y.”

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    • Well said…….Fury loves to hear himself speak and talk smack. However, I am sure only a handful of shallow minded people truly listen.

  • LOL, this from a guy whose last four opponents not named Wilder were Tom Schwarz, Otto Wallin, Francesco Pianetta and Sefer Seferi. And Wallin turned his face into hamburger.

    I don’t think much of Wilder’s skill, or his resume, but considering that Fury’s entire reputation is built on beating a 40+ year old great and then a draw with the guy he’s criticizing, this is especially funny. Fury is a tough out for anybody, but he hardly seems anxious to fight anybody besides the hard punching but rather limited Wilder.

  • Come on Tyson… Ortiz is better than Joshua for sure and probably better than you. Be careful your resume is not respectable at all. Wilder stretches you in the rematch.

  • If Fury feels so confident, why he didn’t rematch Wilder right away, instead of fighting no hopes?
    Even though his performance was brilliant sometimes, seems very obvious that the two times Wilder put him on the mat, (especially the last one) took away his willingness to face him again.
    I see one guy scratching the ground like miura fighting bull, eager to do it again, and the other from a safe distance shouting at him.
    Let’s see what will happen when both find each other at reach.

  • You all gotta admit that Tyson Fury IS the closet thing to a Prime Muhammad Ali based on his style and speed. He’s gonna whoop DW again!

    • Nor even close. Just in the volume of punches we can say when Ali thrown 40, Fury is thinking how to throw the first one

    • arturo, do you even watch boxing? furys skills are mediocre at best, the only thing in his favor is his height, I’m an ali fan since he started and fury is no Ali

    • Fury is a skilled fighter, but his style is closest to Mike Hunter (Michael’s father), although he’s much larger and not nearly as fast. The original Bounty Hunter was also much more active in the ring than Fury, because he had to engage due to the fact that he wasn’t 6’9″ tall like Fury.

      Fury has pretty average hand and foot speed, it just appears much better because of his immense size. OTOH, he does posses very good reflexes, which is what makes his style so effective. Of course, if he was only about 6’2″, like Mike Hunter, he’d probably be much more entertaining, albeit with at least a few losses on his resume.

      You should actually watch a few of Ali’s fights and you’ll quickly see that there is very little resemblance between Ali and Fury.

  • I hate Tyson Fury’s style. He’s boring to watch and rather watch Wilder trying to the knockouts any day. That said, I think Wilder got lucky with punches and dropped Fury two times. Fury has experienced Wilder’s bombs and survived. This time, I think Fury beats Wilder easier.
    Shouldn’t make any predictions. I thought AR was going to destroy AJ sooner the second time around. Who knew AR would come heavier from all the partying. Sad. AR could have done much more but chose to blow it away partying.

  • Never a dull moment with Fury except in some of his rounds in an actual fight. The thing about fighters is that their talk leading up to a fight and usually immediately after a fight cannot be taken seriously. It’s hype, bs or delusion. That also applies to most of the trainers and managers. Sometimes, in a sober moment between fights, you can get some sense or honesty.

    • That is what I like from him, I should admit it. Fury is the best articulated active and non active boxer alive. He knows well the boundaries between coarse trash talk and sincere seriousness on his words.

  • True what Fury is saying about Wilder’s comical attitude towards his resume. He has elevated Ortiz to something way beyond his worth. Outside of one Fury draw ( an actual loss), Wilder and Ortiz’s resume combined is meaningless. it even took him nearly 10 years as a pro to fight Ortiz. seriously what the fuck was he doing since the 2008 Olympics?

    • Because nobody had the guts to fight them! Cmon man. MFers were scared to death of both wilder and ortiz.

    • Take a look at the guys Fury fought. The only thing he has is almost 40 year old Wlad who he barely beat in a boring fight. The only other person he fought was Wilder officially a draw but actually Wilder destroyed him.

  • This time the brit goes to sleep…..nitey night!!! Tell’em America sent you!! But at least Fury has balls and heart, which is commendable, unlike that fraud AJ…..

  • He’s fucking right !! 3 years without fighting, 2 tune up fights against c level opposition and he beat Wilder ! The Gypsy King is the man..

  • Absolutely true!!
    Who has Wilder beaten???
    The old man Ortiz, lol.
    Fury is going to school Wilder even better this time and not leave it to the corrupt judges over there.

    • Wlad was 39 when Fury barely beat him in a boring fight. Ortiz was younger than Wlad when Wilder fought him first. Ortiz only lost to 1 fighter. Wlad had been brutally KO’ed several times by guys much smaller than Fury.

    • after wilder ko’s this bum, I want a fury – ortiz fight, then we’ll see, how big of a bum ortiz is

  • Fury is full of it! When he fought Wilder that was his 3rd fight since coming back so there was no ring rust! Wilder is the only name he fought since coming back and some can argue that Fury lost that fight. Also his fight against Wlad was one of the most boring fights ever!

  • He “won” after picking himself up off the canvas after being down for 13 seconds. Yeah, sure.

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