Tyson Fury demolishes Tom Schwarz in two

By David Robinett at ringside
Photos: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In the main event at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, the “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury staked his claim as “the man” in the heavyweight division, defending his lineal heavyweight championship with a prime Roy Jones-esque beatdown of undefeated contender Tom Schwarz, beating his German opponent into submission until referee Kenny Bayles jumped in at the same time Schwarz’s corner threw in the towel at 2:54 of the second round.
Tysonfury Vs Tomschwarz18
Unlike his superb-but-cautious boxing effort against Deontay Wilder, Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) didn’t appear to have a care in the world against Schwarz (24-1, 16 KOs), starting off as usual by utilizing his length and popping his long jab to keep his opponent safely at bay. But quickly sensing Schwarz didn’t pose the same risk as the Bronze Bomber, Fury starting using both hands as leads, switching stances, and mugging to Schwarz and the crowd.

In round two, after a few slick combinations busted Schwarz’s nose, Fury unloaded a series of powerful straight hands with Schwarz against the ropes, the last three landing cleanly through Schwarz’s guard and dropping him to the canvas. Schwarz beat the count, bleeding profusely, but quickly got trapped in a corner where Fury unloaded with a series of uncontested haymakers with Schwarz helplessly covered up. Both the referee and Schwarz’s corner simultaneously moved to stop the fight to rescue Schwarz from further punishment. A jubilant Fury even sang some Aerosmith from the ring during his post-fight interview.

“That was amazing,” stated promoter Bob Arum. “Tyson Fury is a force of nature. This was one of the great shows I’ve ever seen and not just because of the boxing. He’s an entertainer. He is truly unique…Now that he’s in shape, he can knock out every heavyweight in the world. I haven’t seen a fighter with that much charisma since Muhammad Ali.”

Tyson Fury: This was my coming out party
Undercard: Jesse Hart defeats Sullivan Barrera

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  • I really like Tyson Fury, however, the guy he fought was not elite! Tonight was really the first time I really hear of him. I can’t judge how much better he is by this fight. That’s being honest. He destroyed a tomato can….

    • The funny thing is when I looked him up, I didn’t see ANY fight videos. But everyone gets a tune up every once in a while.

  • Okay, your tune up is over. Now you have to fight Wilder next providing he gets past Ortiz.

  • Schwartz did not look like a guy who was there for a fight. No real muscle tone. He flinched every time Fury looked like was going to punch. This fight smells. I’d like to see a real fight.

  • That ring entrance was atrocious. People across the pond need to understand their marketing doesn’t work over here. The whole creed thing could have been cool but it was done very poorly. Only the Prince could pull off the ring entrances in the USA and singing in the ring is a big no no over here just ask Oscar and Manny how they were made fun of after singing. Fury actually sounded good but it doesn’t matter if you can sing or not it simply looked foolish. Joshua made the mistake of trying to grab the mic after his loss and looked foolish also. Across the pond, they like to have a conversation with the crowd after a fight while walking around the ring but that doesn’t work over here. I like how Joshua never was able to take the mic away because he interrupted an interview with another fighter which is another no no in the USA. You gotta have some swag over here if you’re going to entertain and while I like Joshua and Fury, neither of them have it.

    • I was thoroughly entertained by his entrance and performance. Who are you, the commisar of boxing in the U.S.?

  • Lots of talk hyping Fury, but does beating a nobody mean anything? Yes its a confidence booster for somebody who needed it. Give wilder credit for wanting the rematch and question why Fury didnt. His confidence is shattered because this guy who was smaller dropped him hard. He now knows for sure that Wilders power is not a hype job. Personally I thought the draw was fair since Fury goofed off and show boated too much in the early rounds. That doesnt win you rounds. He came on later, but gave away too much early on. If he really signs the rematch and shows up he wont clown around as much. You dont drop your hands when you know the other guy can knock you out. I wonder how good Fury could be if he was serious in his fights. When he faced Klitschko if was a real fight once the bell rang and he took it seriously. I wish that guy would show up every fight.

    • I thought the draw was fair as well. It’s hard to give someone the title when they aren’t actually pressing the action. If you actually scored the knockdowns and gave Wilder (the defending Champion) the benefit of the doubt for the close rounds, then it was Wilder that probably deserved the decision. In the end, I came away impressed with how far Fury had come from rock bottom and he became the only guy to get up off the canvas against Wilder and actually fight back. That 12th round was one for all times when you consider that not only the right hand (possibly the most devasting right in Boxing History), but the left hand landed and still it was Fury who was pressing forward at the end of the night.

      I favor Wilder to improve and come in at a higher weight in the rematch. I think he’ll retain his WBC belt by the 4th round.

    • Lot of down votes but I thought the same thing. People are biased against popular fighters, expectations sway decision making. Wilder will not knock out or dominate every fighter… when he didn’t I think people gave more Credit to Tyson. Tyson made wilder miss and showboated, and landed a few…. for the most part the fight was even given the knockdowns you have to assume a draw was fair. I personally had Tyson by a point (I think) but when I watched it again, well he did it do much in many rounds

  • This was the Washington Generals taking on the Harlem Globetrotters right down to the trunks. I respect Tyson Fury’s ability, but Tom Schwarz definitely didn’t come to win. I feel bad for anyone that paid to see this fight!

  • Haha… all the vitriol flying at Tyson. How many C grade fighters are on Wilder’s record? Let the man have his fun. That head movement when Schwarz found his balls was classic.

    • Im good with him fighting anyone, but the issue is him claiming the be the best in the world. When you reach that level you shouldnt be facing C class boxers. Its one thing in the fighter is a mandatory, but just to fight him you gain nothing.

      • It did look more like a glorified sparring session. But Fury is a character with talent.

  • Tyson Fury looked impressive tonight. He hit Schwarz at will and finally put some steam in his punches in second round to get rid of his opponent. He was actually interesting to watch, which was the big surprise for me.

    Now he needs to put on the same type of performance in the rematch against Wilder. You can’t read much from the fight against Schwarz because the German was just outmatched. Let’s see him demonstrate that level of attack against one of the top fighters.

    • If he demonstrates that level of attack against Wilder, he won’t last very long. Fury is smart enough to know that Schwarz was no threat so fought accordingly. Against Wilder he’ll return to constant movement and throwing 25 punches a round.

      When Cunningham was kicking his ass Fury was smart enough to turn it into a street mugging where his 50 pound weight advantage mattered. At times he might not seem like it, but Fury is the smartest of the top HWs.

  • Tyson Fury is the most pathetic of heavyweights, stupidest-looking clown in sport history. He’s overhyped, overrated, and just plan sad. In this contest, he beat someone who had no more business in the ring than Kellyanne Conjob. I didn’t even know this fight was happening.

    • Overrated, Really?
      Fury beats the undisputed Champion in his own backyard and beats Wilder in his backyard and gets robbed and you call him overrated?
      You must be a Wilder fan.

      • Paul, while most us fight fan will see and applaud Tyson. Some will not give it to him as he is a brit. He is the real deal, or so it appears for now.

    • Shut up you leftist cuck. Fury is the best heavyweight on earth right now. You’re clearly just as dumb as the scumbag democrats you vote for.

  • Well done Fury!!
    You stopped a young upcoming undefeated fighter, now go after the Wilder rematch and beat his a…. again.

  • Fury looked good but it’s easy when you’re fighting against a heavy bag for most of the fight.

  • You cant stake your claim to dominance in the division because you just beat Tom Shwartz

  • Fury’s fights are usually uneventful but this one was, albeit against an unproven fighter. I prefer a puncher like Wilder who can actually end a fight without the referee or corner’s assistance. Bombz Squad!

  • lot of negativity over this event. i thought it was fun. i don’t think they tried to pretend it was a tough opponent. it was presented as a showcase and was executed perfectly. espn+ is dirt cheap aswell

  • Everyone knows this was a warm up fight just to make Tyson look good. Next they’ll pull up Chris Arreola, or someone like that until the Joshua, Ruiz, Wilder, & Ortiz smoke clears.

  • Sharp light on his toes Tyson Fury, he looked awesome and using range and distance with jab and doubled jab used well not allowing opponent regardless of his ability anything. Footwork quick combos and power. Now obviously he won’t start fight that way against Wilder (mr protected american fighter ). Funny how it is a foregone conclusion that he beats Ortiz again .

  • This was a quick stoppage…Schwarz was just starting to get the better of Fury when the ref stepped in!!

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